"February 4, 2006"

"More then 1000 evil al-Qaida Muslims Died on Doomed Egyptian Ferry." Taking Muslims who were celebrating the HAJJ, from
Saudi Arabia across the Red Sea to Egypt.
God feels that if they want to die for Allah then they can, and he killed them.
God arranged for the ship to sink.
"October 1, 2004"

On this day God's Sacrificial Lamb fulfilled the task God commanded him to.   After
he sacrificed himself for God, the power to open the Seven Seals of God (Rev:5:1)
was released, and the Seven Seals were opened.   
Read about the powers given to
God's chosen one through the opening of the first six seals in Rev:6:1-15.  Read about the
seventh Seal in Rev. Ch:7 and Ch:8.

And according to Scripture they now have the power to destroy 1/4 of the earth
This will be done through war, and through man, women, and children, killing or
causing the death of other men, women, and children.  This will be done by plagues
(sickness) (Curses) and disasters, bugs, rats, disease, insects, animals,  plants and
growth.  This will be done by famine, floods, ice, snow, drought, fire (such as forest fires)
and other so called natural disasters.
 These things will be used to bring destruction
to much of the habitable land and many people.
Worldwide Prophecies
The unbelief in this world toward God and his Prophet is not acceptable, and God is mad because of this.   
So for the mis-treatment of his Only Anointed Prophet, who he sent to led God's people,  has received.   
God will bring far more disasters,extreme weather, and record destruction and economic losses in many
nations, then ever before, through one of more of the following areas.    So based on the words I received
from God, I predict this.  

Greater Floods, Destruction, Drought, and Disaster in many nations of the world, then before.   Plagues,
Famine, and destruction.   Because resources can be moved all around the world, this may not be so
obvious.  So watch for more foreign food and price increases.   So you can also watch for poisoned and
tainted food.   Destroyed crops and animals.   Greater and more Fires, Floods, Tornado's, Hurricanes,
vicious wind storms,  pestilent, sickness, and Financial upheavals.  

This translates into increased bugs, flooded basements and homes, sewer overflows, power outages,
water  problems, telephone and cellphone problems, air travel,  flooding and property damage, dry, dead,
uprooted and destroyed trees, flowers, and grass,  greater weed problems, more water shortages, gas and
heat problems, hot temperatures and drought, of course many winter storms and extreme cold,  shorter
growing season, sick and slaughtered animals.  Health problems such as sickness and allergies, more
skin problems and mental illness problems.   Whether these problems are caused by humans or so called
natural disaster they come at the hand of God.  This is the word of the Lord.
"2007 Predictions for the year."
"April 2007 to April 2008"
"April 14, 2007"
"Received from God."
"August 10, 2007"
The Seven Seals were opened on October 1, 2004.  Since then natural disasters
(Acts of God.) in this world have roughly doubled, give or take 50.  
They have
increased from an average of 200 a year to an average of 400 a year.  
Also the
number of people effected just by floods, each year, has increased to 500 million.  
That is more then 1/12 of the human race, flooded each year.
Since God's Sacrificial Lamb stood up for God and was condemned, tormented and
ridiculed for his beliefs, in the real God
of all the earth, by the City of Dearborn, The Police, and
their Courts, (Because they are evil enough and stupid enough to cause the destruction of
God said, "You have suffered for me my son and now the world shall feel the pain
they have given you.  I will make them suffer for every bit of pain they bring your way."
Remember the "The Ice Age", that destroyed the "Large
was just a globe cooling,  and "The Great Flood" that
Noah talked about was just flooding caused
"by a lot of rain."
Rev:6 vs:8 says, "The power to destroy 1/4 of the
was released on the day the seven seals were
opened,and is being used."
"August 30, 2007"
The destruction of Greece by fire is at the hand of God.  God has brought over 400 fires in Greece and
burned roughly 700,000 acres of good land, in one week.
 That is usable land.  Not the rocky area where
nothing grows.  Roughly the size of Rhode Island.  Many cities and villages surrounded by nothing but burnt up
God has brought more fire and destruction into this world in the past year then ever
Greece is an example for you, of what God can do to any country.  
Whenever he wants.  
And God will bring destruction to you and your
country over the next 7 years.
 As the power of the 6th seal is being
used to bring much destruction on everyone of you for your blasphemy and
disobedience toward me and God.
"December 29, 2004"

God feels in celebration of the huge advances the muslims have made in taking over Indonesia God decided to show them what
he thinks of them.  So he wiped out many of them by creating an earthquake that killed almost 300,000 on December 26, 2004.   
That is what he thinks of worshipers of satan.  
This is known as the Boxing Day Tsunami Tidal Wave.

God is merciful.  He gave his faithful plenty of warning that this was coming.  And his faithful listened.  The rest were
If you want proof that God's faithful listened and left the area.  Read the Article called "Surviving the Tsunami."  You will
see that in Sri Lanka Yala National Park, which has a shore line of over 500 miles, the tidal wave went inland over 10 miles.  The
world renown wildlife expert an Associated Press Photographer Gehan de Salva Wijeyeratne toured the disaster site on an Air
Force Helicopter.
 He saw hundreds of dead bodies laying around, but not one animal corpse.

Indisputable proof that people ignore God's warning's and his words time and time again.  Until it is to late.  Because they don't
listen to God much anymore.   
But the animals all listened to God's warnings and God guided them to safety.
"August 17, 2007"
Because the hate, disrespect, and unbelief toward God's Only Anointed Prophet, God's Only
Anointed Prophet again.  The number of worldwide disasters will double.
"November 8, 2007"
"Muslim Seed Cursed"
The age of the Muslim is coming to an end, thanks to the El-Kita Muslims of Metro Detroit.  They got all
Muslims cursed.   They have gone too far with their defiance and disobedience to God.  They have been warned.  I
know they are the ones pushing the Dearborn Police and other corrupt ones to come against me.  God knew it was them
all along.
Their reproductive organs are cursed so they will never have another generation of El-Kita
Muslim's again.
January 6, 2008
America is not alone. They are not the only country God is making suffer for claiming to have a relationship with him,
but being disobedient to his commands.
 Australia and England are also suffering in misery too.  When God's
chosen people turn their back on him, like these three nations have, he makes them suffer in misery.  And God will
continue to make them suffer until I ask him to stop.  Read the any section of the old testament and see that  God
made Israel suffer for their disobedience.
"November 15, 2004"

The Lord God Almighty says that the reason he is melting the polar ice caps is that he
needs the water for flooding.
 While he bakes and brings drought to some areas, he will use
the extra water for more rain, to flood other areas.  God is not happy with the disrespectfulness of
people, and you will suffer for it until you repent and pay restitution or die.
"2008 Predictions for the year."
"April 2008 to April 2009"
"The same as predicted in 2007, only 30% worse.".
"May 2, 2008"
God will bring a new virus outbreak to this world.
Because the people of the world are still ignoring and mocking God and his Prophet, God will bring a new virus
outbreak to this world within the next six months.
 It will be fast moving, fast spreading, and deadly.  I am the only
one that can kill it or stop it.  But only if you say pretty please!
"Bon Apatite"
"May 2, 2008"
250% increase in the number of tornadoes
that hit the U.S. this year.
From a AP news articles dated 5-2-08.  As many as 25 tornadoes hit 4 states, in one day.  Just compiled, 84 tornadoes
hit the U.S. in January of 2008.  Compared with a three year average of 34.  That is about two and a half times as many
as normal.  There is your act of God.
"May 4, 2008"
"New virus outbreak fulfilled"
New  Disease (Virus) outbreaks in China and Vietnam.
AP news reported on 5-6-08 that several countries are experiencing a new virus outbreak.  Over 12,000 children in
China have been affected by it.  Also 2,000 in Vietnam.  
At least 36 dead.  Their is no known cure or treatment for it.   
As always I have a copy of the article.
"August 8, 2008"
"Nine Months Ago God Cursed The Seed of All Muslims."
This curse was brought on by God because the Al-Kita Muslims in Metro Detroit have defied God and went against his
Only Living Prophet.  
Prophet Ken Kluk.  They have cursed all Muslims.  From this day on no Muslim man will
father another Al-Kita child with a Muslim women.
 You will have to steal your babies elsewhere or seek God's
forgiveness.   Do I know how to remove this curse?  Yes I do!
On May 26, 2007 I warned the nation of America that if God's people did not repent and turn back to God he
will deliver this nation to it's enemies.  On June 24, 2009 my God told me time is up, and he will now lead
the nation's enemies to defeat it.
 Oh, the land will still be here, but it will be ruled by those that have been seeking to conquer it.  Thus
say the Lord.
June 25, 2009
"All Artificial Babies Will Have No Soul!"

