He said ' "Yes!"  He then told me that back in November 2004 when the
U.S. Government did not thank me for helping them stop the al-Kita from
blowing up the Nuclear bomb in L.A., God cursed the space program.  
God will no longer bless or protect the space exploration program. That
is why they are plagued with so many problems in the space program.  
And the space program will continue to be plagued with problems.
But because I warned the Government about it and they caught the al-Qaida at 10:30am December 2, 2004 in a
white service van, and neither me nor God got any credit, God has cursed the Central Intelligence Agency over this.

The Anointed Prophet of God, Reverend Kenneth Kluk had warned the Federal Government about this on several
"God first told me where and when this will occur on October 19, 2004." "The next day I
informed the White House." "The answer I received is that the White House CIA staff is not interested in what God
has to say."

I contacted them on 6 occasions, and every time security (CIA) has prevented the President from receiving the
information, and they say that they do not care what God has to say. Since my first contact with the Federal
Government, 16 other Ministers have contacted the U.S. Government  with warnings about the bomb.

They received the same answer, "We do not need God's help." Right back to the Godless answers that the Clinton
administration had when they were told about 911. "We don't need God's help." The only difference is that
President Bush would do something about it, if he was told about the warnings from God.
On October 19, 2004 The Almighty God told me that the al-Qaida has a Nuclear
bomb in the United States that they planed to blow up the LA X airport with, on
December 2, 2004.
So God has an answer for them. "You will no longer get my help or protection in the war in Iraq." As of
midnight Monday November 15, 2004, God will no longer help the American Government, or the Iraqi
that support them, in the war in Iraq. God has cursed the Iraq war.
Seeing as how some government people are allowed to speak for the American government, and
state they do not need God's help, because they feel they are smarter and greater then God,
then God will let them show the world just how blind and stupid they are.
Since the CIA and Washington have no use for God or his people, on November 23, 2004 God says, "He
has no use for them and he will he longer help them.
"July 28, 2005"
When I asked God, "Was there a problem with the space program?"
On 11-25-04
God told me that the U.S. Leaders know they can not win the war with out God.
They have decided to let an Iranian backed Government control Iraq, instead of admitting that they need God.
"February 2, 2005"
Through a rigged election the U.S. has agreed to install a puppet
Who hates the U.S. as much as Iran does. The U.S. knows God is no longer backing them on this war, so the U.S. and
Democracy has lost.  Real Democracy is God based.  Because the U.S. Government is no longer God based we can never
install a Democracy anywhere.  

Instead of saving America and admitting we lost because God is not with us, the Satan lead lying leaders in the U.S., running
this war, will continue to drain our financial resources.  (President Bush is not running the war.)  To the point of financial
bankruptcy.  Which means we will be in far more debt then we can support.  The world will see this and lose faith in us and our
currency.  We will lose our position as the world leader.
"March 7, 2005"
The seven Spirits of God (Rev3:1) have left the Washington D.C. area and the Detroit
Metropolitan area.
If the people don't start believing in God soon he will leave the rest of the Country. Now many more
Nations will see how Godless America is and one by one will turn their back on us.  In other words they are
turning against us instead of for us.  And more Nations will turn away from us as we become more Godless.
Which as soon as they are able, will kick us out and completely take
over. All our money wasted on satan and we have nothing to show for it.
"March 7, 2005"
The war in Iraq has been lost and we allowed Iran to install a new Government.
Since then the casualty rate has gone up three hundred percent.   
Moral has dropped and the troops are scared (With out God to calm
them).  God also told me our allies would see this, and more and
more of them would stop supporting us. Since then around half of
them of pulled out of the war. This nation and the people in it will
never win again without God's help. Only through me will God
remove the curses on America and it's people. Only if I ask him to.
"July 28, 2005"
Back in November 2004, God cursed our troops and the Iraq troops in the Iraq war.
I'll be back

Announcing...Dear Police Chief got your message from God. You started paying the price for not stopping the harassment of God's people (me) by your Police. God has showed you that you are wrong to believe their lies over my truth. So now it is up to the new Mayor. Are you going to let these cops go through with their lies in court? If you do, you to will pay the same price as Guido and Celeski. God has no use of anybody that interferes with me. God honors his Prophet, because his Prophet honors him. He does not honor you people of Metro Detroit, because you do not honor him,like he wants. (See December 26, 2006 on the "PROPHECIES" page for details.) Stop making these false charges or God will show you more that he can do. Mayor Guido of Dearborn, Mi continued to dishonor me and continued to allow false charges againest me by the Dearborn Police and because of this God speeded up his death. God has killed 6 Dearborn cops, or is it 10 by now, I lost count, for unwarranted attacks against me, A minister of God. Because Police Chief Celeski and his fellow Officers think they are more powerful then God, God will show them. God is more powerful, and does not like how the corrupt cops are toward Prophet Ken. God has had enough of this. God gave Police Chief Celeski a year, from 12-3-06, to get the hell out or he would take him out. This is a message to the New Mayor from God..."Obey God or pay the price"....Also Mayor Michael Guido suffered with cancer because he let me, God's Anointed One, suffer at the hands of Dearborn's (Police). He turned his back on God's request to Protect his Anointed One, so God has made him pay the price in hell.