All artificial babies will be Godless.  They will have no soul.  God will not be with them.  The spirit of God or any of
God's 7 spirits will not be with them.  They will be condemned to a life of non-being.  Because that is what they are.   A
life of no joy, love, or peace.  This includes all cloned people.
"October 9, 2009"
"Gods Sends Flooding Rains To The Philippines"
These torrential rains that have taken place in the Philippines, and have flooded many areas, have been sent by God.  
As I told you all on November 14, 2004 God is melting the polar ice caps because he needs the water for
 (And global warming is bullshit to encourage you not to repent from God's anger and kindle his
 Here is an example of some of the many torrential rains and the flooding he has caused, because God is
mad at mankinf.  God did this to the People of the Philippines because they have turned their backs on him and would
rather walk around guided by the evil spirit of fear (satan) then stand and fight against the evil servants of satan that
are taking the country over.  Misery and destruction is all God ever gives to those that will not fight for him.
"October 9, 2009"
"God Says Their Is Nothing For Man In Outer Space"
Man will never find any life or water on other planets or moons only death.  Anyway at one time the heavens
were open to us.   But God has closed that door.  
The only thing that will ever be found in space is death,
destruction, and a great way to waste money.

What part of God BEING UNHAPPY WITH YOU AND destroying 1/4 of the earth "WITH SWORD, WITH
HUNGER,  WITH DEATH,  AND THE BEAST"  don't you understand?
  Why do you act so stupid as to expect
God to destroy whole countries and leave a fresking hole in the ground.  If he took out one chunk of earth it
would go off balance, spin out of control, and the whole planet would be destroyed!  All he has to do is destroy
the crops, resources, food, property (like clothes, furniture, housing), and people.  
He uses the weather,
sickness, and  people who are so screwed up that they will do any stupid thing to help bring misery,
sickness, and suffering to all corners of the earth.
So quit your crying and complaining about the jobs, weather, being sick and tired, and
miserable, and other world conditions.  Because you have brought it on yourselves.
Because you don't do one freaking thing for God except be assholes.
I promise this, that God will bring worse weather then ever before, and more
problems and misery (as I stated above), then ever before, to all the earth.  
As people continue to flaunt their shit before3 him.  The only way to reverse
this is to start doing the respectful things that God request, as listed on my
web site.
"I Predict The Worst Winter Ever Recorded By Man in
Modern Times!"
"January 24, 2010"
"God Destroys Haiti!"
Because Haiti was the world's center for voodoo and witchcraft!  (Just as New Orleans was the center of
witchcraft and voodoo in the United States and God destroyed it.)  They were just as stupid and deserved to die
It is always nice to think back and remember good memories, and special, loving, and important, things and times, in
Because many times memories of the good times help us through the bad times.  
God knows this!

"Many people laugh at God and me, because we say God has had enough!"

They think it is funny that I predict all these acts of God, that you call natural disasters.  They say, "So what if God
killed off a few hundred thousand people.  That ain't nothing.  I am still not afraid of him or what he says
he can do to me.  I am still alive and he can't or, HE won't, kill me!"
The truth is that this kind of talk makes God feel bad, sad, and miserable.  People running around saying that people
lead by God, like Christopher Columbus, Richard The Lion Hearted, and others, were evil and did awful things.  
When they did mighty and marvelous things for God.   Even going so far as to say God had nothing to do with
making man, and man came from an animal.

The truth is not that man evolved from an animal.  No, it is that man/woman evolved into an animal called "The
Now the man-animal, the ass, has evolved into two types, and each one is distinctively different.  The first one
"The Jack-Ass, is the most common. The Jack-Ass tends to kick and buck at everything you tell it.  
They tend to congregate around
Houses of Worship and other popular gathering places.  But the species is being
killed off by the second breed called,
"The Ass-Hole."

The Ass-Hole's characteristics are very distinctive.  
Everywhere it goes it shits, and it shits on everything and
everyone.  It covers everything and everyone with it's evil shit.   And it's shit stinks to high heaven and it makes
people feel bad.  This breed has multiplied so much, that
the whole world is just full of shit.  And people are
living in and smelling shit all the time.  Not to mention being shit on.  Many people think
being full of shit, and living
in shit is normal life.  And so they will live and die in shit.

So the truth is that God is not bringing disasters to kill us.  Granted sometimes he brings a disaster to strike an real
evil area and kill a group of people.  Mostly he wants us to live and suffer, as people make him suffer.   So he is
striking at peoples empty hearts and destroying the things that make them feel good.  When he burns down a house
or destroys it,  people move on and get another house.  When he floods a house people clean it up and move on.  
With one exception.  
They feel miserable!  Not only because their house got messed up, but mostly
because all those precious memories are gone.  The babies first picture.  Grandma's lamp.  A gift from a
loved one.  All destroyed!   
Important letters and papers, photos, movies, gifts, heirlooms, and other touching
articles.   All taken away by God.   And all these precious things are replaced by cheap, low quality crap.  That mean
nothing.   Made with tonic materials, hazardous material, low quality material, and most of all

Why would God do this?

Oh yea, he does not want people to feel good about the past and forget about the miserable conditions YOU
and live in today.  Also because he wants these disobedient people to suffer even more before they go
through the 7 years of Tribulations.  Which is when you will suffer MORE THEN YOU THINK.
"March 14, 2010"
"Precious Memories"
"April 13, 2010"
"God causes volcano to erupt in Iceland, and shuts down all of England's airports."  
Because certain people in England want to arrest "God's Anointed Catholic Pope!" God says, "Leave my Anointed ones
alone and quit lying about them or you will pay the price!"  
So far that price has been 130 billion dollars.  You have
the right to sin and God has the right to make you suffer for it.  
For 40 days and 40 nights and then some more, you
shall suffer.

LIARS OF SATAN are coming forth and telling lies of being molested by Godly men of the Catholic church.    Hate filled
Godless  Judges, Juries, and other Government Officials work with them to steal from the church through the courts.  These
so called victims are nothing but dysfunction social outcast.  Messed up physically, menially, and spiritually by abusive
parents, so-called care-givers, and other relatives.  They go after the church because the people who raised them do not
have anything more for them to steal.  Oh, a few of these SOB'S (they have no Godly Father)  did get molested, but it was
by mutual contentions.  Because they were already screwed up by their parents or whoever raised them.  The church
knows it cannot win in these Godless courts and with these GODLESS PEOPLE so they settle or lose.  God is tired of the
attacks against his Pope and church, and the stealing of God's Church money.  
You want to extinguish the "Light of
God" and all hope?  Then God will replace it with darkness and holelessness.
"May 14, 2010"

"Assistants To His Holiness "Pope Benedict" Refuse God's Help
For The Pope."
"They would rather see the Pope die" then submit To "The Authority Of God!"
And disobedience to the commands or the will of "The Lord God Almighty is met with God's wrath. (Eph:5:6)  Oh, servants of
the other Father.  "The Father of Disobedience."

These men are arrogant and full of self-proclaim greatness.  They do not believe anyone is greater then they are.  They
believe that they have more Godliness then any living or dead being on the face of the earth, even greater then "God The
Father" and Jesus themselves.   They believe God"s own son could not do more then they can to help Pope Benedict.   In
fact they told God and his son that they don't need their help.  They refuse to admit they are infallible and are not God or
Jesus.  But most of all...

"They want Pope Benedict to die!"
So they can take over.