"March 28, 2007"
Astronaut Sunita Williams is struck in space because the Space Program is cursed by God.
Since the U.S. Space has been cursed by God back in November, 2004.  The Soviet, Chinese
and European space program have advanced ahead of ours.  Every time, except once,  their
has been an emergency at the space station the Russians have sent a rescue vehicle, because
our ships were not working and could not go.  The Chinese and Russians now can shoot down
our space ships and satellites.   What can we do?  The last time, Space shuttle Atlantis barely
made it down the last time it went up, and is unusable because of a damaged fuel tank.  
Damaged by a hail storm sent by God or as the simpler minded call it "An act of God".
"August 21, 2005"
God says to me the U.S. will never install a Democracy in another country again.
Do not forget a Democracy can not exist without God. A Democracy is based on freedom to choose and
only through God does freedom exist.  Because to many in the United States Government have chosen
to remove God and people's rights, from this country, true God based Democracy is ending.  Anybody
can say they are a Democracy.  Look at the Communist Military government of North Korea.  They call
their country,
"THE DEMOCRATIC PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF KOREA"  The only freedom they have, is
to do as they are told or be shot dead.  
So wake up fools!  What is difference between the North
Korea Democratic government and ours?  Whether the Korean Police or the Dearborn Police curtail the
freedom of the people, by threatening to shoot them for wanting to be free to believe in the real God.  
Yes, this is true I have been harassed for 5 years by the Dearborn Police for believing in
Trying to get me to denounce my faith in God, just like in North Korea.
Since the Seven Seals have been opened on October 1, 2004 natural
Disasters, acts of God, have increased by over 300%, and will continue to
increase in the U.S.  since the Seven seals have been opened.
What that means is that they are cursed.  As time goes by, and nothing is done to get rid of these curses, the curses get
worse and worse.  Some of the curses are strategic and financial problems for the economy of the country, and this will effect the
state governments also.  The joy people once had in Washington is replaced by joyless people, and people trying to forget their
problems, because God is no longer helping them or taking the burdens from them.  As time goes by, more and more countries
look at and see America as a Godless dog and they are not afraid of us, and think poorly of us.  
They will criticize us and
challenge us openly.
 The, "I don't give a damn," attitude in Washington will grow worse and worse.

Concerning the CIA.  The veil of deception is now removed, and as time goes by, more and more people and countries will see
them for the evil people they are and want nothing to do with them.  They will blunder more and more as the Godless lousy, "I
don't give a damn", attitudes grow stronger.  All they will be good for is fodder for satan and his other
evil minions.
"2007 Predictions for the year."
"April 2007 to April 2008"
The U.S. is the nation chosen by God, and God is mad for their disobedience.  And  for the treatment his Only
Anointed Prophet, who he sent to led God's people,  has received in the U.S., God will bring far more disasters and
extreme weather, on this nation then  ever before.    So based on the words I received from God, I predict this.  
Greater Death, Destruction, Drought, and Disaster for the U.S. then before.   Plagues, Famine, and obvious.  So
watch for more foreign food and price increases.   So you can also watch for poisoned and tainted food.   Destroyed
crops and animals.   Greater and more Fires, Floods, Tornado's, Hurricanes, vicious wind storms,  pestilent,
sickness, and Financial upheavals.  This translates into increased bugs, flooded basements and homes, sewer
overflows, power outages, water  problems, telephone and cellphone problems, air travel,  flooding and property
damage, dry, dead, uprooted and destroyed trees, flowers, and grass,  greater weed problems, more water
shortages, gas and heat problems, hot temperatures and drought, of course many winter storms,  shorter growing
season, sick and slaughtered animals.  Health problems such as sickness and allergies, more skin problems and
mental illness problems.   Whether these problems are caused by humans or so called natural disaster they come at
the hand of God.  This is the word of the Lord.
"April 14, 2007"
"Received from God."
The New England States feel that God does not mind pro-liberal anything goes attitude and Same Sex Marriages.  Well God
has shown them differently.  
They want same sex marriage then they shall suffer.  The rain and floods are from God to
show his unhappiness with these people.   They are paying the price.  
Go against God and pay the price.  You chose
miserable Satanic Hillery Clinton over God, then you all can be miserable with her.
"April 16, 2007"
"The deadly rain storms in the New England States."
"April 26, 2007"
"Why are the Honey Bees dieing?"
Because Americans, are sinning more and more and refuse to admit they are sinning.  Because this is the Nation
God choose to be his Nation in the End times and they refuse to follow him.  
Because of unwarranted attacks against his
Only Anointed Prophet by Government Officials and others.
 And mostly because Americans refuse to do the three
simple things God asks.  God is the cause and the People seem to believe that as long as they have food to eat God is
happy.  Well God can change that.  Just like he sold the Israelites into slavery, for food from the Pharaoh of Egypt.
 You too
will lose your freedom if you do not start doing the three simple things Gods ask of you.
The Power of The Seven Seals
Because God's nation, America, has turned away from God and continues to be disrespectful, telling
evil lies to cover up their sins, committed in the sight of the Lord.  I tell you this.  Within one years
time.  (By 5-26-08)  America will lose it's position as the worlds super power.  God will use the Power
of The Seven Seals nation, still does not turn back to God, God will deliver this nation to it's enemy.  
So, this is the