But when Pope Benedict dies God's church goes with it.  They will have only a Godless shell to rule over.   Pope
Benedict suffers greatly.  He has trouble sleeping.  Besides insomnia, he is haunted by troubling dreams.  All these brought
on by satan and his evil minions.  The attacks on the church weigh greatly on the Pope.  He is forced to suffer as the evil
world works to convict him of being a Godly man and cursing him because he is not perfect.  Wanting him and the church to
pay for the mistakes of others and the hate of many more.  Drumming up and exaggerating things to hurt the church.

But God is happy with him and God don't give one rats ass about what the rest of you say.  He is not perfect but he is more
Godly and the whole lot of you.

But because of the following people who blocked me from using my God given power and abilities to release the Pope of his
pain and suffering.  To Bless his sleep and keep satan out of his dreams the "Lord God Almighty" will no longer grace the
Vatican.  He will no longer help these self proclaim idols or anyone that works their.  He will no longer help them with their
sleep, finances, relationships, nor help keep sickness away from their hearts, lungs, pancreas, and bones.  Their future will
be shown to them in their dreams.  The seven spirits of God will not enter  the Vatican, nor be on the people that work there
again.   No one that works there will every feel God's presence again.   A future of fire, torture, and misery in hell is all they
will see in their dreams and all they will have when they die.

God's Pope Benedict will be excluded from all this.  He has served God more then all of you and God is ready for
him to come home.  As I said God caused the Volcano to erupt in Iceland, because people in England wanted to arrest Pope
Benedict, and God was not happy with that.  Also as I said God will make sure it erupt for 40 days.  To make his madness

The end is near.  Now is not the time to doubt.  It is a time to join forces and fight.  But pompous ass's can not see the truth
and continue to be stupid for satan.   You are just speeding up the destruction to the church and victory for the Anti-christ.
am the only one that is strong enough to fight back the Anti-christ.

As instructed by God I called 011-39-06-698-83626 to talk to Monsignor Tommaso Caputo who was the Chief of
.  The person who answered said he does not want to speak English to me and told me to call
011-39-06-698-83438.  I called that number, which was the number to Archbishop Giovanni Battista Re.  Who was
the Substitute for the Secretary of State
.   I believe he started to spell his name of "Mil".  He told me that Pope Benedict
needs no help from God or me, and they can do all the Pope needs.  He goes on to further state that the Pope has no
problems and they do not want me to use my abilities and power to help the Pope.  And hung up on me.  I called several
more times and they refused to speak english to me.  Finally I did talk to someone who took my name and told me he will
think about it, and again I have no name.  I told him that refusing God's help will give satan the power to crush the Vatican.  I
felt he would not understand that disobedience to God will make God angry and because they refused my help from God,
God will refuse to help them again, and God will leave the Vatican.   Which God did after he hung up.

So that is the reason gloom and doom rule at the Vatican since May 14, 2010.
So far not one person from the Vatican has contacted me seeking my and God's help, wanting to be free of
these things (curses) or wanting me to help Pope Benedict.  Much less fight the anti-christ.
Another prophecy of God's Only Anointed Prophet "Prophet Ken" comes true!
Iceland's Volcano
Eyjafjoell stops erupting
after 40 days and 40
nights, as I predicted.
"September 12, 2010"

"The Smell Of War Is In The Air!"
Can you smell it?
Power can be given by God and Power can be taken away.  So because they are so
belligerent and disrespectful, they need to be struck down.  The whole stinking group.   
Every last one of them!
I promise this, that God will bring worse weather then ever before, and twice
as much torrential and flooding rain storms, twice as bad cold and
miserable winter weather, twice as much scorching temperatures and
drought, twice as much high winds in the many shapes and forms, twice as
much misery, and instead of two major volcanic eruptions he will bring he
will bring at least three times as many, and many, many, earthquakes.
Don't you notice that as more people turn away from
obedience to God, and do what ever they want, the weather
gets worse and worse.
"March 1, 2011"
"The Loss of God's Most Holy
Saint Gökçe GÖKMEN!"

"The Holy Healer of Hurt Hearts"
"This Winter will be the worst ever recorded in modern times,
World Wide!"
She was the target of a assassination attempt, that we believe was carried out by the staff of Turkish President Abdullah Gul
 On March 1, 2011 she was thrown out the window, from about three floors/stories above ground.  God's holy angels came
to her side to help break the fall, and she lived.  She saw the angels around her.   We don't know who did it because it was late at night
when they came into her bedroom and grabbed her from behind.   She had headphones on and was listening to music.  So she heard
nothing.   Anyway her body suffered greatly from the fall.  It is a miracle that she lives, and God is healing her so fast.  But she will never be
the same.
Locked up and put away by her Islamic Extremist Parents.  Who are just like the Islamic Extremist in Iran.  Everything good they
destroy.  Saint Gökçe GÖKMEN saw with her own eyes, that within 5 years the U.S.A. will be split into two countries.  One country will be
those that want to be free of Islamic Extremist rulers.  The other country will be ruled by Barack Obama and his Islamic Extremist Rulers.
"October 10, 2010"

"The Anti-Christ Has Been Chosen!"
"March 15, 2011"

Another of Prophet Ken's Prophecies comes true!
On September 10, 2010 "God's Only Anointed Prophet' predicted that from the that day till the end of winter, it
would be the worst winter ever recorded world wide.

And it was!   The snowiest days.  The windiest days. The coldest days.  The rainiest days.  The worst flooding.  The most
wicked days.  More records were broken all over the world, this winter, then ever before.   
And God toped it off by bringing
an earthquake and tsunami to Japan.  That will cost over 1.2 trillions dollars.  With 95,000 dead.   

This coming up year will be the year of GREAT destruction and death to this world!

"Again I can stop this if you listen to me, and the word of God from me, and maybe think
about making God happy!"
"December 14, 2010"
"Received From God"
Because the people have decided to not listen to God.   Muslims, Christian, Jewish....etc, they all don't like
what God tells them to do.  In fact they don't like what God tells them at all.  The people choose to listen to
satan who tells them that they do not have to worry about their sins. That God forgives all their sins, so sin
away, and God will forgive you.  And God says they never have to face the truth about their sins.  
That God
is the Devil/Satan/The Leader of the Underworld.
 So the people want a leader that will let them sin and
not curse them.  That will let them sin and not tell them they are wrong.  And satan has chosen a leader for

The Anti-christ can be stopped.  The people don't have to make him their leader.  He must be fought
spiritually to be beaten.  The bible does not say we have to let him destroy everything.  It says when enough
people choose to listen to satan instead of God, satan will choose someone to lead his people(Anti-christ).  
Right now not enough people are fighting him to stop him.
"May 2, 2011"
"Bin Laden Destroyed by The ANTI-CHRIST!"
Bin Laden was betrayed and sold to the CIA because he was not going along with the Anti-Christ program.  The
Anti-Christ has different ideas of controlling the world, so he is getting rid of the opposition.  
"MAY 15, 2011"

(Is taking control!)
He works through lies and deception.   Something most people live in already.  So that makes it real easy for him to take
control.  What is one or a few more lies to people that already are hiding and living many lies.
Satan's three major powers
are fear
(fear of getting caught for something you did wrong).  Deception (Deceiving yourself into believing something you
did or are going to do, which you know is wrong, is Ok to do.)
 Lust (Wanting things, or to doing things, that you really know
you should not do or are bad for you.
 Basically being stupid.)  He and his followers work on two different groups of people.
He destroys them through lies and deception.  He and his people tell lies and using his power of deception he deceives
the other people into believing his lies.  The first group he works on are the good people, the Godly people, and the hero's.

Like God's Ministers.  The Anti-Christ's followers, fueled by hate and lust, make up lies to destroy the reputation of Godly
people.  Like the Catholic Church.  Many of the Anti-Christ followers make claims of abuse and lust in the church because
they lust for money and see clergy as a easy target.

The majority of the claims are made up because of this.  I have never heard where a priest had to force, the few real claims,
to have sex with them.  These few people choose of their own free will to have sex with the priest.  It is common sense, and
well known that you can't make a man or a young man get aroused.  All men and young men get aroused because they want
to be aroused and they like what they see or are thinking about.   So no priest can make a man or young man, or force a man
or young man to get an erection so they can have sex.   So these so called men or young men had sex with a priest because
they found it exciting and wanted sex.

St. Malachi predicted, on his death bed, that during the reign of the current Pope the Catholic Church of God would be
destroyed.  He did not say how God's Church would be destroyed.  
Their are many ways to destroy something.  Everyone
knows that when you destroy the reputation of a politician, you destroy him and his chances to help those he seeks to help by
getting elected.  People don't trust or believe him anymore.  The same is true with God's church.  
Destroy their reputation
and you destroy their chance to help those they seek to help, and people don't trust or believe them anymore.
Also take away a person's money and you take away their chance to survive, buy food, buy  a place to live...etc.  So you have
destroyed them.  So these followers of the Anti-Christ target the Catholic Church and destroy them by ruining and destroying
their reputation, with claims of abuse, and destroying them by taking their money.  So people don't trust them any more and
they don't have much money to survive. So their reputation is destroyed, and their ability to survive financially is destroyed.   
Just as St. Malachi predicted.  Knowing this the Pope can see St. Malachi prediction has been fulfilled and he can rest now.
"June 24, 2011"
"Newborn Curse expanded!"
The New Born curse that was put on Muslims Extremist November 8, 2007, has been expanded.

This will make it very hard for these people to reproduce, as their reproductive systems and their seeds are
now cursed.
 These curses have effected the Muslims very much, and because of these curses very few (if any) true
Muslims are born.  These unGodly people do not care about raising God's children to be Godly, so they will no longer get
children from God.

Because some women are pregnant already, you will see the biggest decline in new children after the current batch is born.  
OF course the curses will effect the pregnant women and cause problems in the fetus. ALSO IF THE RACES/NATIONS,
"This Winter will be the worst ever recorded in modern times, World Wide!"  

God will bring much more misery your way.  He will make you suffer more and more.  As you make him suffer
and make him sad, with your disrespectful treatment of him.  You claim he does not exist.   You believe you
don't have to listen to or be obedient to him.  You say,
"There is no God.  I am not afraid of him."  You claim
he did not create this world.  

Well you can believe what ever you want.   But it is God's world, and if you don't like it then
you can "go to hell".
 And all God has for you is misery,  suffering, then after 7 years of
this, DEATH.
So enjoy yourselves while he lets satan ruin your lives.  Then he will get rid of you, if
he hasn't gotten rid of you already.  
Because you don't have to like him, and he don't have to
like you.  So if your dumb-ass had any brains you would be afraid of him.

Prepare for the worst!
"A note about Turkey."
From 9:00am Tuesday November 8, Turkish time, the weight of God's sadness was on the people of Turkey
everywhere (except for the Kurds) for 48 hrs.  Just a small taste of the sadness they will face forever if they do not
Gökçe GÖKMEN go.
From 9:00am Friday November 18, Turkish time, the people of Turkey and Iran suffered, for 7 days, under the
weight of the of the deadening (downer) curse (30x),
as they struggled to keep their bodies from shutting down
and dieing.  On December 9 at 9:00am, if
Gökçe GÖKMEN  is not here with me, you will receive stronger and more
severe curses. This will eventually led to crippling your countries and ruining your economies.
Send her, safe and
"Turkey warned!"
"December 9, 2011"
"Turkey Has Still Not Released Gökçe GÖKMEN!"
Because of that the nations of Turkey and Iran have received the "Super Downer" curse.   This will cripple their
countries and ruin their economies.  Send Gokce, safe and unharmed to America to live, and be free to do as my God
wants, or continue to pay the price.  
 Under the weight of the of the deadening (downer) curse people will struggle to
keep their bodies from shutting down and dieing.
  This "Super Downer" curse will effect much more then just the people!
"I can make things much worse if I need to!  So please release her!
"December 17, 2011"
"New Curses on the Presidents of Iran and Turkey!"
The strength of the so called "bugged curse" or "downer curse"  has been increased to the magnitude of the
ones on U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama, for Abdullah Gul and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and  included
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of Turkey.
 And we all can see how he looks and is acting.   And I do mean acting.  Because
Gökçe GÖKMEN has not been released and allowed to do what God wants her to do. And because her parents continue
to hold her against her will, the strength of the curses on her mother and sister have been increased.  
Let Gökçe
GÖKMEN go and I will remove the curses, or your countries will suffer more and more!
"December 20, 2011"
"Update on The Free Gökçe Movement"
Today the nation of Turkey again refused to release Gökçe GÖKMEN.  Also they claim that their society is doing
great and the curses from God don't bother them, and their economy is growing. That is a very bad thing to say to God.  
So today the "downer/bugger" curse has been made stronger on Turkey and Iran.  Kind of a "super" bug.  
Instead of taking it off of them.  This will stay on until they work out an arrangement to free Gökçe, with me.
"December 27, 2011"
"Merry Christmas to the Turkish and Iranian people!"
So to start the new year off right, I want to make sure we are on the same page.   I have some wonderful curses to tell you
about, which you will get for the new year.  To make you feel worse then you do at 9:23pm today.  
So President
Abdullah Gul you would sacrifice everything and ruin your country, so you can defy
"The Lord God
Almighty" and now his anger is upon your country.
 And what do you get for ruining Turkey?  You will get
Let Gökçe GÖKMEN go.  The people demand to be free of God's curses.  They do not want to see you destroy
Turkey with your stupidity.  Why don't you listen to them?
Iran gets the same curse because President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad does not care if he ruins Iran!
"January 1, 2012"
"Happy New Year's Gift From Friends of Gökçe GÖKMEN!"
Today  Gökçe GÖKMEN turned 19 and is still being held prisoner in Turkey, and the following groups refuse to
secure her release.  So the "Super Downer curse has been made stronger  The latest curses,
"at the hand of the Lord
God Almighty"
started on December 9 2011. So because she is not here with me, the nations of Turkey and Iran, the CIA,
and Obama have received a stronger
"Super Downer" curse! (New to the group is the Hessein Obama family!)
This will cause them to struggle just to do simple things and to keep their bodies from shutting down, and some will just shut
down and die.
Please send her, safe and unharmed to America to live, to be free to do as my God wants, so you
can get the curses removed.  This "Super Downer" curse will effect much more then the people!
"January 6, 2012"

"The fight between God and Turkey heats up!"
"Turkey cursed for 30 days for holding God's little girl prisoner!"
Turkey will have had the downer (bugs) curse on them for 30 days by Sunday January 8, 2012 at 9:00am Istanbul
Turkey time (Gokce time).  
At that time God will remove some of the curses, for 5 days, from the people in Turkey and the
Turkish people (only), and the people won't feel so down and miserable.
  Work on Gokce being freed, and given her God
given freedom and the rights of every free adult person in Turkey.  
If I do not receive the results "The Lord God
Almighty" demands then Turkey, Iran, CIA, and Obama and family,
will receive more curses then before, and they will
feel more miserable, down, and more crazy, then they ever felt.  24 hours a day.  Day after day, after day, after day...etc.  
I see some reason to renew the curses before 5 days I will.
"January 23, 2012"

"Downer (bugs) Curse removed from
Turkey for 5 days!"
From January 8, 2012 to January 13, 2012, and Turkey did not release Gökçe GÖKMEN and no one helped.  So on
January 13, at am 9:00am stronger downer (bug) curses were put on the Nations of Turkey and Iran (People and animals),
the CIA, and Obama and Family.
Today they were increased again at 8:21pm my time.
"February 2, 2012"
The Lord God Almighty says:

"Death to the Nation of Turkey!"
It is God's command that his people be set free.  The Lord God Almighty has no allegiance to any nation or religion,
at this time.  His people and me have no allegiance to the U.S. or any nation or religion.  If they choose to provide safe
refuge to God's people then we will help them.  Any nation that holds any of God people prisoner will seal their own doom.
Gökçe GÖKMEN  is still being held prisoner in Turkey by her Muslim parents and government.   So they have
sealed their doom.  
"Death to the Nations of Turkey and Iran" They are cursed and the curses will destroy them. (The
Kurds are not cursed.  Maybe they will help destroy the Turkish government.)
 Curses are also on the CIA, Obama
and family because The Lord God Almighty has commanded they push Turkey to release her.

God's wrath and doom will be on more of these people and nations that support this repression of Gökçe
GÖKMEN, AND ON ANY RELIGION, that keeps one of God's people from me.  They will suffer greatly.    

Release Gökçe GÖKMEN and I will release you from these curses!
"October 31, 2011"
You can force me and you can force other people to except that a Blasphemous marriage between two
homosexual people is Godly, but God does not except it or like it.

When you homosexuals tell God he
was wrong to make you a man or he was wrong to make you a women, and he should have made you this way or that way,  
you tell God he is stupid and did not know what he is doing.   Every day that you say or show him that he should have made
you a women instead of a man, or a man instead of a women,
you continue to tell GOD THAT YOU THINK HE IS STUPID.  
I would not want to be in your shoes.
 How much stupider can you get then telling God that you think he is stupid,
and does not know what he is doing, every single day, and you know better then he does!
  And I know damn well
that if someone kept calling you stupid you would get sick and tired of it and tell them to go to hell.

Like what is it with you dumb-ass's.   You Homo's are too damn stupid as to see how retarded you look and sound
WHEN you claim that God made Adam and Steve, instead of Adam and Eve.  Sounds real good in your retarded and satanic
head.  You are just too stupid as to realize that Adam and Steve have no way to reproduce and would have died out in just a
few years.  And they would have become EXTINCT.  Just like the other Dinosaurs and worthless creatures did.  And every
time Adam and Steve got together to sin before God, they would just die out and become EXTINCT, just like all the other
worthless creatures that just don't get it.

And you Alice and Eve...well... you can stick it up your ass or wherever you want, too, but you will never make it

As I told you before God does not have to bless or go along with your shit.  And your race will just die out like the other
Dine-a-sores.  God did not bless the other Dine-a-sores and in fact he destroyed the environment and made
the living conditions very bad.  They suffered and suffered until they died and became extinct.  

So God is bringing much suffering and misery to those that support these
Dine-a-sores and because they are not
supporting a Godly marriage between one man and one women.  And also for their lack of support of good and Godly
lifestyles.  God does not bless Homosexual marriages.  He curses them, and those that support them.  God will continue to
take away (The
Dine-a-sores and their supporters) joys leave them in more and more misery.

So I ask you people, do you really want to be like someone that hates life so much that
they no longer care if they live or die?
"February 13, 2012"

"Is Iran secretly plotting to destroy
Prophet Ken and God's people?"
I would hope not.  But it looks that way.  THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY REVELED TO ME IN A DREAM THAT IRAN HAS
  Iran is also worked behind my back to destroy my
hard work.  As I warned you.  Any person, group of people, nation, race, or religion, that thinks they can interfere, hinder or
imprison God's people, will get cursed and more cursed.  So all Shiite world wide will now pay the price.  

The stronger the curses, the quicker you die.  
Good luck in Syria!  

Why should all Shiite suffer for the actions of one disrespectful dictator?   Because you allow him to disrespect your good
name and bring God's wrath upon you.  Get rid of him.  Set
"Gökçe GÖKMEN" free.  Stop harassing me and God's
people, and I will release you from your cursed life!
"February 23, 2012"
Another One Of Prophet Ken's Promises Comes true!"
The Lord God promised me that this would be the worst winter ever for modern man, and he was right.

To start off with, he took away from the great white northern United States and much of Canada, the beautiful white winter
and left it empty and barren.  The first year of no winter for these people.

Then he took all the snow from the U.S. and Canada, and overwhelmed the northern regions, Eastern Europe, The
Balkans, and Asia with record snow, rain, and record cold.  From Finland to Italy.   From the top of Europe to the bottom.   
While most of Northern U.S. and Canada went from Autumn to Spring.  Missing most of winter!

In the northern regions, Europe, and Asia this winter, in many villages, cities, and areas, the people were cut off from the
rest of the world, and left isolated.  With many people lost, starving, cold, sick and all alone in the dark.  Hundreds have
died already from this and many more will die in the up coming months.

For Stephanie Hernandez, who God shows many things to in her dreams, saw last night much flooding in
Eastern Europe and many people isolated and all alone.  
She saw that many more people will die because of this.  
God revels much to Stephanie Hernandez in her dreams.
 God shows Stephanie Hernandez everything and
anything we ask God too, in her dreams.

I have trained a new time traveler, to do the job of Gökçe GÖKMEN.
  Gökçe GÖKMEN can't do her job because
she is being held prisoner in Turkey, by her Islamic Extremist Muslim government and Islamic Extremist Muslim parents.  
Her God, the creator of
ALL THE HEAVENS AND EARTH will continue to make the people of Turkey suffer, more and more
until she is released or until they and all Muslins are dead.  If that is what they want my God to do.  They have no God,
only lies, and deceit.  
Anyway the only other ability Gökçe GÖKMEN has is her healing heart.  Where she can
heal hurt hearts.  But no one seems to want their heart healed anymore.  So no one will miss it.

Anyway my new time traveler is getting pretty good at it.  I instructed him to look into this.  So he went and peered into the
future.  He saw much flooding, rain, famine, disease, panic, and isolation caused by the melting of the heavy snow.  Many
people were isolated and they were running out of supplies.  Food, medicine, and the way to get help to them was in short
supply or non-existent.  Contaminated water supplies will encourage the spread of disease, and disease will spread more
due to lack of aid and so many people crowded in too few places.  Whole towns will be isolated and imprisoned by famine
and being disconnected from the outside world.  He saw this in Europe, Asia, and Northern North America from around mid
March to April.
"February 28, 2012"

"New and Stronger Curses Put On Iran, Turkey, C.I.A and President Hessein of
the U.S. because they still refuse to Release Gökçe GÖKMEN!"
"March 19, 2012'

"Today over 85 million people woke up to a new life!"
Or should I say no life.  Obama and family.  All employees of the CIA and their families. All Turkish and Iranian people.  All
that will make their lives more miserable.  They all lost all their ability to feel anything except deadness, emptiness, anger,
despair, and great loss.  Mixed in with greater trouble thinking straight, making decisions,and some confusion.  
A loss of
purpose, life, a deadness, and lost in a world of lostness.
 They have lost the heart of God, through which they
could feel God's Love, Joy, and Peace.  The center of their relationship with God.   Among all the other curses they have
they will never again feel anything except bad.  No Love, no Joy, no Peace.  In fact no compassion, sorrow, caring, or be
able to even cry.  
Go ahead and try to cry out your pain.   You can try and pretend, but really can't cry.  You are just
stuck with the pain and no way to let it out.  This will speed up the decay, deterioration, and breakdown of your body.  
Causing more sickness's and problems.  That will get worse quicker and faster.  Also your body will get more and more
unhealthy and you can't do anything about it.  And no one can help you.

All their God given talents have been removed.  THESE CURSES WILL BRING MUCH CONFUSION
 All they can do now is act stupider, get madder, ruin
and destroy more things, get madder, act meaner and stupider, and try to remember how life used to be before
they defied my God!  This will get worse with each passing day.

You might ask why God would do this.  Well because these people act heartless and are heartless to God and his
people, so they might as well stay heartless.  They don't give a damn about anything except what serves their own needs
and selfish wants.  Also because they are disobedient to God and are being held responsible for holding
GÖKMEN prisoner.  
But most of all because me and God are leaving this earth.   So every aspect of God is being
removed by us.  Leaving this world under satan's control for 7 years.  What don't you understand?  In order for satan and
his anti-christ to rule this earth God and me must leave this world Godless.  Are you fools so messed up that you don't
know satan is the ruler of misery and suffering, and that is what you will live in for 7 years.  
Muslims and Christians will
all suffer under the rule of satan.
 With no God to help them.  And because you refuse to release God little girl, and
let her be free to love and worship her God, God will destroy everyone of you and your countries too.  He has killed
everyone before.  Give us hope and be obedient and we will spare you from this suffering.  As of this time no one gives
us any reason to stop making you suffer.  
And we will keep on bringing our wrath on more and more people until
we are allowed to worship the one and true God freely.  
Next we will extend the curses and bring much pain and
misery to the rest of the Muslims in this world.  Then we will go after those countries that are supporting Turkey's
blasphemy against the true God.
(Maybe it is time to put the corrupt sleeping giant back to sleep. China)

The longer Gökçe GÖKMEN is held prisoner the stronger the sufferings "The Lord God
Almighty" will bring upon those that hold her and those that could free her, and the
madder God gets at this world.
"April 7, 2012"

"As Of Today Iran, Turkey, (Obama and the CIA and their families), the
City of Dearborn, Mi, and those on my shit list, and those on my shit list
feel shitty, and are much closer to death.  This is because Gokce Gokmen
has not been set free and sent to me!"
Are you disobedient Godless people that I mentioned above feeling A little drained? Well God has a spiritual
weapon that he used on you called the
"Pick of Blood" and drain you is just what it does.  It was stuck in your
 What it does is suck the blood out of a person until it is completely gone AND THEY ARE DEAD. (You now
LOOK LIKE the living and walking dead....Sounds like a great movie.  You all being ghostly white and all.)
was jammed into the top of the head of all that I mentioned.  When I get a chance I will expand the curses and suffering
to all Muslim women.  For holding God's little girl and making her suffer.  
All you get is misery, suffering, sickness,
and sooner then you think, death!
  Gokce's and my God is running out of patience.
"April 8, 2012"

Because Gökçe GÖKMEN has not been set free God will make The nation of Turkey
suffer with more of his destructive force, on the country, to destroy them more quickly.  
(For you stupid people, that equates to more so called natural disasters.)
And for all you people that have very little medical knowledge, the first thing that will happen is when the blood is
sucked out of your body, is your body will replace it with basically water.  Your will become more and rosy because of
this.  You probably see this in your face  Also you will see more and puffiness in your face.    Then as time goes by
other parts of your body will puff up.  Your body will also progress into a ghostly white state.  As this gets worse you will
suffer a massive heart attack and most likely die from this or you will die from the next massive heart attack.

Of course the diluted blood will lead to deficiencies in many other areas of your body, and many more
health problems.
"April 9, 2012"

their prayer, and they will suffer every time they pray to Muhammad.  From this day forth the book of Abomination,
called the Quran/Koran, will be cursed and curse those that look at it,
and damage their eyes every time they look
at it. also.  The more you look at it the worse your ryes will get.   
 Lets see your God stop my curses.  Your God has
no power except the power to get you cursed and destroy you.   

Obey my God AND SET HIS PEOPLE FREE or die!  

My "Angels of The Lord God Almighty" will attack all Turkish women when they go to sleep next, and kill any
babies they carry and destroy their reproductive organs and their hearts.  
You are running out of time and my God
is running out of patiences!  Because these curses are making your mind more and more confused, and destroying your
heart, with each passing day.  Oh I cursed your black stone in Mecca.
"April 10, 2012

Today the spiritual heart of all Extremist Muslim women has been removed and  
stronger curses put on them!

The Spiritual Heart is the Center where God's Love, Joy, and Peace come into you and are
pumped throughout your life.  
With out it you are emotionally dead.  You feel nothing except Anger, Hate,
Madness, and Fear.  You can't even laugh or cry anymore.  You can force yourself to laugh or cry, but as soon as
you quite trying it dies right out.
And God's Angels attacked them as they slept and destroyed their babies and their reproductive organs.   Any
muslim that does not like this can get the curses removed by leaving the cursed Muslim religion!
"April 19, 2012"

"Today a new virus was planted in Turkey!"
This virus eats up the nutrients in a persons body CAUSING A NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCY.  Right
now just a certain CLASS of people have it.  But it will spread.
"April 22, 2012"

Today the Lord God Almighty has released a mighty
spiritual creature on Turkey!
This creature will squeeze the life out of Turkey.  Just like when a Python wraps itself around it's victim and squeezes until it
is dead.  If you could see spiritually you would see this creature looks like a snake.  Just like a giant Python.

Because Gökçe GÖKMEN is still not freed, and her Islamic Extremist Turkish father tried to silence me and
bring me down,
The curses have been increased  on ALL ISLAMIC EXTREMIST MUSLIMS, ON JUNE 19,
 Including all Muslims at heart. New and stronger curses have gone into effect on all Muslims, Nations of Iran and
Turkey CIA, Obama, and their families, U.S. government people!

You can choose your leader from satan (anti-christ/Mahdi), but me and God will make sure you won't enjoy it while he
rules, and after 7 years everyone who has lived through the
7 years of hell on earth, will be killed by Jesus and his
mighty army.

It is God's command that his people be set free.  The Lord God Almighty/me, and his people have no allegiance to the U.S. or any other nation
or religion,
at this time.  If someone chooses to provide safe refuge to God's people then we will help them.  Any nation that holds any of God
people prisoner will PAY THE PRICE.    

God's wrath and doom will be on more of these people and nations that support this repression of Gökçe
GÖKMEN, AND ON ANY RELIGION, that keeps one of God's people from me and THE GOD.  They all will suffer

"May 18, 2012"

Curses to be increased on May 26, 2012 if Gökçe GÖKMEN
is not safely here in America!
Curses to be increased on Iran, Turkey, (Obama and the CIA and their families), the City of
Dearborn, Mi, All Muslims Extremist from age 0 to 28, Extremist Muslim women , and a few
others on my shit list.  God has not told me exactly what he has in mind.  But I know it will be
an eyeopener, or was it an eye closer.  The curses will be removed when
is safe and unharmed under the protection of God's people in America.
"June 24, 2012"

"Curses changed on Turkey and Iran."
Because the Turkish  and Iranian people won't obey God several curses have been made
stronger.  So the people will be more down, more confused, more discouraged, more crazy,
more fighting and bickering, harder to think clearly, harder to function and get work done,
"July 2, 2012"

"Stronger curses put on all Extremist Muslims for all the shit they are doing to
God's people and making them suffer!"
Everywhere I go I hear about all the destruction the Islamic Militants are doing to the people of this world.   Killing, destroying,
murdering, and forcing everyone they can to become Islamic Extremist, and they get away with it.   
Doesn't anyone have any
balls any more.
 Well God does not like this and he is cursing them.   But Phil:2:12 says we all must work hard (not hardly) to earn
our own way to heaven.  Letting them take over your county, your city, your town, your block, your community, your family, your
children, your beliefs, and your way of life, is not earning your way to heaven,
and pretty damn stupid.  So you must fight your
own fight.  Don't expect God to come and save you.  Never in the history of the world or in the bible will you find an
instance where God fought for ANYONE.  He just let them die if they did not fight for their life!   Of course he will help
you destroy your enemy....if you listen to him!

Working to protect your family, your home, your city, your neighborhood, your community, your country, your beliefs, your life,
requires working hard to keep them safe and protected.  Freedom requires keeping all of those that wish to repress you, kill you,
and steal your life and everything you own from you, by working hard and sacrificing for those you love.  

You would have nothing to eat if the farmers and livestock workers  (were acting as stupid as you) let every predator sneak in and
take (steal), kill, and destroy everything they work for and love.  If farmers know now to deal with creatures that come to kill their

I am telling you this if you do not get off your asses and protect yourself and those you love, then God will just let you suffer. Then
bit by bit, or all at once, you will lose everything you have, including your family and your life.

Because the Islamic Militants think they can force one of God's children to become Islamic Militant I am increasing the strength of
the curses on the crazy bastards.  And the curses will MESS THEM UP MORE,  AND MESS UP THEIR MIND  MORE.
(Cursed at 8:52pm.)

"July 21,2012"

Read about why the "The Au­rora, Colorado Movie Killer's Massacre" and "Norway's
(so called) Hog Island Political Massacre" took place, here!
We will start of with James E. Holmes "The Au­rora, Colorado Movie Killer."  God is pissed that the movie "The Dark Knight
is another attack on Godly and good hero's.  So God decided to show you how the new hero's, Godless, heartless,
loveless, cold, moody, dark, and evil type really are.

Hero's were always good men with strong conviction, and were/are Godly in their mind and heart.  They protected the weak and
fought for good and Godly people.  With wisdom, courage, and strength.  They fought for God, Country, and protected people's
dignity and lives.  They listened to God in their mind and heart. (Heb:9:10).

Satan works hard to make God and his heroes look bad.  He work's through Godless people like Atheists,  Liberals, and Islamic
They work to destroy Godly and Christian heroes, so they can bring in satan's heroes, like Charles Darwin and
his lies and bullshit.  Maybe because he looks like a frog he decided to say that we are all frogs, or related to them anyway.

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who God had shot, by Jared Lee Loughner, now looks as bad in her body as she does in her Godless
heart, with her Godless shit.
(Did you ever notice how hard and how much money doctors will spend to save a Godless
person, but if you believe in God, they won't do shit for you, except steal your money.)
  Ruining and corrupting the lives
of many good children.  Blacking their heart's with lies and deception.  Teaching them to be evil is Ok and to be Godly (good) is
evil.  Yes, God told the young man to sacrifice his life to bring his justice to this Anti-God and evil person.  

And of course the most famous God hater and destroyer of mankind, of all times
"The Blasphemer Mohammed."  We will talk
about him and Anders Behring Breivik in a bit.

Anyway back to
James E. Holmes, he is an example of what the world is doing to the young people.  Screwing them up with all the
Godless social teaching.  Never getting them a chance to truly live.  Leaving them an empty shell of nothing.  No respect for life
and no life in them.  He was all ready messed up by today Godless, pointless, and direction less teachings.  Another lost wasted,
empty person.  That will never be anything, like the rest of today's young Godless people, except for the
evil, vengeful,
pile of shit, they were taught to be.  Well he did not want to end up that way.  So it was not a problem for satan/God
to put some thought's in his head, to encourage him to make a name for himself, and get rid of some of the Godless evil young
So he went to the theater with the intent of killing as many young bastards (14 to 35 year olds) as he could,
and a sense of purpose. He did Ok.  The older Adults, being stupid and getting in way, got shot more then he wanted

Lets talk about Anders Behring Breivik "Norway's Utøya Island (Hog/Pig Island) Political Massacre".  The islamic Muslims
want to control every nation in the world and God wants them stopped.   He listened to God The Father and did something about
A country of around 5 million and they are just letting the Islamic muslims come in and destroy their culture and the
basic fabric of their society
.  No wonder the birth rate is so low.  No one has any balls anymore.   You can kiss the Muslims
ass, and God will make you pay for it.  You can feel it in the air and see it on the ground.  God does not bring anything good to
Norway anymore.  In fact God does not bring anything good to any nation that kills babies, supports homo's, teach women to be
men or the men to be girls, goes against God's people, and supports Islamic muslims.  And that includes pretty much all nations.

Drought, high heat, torrential downpours, floods, high destructive winds, invasive species,  destruction of crops,  (less food,
material, supplies, money) more and more dictators and the destruction of many  good (good for nothing) people...etc.  More and
more miserable, fat, ugly, sad, and discouraged people.   Yes, my God is making you miserable.  Giving you no love, no joy, no
peace.  Using the elements and other people, that think it is satan telling them to be ass holes, to help him.  

If you let the Islamic Muslims control your country then when God gets rid of them he will get rid of your country too.  
And God will
get rid of all Islamic muslims and everyone that supports them.  Even if he has to get rid of everyone, like he did
before.  When a great evil rules the earth, and their are no Godly people to stand against it, he will wipe it off the face
of the earth.

I  pray over two hours, singing out loud, every day, and fight spiritually against satan and his demons.   I  let people know the
truth.  I do not encourage violence or encourage people to hurt anyone.  In fact I encourage people to pray.  
But my
God on the other hand does not have to listen to you or be afraid of you.  He will find other people to do his bidding.  It is not hard
for God to convince a satan lead person to kill and destroy.  Today's society breeds them,  and they have no direction.   Satan and
God can use them.  God will continue to remind you that you need to shape up or you will lose your life, until you repent and realize
the only reason any of you live still is because God lets you.  And if, what you call, senseless massacres is what is needed, then he
will arrange for more of them.  
I like to say pay attention to the Summer Olympics.  But I am not going to say a thing.  Because
all the other false prophets claim God will destroy England.  
I say God will not destroy England during the Summer
 But satan will try and find stupid people to do destructive and stupid things, and say it is God's judgement.  
They are liars.  Breaking the bank of England and bringing the UK. into poverty so everyone gets to suffer, high heat, flooding rain,
hail, high wind, now that is God's work.

In Luke:9:24 it says, "Whoever loses his life (on earth) for God will be blessed with everlasting life in God's
kingdom."  And "whoever choose to live in disobedience to God (on earth) will die, one day , and suffer in
pain and torment in hell, for all eternity!"

Yes, I know that satan tells many, so called Godly people, to resist and disagree with the world.  Don't fight!  This is taught today in
many Christian and Catholic churches.   That is because satan wants his evil people to destroy all the Godly people.   (So satan
tells Christians not to fight back. Let them kill you.  God will not reward you for dieing needlessly as a coward.  He needs you alive
fighting against the enemies of God's people.)
But in Matt:10:34: Jesus said he came to fight for God, and we are to stand
against all who oppose God!
 Including our own family.  

Satan has many arguments giving Christians/Catolics excuses to be cowards.  To many for me to mention, but if you want to E-mail
me with your argument/jusification/excuse.  We can talk about it.    But I will tell you this, never in the history of this world has God
ever fought anyone's fight.  In the Old Testament of the bible (God's Only Holy Book) his people ALWAYS had to fight physically
against those that harnessed, hurt, or attacked them, or they died, and God let them be killed.

"Cowards die and go hell.  Heroes die and go to heaven!"

These three people listened to God and did what he told them, which is more then anyone else does.  They gave up
their life for God, and satan's court's of injustice will make them suffer.   Because they were obedient to God they will
have everlasting life in heaven.   

No matter what  this evil, Godless world does to them or says about them, God chooses obedience over cowardliness every time,
and he don't give a rats ass about what you think about him(God) or them, or me, for that matter.  But the more you sickos make
them suffer the more he will do to you.
On August 2, 2012 my time,  I removed many more God given talents and abilities from the Turkish and Iranian people.  What I am
saying is that all, so called natural, talents and abilities come from God.  
What people do is discipline themselves to use
talents, they favor.  Making them better and stronger then before.
 Natural talent and abilities are not natural.  They are gifts
from my God, that help us do things better then normal.   Matt: 25:  14-30 makes clear that this is true.  And it makes clear God
can take them away.  

What this means is that those with music, artistic, athletic, and many intellectual abilities have been removed from
the Turkish
(but not the Kurds) and Iranian people.  This means that the music will no longer be enjoyable.  Same with the
singers.  This means that if someone enjoys tapping their foot or fingers, or dancing around the room to the beat of music, it will be
messed up now.    The gracefulness of dancers and athletics are no longer there.  Like smooth and coordinated, quite and silent
footsteps, will become clumsy and uncoordinated.  Makes it hard to sneak up on someone.  The ability to perform intelligently,
calculate, retain, and other feats of the mind have been removed.  Extremely good coordination is gone.  

Today Stephen Hawking intellectual abilities were removed,
along with other talents. He is now reduced to a NORMAL
moron, like God will do to everyone in this world if they continue to disobey God and hold GOKCE GOKMEN, his little Girl, prisoner!
As time grows short we will do more and more to those that are disobedient to me/God, until they are all dead and
Gokce Gokmen just has to walk across their dead bodies to be free.

We can do this to anybody.  On August 5 the Chinese were included .  On August 16 all muslims extremist, CIA, and Obama (and
prospective families) and  the rest were included.  If Gokce Gokmen is not released, and her and the others I have been in touch
with, are not able to do the things God
NEEDS THEM TO DO, I will pronounce more curses from my God on all those he
holds accountable for these actions against him(God) and his people (me).   
I also have increased many other curse
recently, and just never got around to telling you about them.  
"August 3,2012"

"Watch the Turkish and Iranian athletics at
the Olympics.  See how stupid they look.
"August 28, 2012"

"Today's New Curse Works Like A Spiritual
Paralizing Gas!"
it paralyzes them more and more.  Making it harder and harder for them to move as your body gets more and more paralized/stiff.   
This is a very grave illness.  It is very noticeable when you first get up .  Because it makes it harder and you take longer to get
out of bed.  So far it has been put it on all Muslims Extremist, Iranians, and Turks, for holding Gokce prisoner.  But not the Kurds.  
It has been put it on the CIA for hacking my E-mail again.  This will effect, greatly, a nations ability to defend themselves and
function.  I guarantee that your countries ability to function will be greatly effected.   I have very good reports of people taking a
long time to get out of bed after they wake up and dropping things because their hands are freezing up and hard to move, also
moving so slow that they can barely do simple things like ride a bike.

First used on the CIA back on the 16 of August, for hacking my E-mail and sending out false E-mails.  Making it look like I sent
them.  Then on August 18, I put it on Iran and Turkey.

Today it was put on the rest of the Muslims and their families, those that refuse to help me and God, and to help free Gokce
"September 18, 2012"

"New Curse (Retard Curse) on Muslims and CIA for their
shit against God's people!"
How this works is, I got like this little spiritual disk, and I throw it at their head.  When it hits them in the head it
smacks them silly.   And they just stay that way and the longer they continue to defy God and me the stronger
it gets.

Also used it on the Nation's of Turkey and Iran for holding Gokce Gokmen prisoner.
"This Winter will be the worst then last year's, World Wide!"  

God will bring much more misery your way.  In many forms.  He will make many people in this world suffer with much
more pain, misery, loneliness, alienation, hunger, loss, death, destruction of property  and the general
degeneration and deterioration of mankind!
 As the disrespectful people make him suffer and make him sad.   You
believe you don't have to listen to or be obedient to him.  You say,
"There is no God.  I am not afraid of him."  You
claim he did not create this world and he is not destroying it.

Well you can believe what ever you want.   But it is God's world, and if you don't like it then you
can "go to hell".  And all God has for you is misery,  suffering, then after 7 years of this, DEATH.
So enjoy yourselves while he lets satan ruin your lives.    Because you don't have to like him,
and he don't have to like you.  So if your dumb-ass had any brains you would be afraid of him
and repent of your sins.

Prepare for the worst!
"This Winter will be the worst ever recorded in modern times, World Wide!"  

God will bring much more misery your way.  He will make you suffer more and more.  As you make him suffer
and make him sad, with your disrespectful treatment of him.  You claim he does not exist.   You believe you
don't have to listen to or be obedient to him.  You say,
"There is no God.  I am not afraid of him."  You claim
he did not create this world.  

Well you can believe what ever you want.   But it is God's world, and if you don't like it then
you can "go to hell".
 And all God has for you is misery,  suffering, then after 7 years of
this, DEATH.
So enjoy yourselves while he lets satan ruin your lives.  Then he will get rid of you, if
he hasn't gotten rid of you already.  
Because you don't have to like him, and he don't have to
like you.  So if your dumb-ass had any brains you would be afraid of him.

Prepare for the worst!
"This Winter will be the worst ever recorded in modern times, World Wide!"  

God will bring much more misery your way.  He will make you suffer more and more.  As you make him suffer
and make him sad, with your disrespectful treatment of him.  You claim he does not exist.   You believe you
don't have to listen to or be obedient to him.  You say,
"There is no God.  I am not afraid of him."  You claim
he did not create this world.  

Well you can believe what ever you want.   But it is God's world, and if you don't like it then
you can "go to hell".
 And all God has for you is misery,  suffering, then after 7 years of
this, DEATH.
So enjoy yourselves while he lets satan ruin your lives.  Then he will get rid of you, if
he hasn't gotten rid of you already.  
Because you don't have to like him, and he don't have to
like you.  So if your dumb-ass had any brains you would be afraid of him.

Prepare for the worst!
"This Winter will be the worst ever recorded in modern times, World Wide!"  

God will bring much more misery your way.  He will make you suffer more and more.  As you make him suffer
and make him sad, with your disrespectful treatment of him.  You claim he does not exist.   You believe you
don't have to listen to or be obedient to him.  You say,
"There is no God.  I am not afraid of him."  You claim
he did not create this world.  

Well you can believe what ever you want.   But it is God's world, and if you don't like it then
you can "go to hell".
 And all God has for you is misery,  suffering, then after 7 years of
this, DEATH.
So enjoy yourselves while he lets satan ruin your lives.  Then he will get rid of you, if
he hasn't gotten rid of you already.  
Because you don't have to like him, and he don't have to
like you.  So if your dumb-ass had any brains you would be afraid of him.

Prepare for the worst!
"October 31, 2011"
"This Winter will be the worst ever recorded in modern times, World Wide!"  

God will bring much more misery your way.  He will make you suffer more and more.  As you make him suffer
and make him sad, with your disrespectful treatment of him.  You claim he does not exist.   You believe you
don't have to listen to or be obedient to him.  You say,
"There is no God.  I am not afraid of him."  You claim
he did not create this world.  

Well you can believe what ever you want.   But it is God's world, and if you don't like it then
you can "go to hell".
 And all God has for you is misery,  suffering, then after 7 years of
this, DEATH.
So enjoy yourselves while he lets satan ruin your lives.  Then he will get rid of you, if
he hasn't gotten rid of you already.  
Because you don't have to like him, and he don't have to
like you.  So if your dumb-ass had any brains you would be afraid of him.

Prepare for the worst!
"This Winter will be the worst ever recorded in modern times, World Wide!"  

God will bring much more misery your way.  He will make you suffer more and more.  As you make him suffer
and make him sad, with your disrespectful treatment of him.  You claim he does not exist.   You believe you
don't have to listen to or be obedient to him.  You say,
"There is no God.  I am not afraid of him."  You claim
he did not create this world.  

Well you can believe what ever you want.   But it is God's world, and if you don't like it then
you can "go to hell".
 And all God has for you is misery,  suffering, then after 7 years of
this, DEATH.
So enjoy yourselves while he lets satan ruin your lives.  Then he will get rid of you, if
he hasn't gotten rid of you already.  
Because you don't have to like him, and he don't have to
like you.  So if your dumb-ass had any brains you would be afraid of him.

Prepare for the worst!
All of your, so called natural, talents and abilities are not natural, they come from God, as talked about
in "The Book Of Matt: 25 vs:14-30, and with a simple word I can remove them.
 When we are created, God
gives each one of us a set of special talents.   Talents that work with our spirit special skills and abilities.  
Well God can
take them away  if we are just wasting them, and are not using them for what God intended them to be used
 Worthless servants or disobedient servants can get their talents taken away, and are cast out of the Kingdom of
God.    I have done this to those that are disobedient to God's commands to do everything in their power to free Gokce.  
That includes all Muslims and their families, Iran, Turkey, and all U.S. (Government, Police, CIA, Obama and Family,
Military, all public/private utilities personnel, all refinery and sea oil production, and all U.S. U.S. Federal employees
everywhere else in this world, except where I live.
"February 11, 2013"

"Removal of Natural Talents"
Dec 3, 2007.  The U.S. Weather Bureau Challenged God, in October of 2007, 2008, 2009,
2010.  2011?  
God gave us the signs, and the word, that it will be a hash and rough winter in the U.S.  The Farmers Almanac
agreed. The Weather Bureau wants to push humanism, secularism, and that man is right and God does not exist.  They say it will be a
mild winter.  They based this on men that hate God and want you to think he is dead, and believe the Global warming bull.
 God made
the winter of 2007/2008 the roughest winter ever.  He then made the winter of 2008/2009 an even rougher winter.  
Winter 2009/2010 by 12-10-09 had one of the coldest, roughest, and largest winter storms to ever hit the U.S..  One
massive storm cloud stretching over 2/3 of the country, at one time.  Winter of 2010 to 2011 was the worst ever!  
Record snowiest days, record windiest days, record coldest days, record rainiest days, record flooding, record #
of wicked days, and the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  And you ain't seen nothing yet!  
God will bring more
misery and suffering you way.  
I guarantee 2014-2015 will be worse then you ever dreamed possible.
To see the 12-2014 to 12-2015 Weather Predictions.

As the end of this world draws near, God will bring some very freaky weather.  You can pray to your dead Gods and
into thin air, in any stupid way or manner you want, but none can help you or save you or help you, but the Son of

Contact Prophet Ken if you do not want to die, and be spared God's wrath.