May 26, 2007
Wealth involves resources, crops, property,
money, land, debt.  People are not resources.  
People consume resources.
The U.S. Weather Bureau Challenged God, in October of 2007.  God gave us the signs, and the word, that it will be a
hash and rough winter in the U.S.  The Farmers Almanac agreed. The Weather Bureau disagrees, saying it will be a mild
winter.  They based this on men that think God is dead and believe the Global warming bull.
  We have already had two
major winter storms across the northern U.S. making it a harsh winter already.
"December 3, 2007"
Prophet Ken predicts a rough winter for the U.S.
"December 25, 2007"
Rough winter for the U.S. Prophecy fulfilled
God has fulfilled another Prophecy that Prophet Ken Kluk has made. The U. S. has received at least 5 major Snow Storms so
far this year.  More then last year already.  And the U.S. Weather Bureau  predicted a mild winter.

Also With Major snow storms and blizzards stretching all the way to Texas, Metro Detroit did not get a beautiful white Christmas.  
With snow flying all around much of the country, Metro Detroit was Black and ugly.  For the second year.  Even Texas had more
snow for Christmas.  God is real.  You are wrong.  
So wake up fools.
"January 6, 2008"
America is not alone.  We are not the only country God is making suffer for claiming to have a relationship with him, but being
disobedient to his commands.
 Australia and England are also suffering in misery too.  When God's chosen people turn
their back on him, like these three nations have, he makes them suffer in misery.  And God will continue to make them suffer
until I ask him for forgiveness for their disobedience.
"December 29, 2005"
Metro-Detroit enjoy your last white Christmas!
"Another Prophecy fulfilled."
The following is the a copy of the live, on air broadcast, of Prophet Ken Kluk on radio 1440am in metro Detroit. Tapes of
the Prophecy are still available for only $5.00.   Broadcast on 12-29-05 and 12-30-05 at 1440am.


"God blessed us with a beautiful white Christmas this year. I hope you all enjoyed it and will remember it.  Because this is
the last White Christmas you will ever have in this area. God did this in my honor. The beauty of God goes with me
everywhere, and is reveled to those that seek it."

As long as the people of Metro Detroit turn their black hearts toward God's Prophet. Then they shell not see God's
beauty again. This is the word of the Lord. The coffee is on, and you fool, for Satan, need to wake up and smell it.
"April 5, 2008"
God will make you pay for your disobedience.  Just read today news article.  Since Super Tuesday  God has brought
much pain to Arkansas because "Arkansas did not vote the way God told them to" and
since that day God  
has brought a foot of snow.  A foot of rain.   A disastrous outbreak of tornado's.  And near record
flooding.   Continuously since Super Tuesday.   Destroying the homes and property and countless number of people.  Let this
be an example to all.   It only takes one time.  When you disobey a direct command from God, and do not do what God tells
you to do, you will suffer.   God knows what is best for you all around.  God wanted them to vote the way that would be best for
them and this country, and the people showed God that they don't care about  them or this country.  So if they don't give a
damn about what God wants then
"the hell with them."
"2008 Predictions for the year."
"April 2008 to April 2009"
The same as for 2007 only 30% worse.
"May 2, 2008"
"The CIA gets new curses."
God has heard the cries of his people.  And for the unwarranted attack against "The Lord Our Bent) the Religious
Persecution Branch of the CIA
will feel God's wrath as called for by Michael Travesser.  I am here to deliver God's justice.  
For those of you that can read, the dictionary definition of "Messiah", and the proper usage of it is.  "Is one that wants
to save or liberate anyone from oppression."  
So anyone can be someones Messiah.  Now could any respectable reporter
find something wrong with this.  Or believe otherwise.  Everyone of you can be a Messiah and fight to free and liberate  the
oppressed from the evil jackals that work in this country to enslave you.  Whether you are a Messiah that believes in God, Stalin,
Hitler, or just yourself, a Messiah is a Messiah.
Everywhere in the world people are allowed to form co-ops.  To work together and live together.  Whether they want to live in a
house, apartment, or a farm.  It is each persons choice.  Hippies and drug users have gotten together and formed communes
and farms, that has provided recreation, medical, and even law enforcement, to those that choose to live in and work on these
farms.  And their is no law against it.  Except now in the American CIA.  Their Religious Persecution branch feels that it is OK as
long as you denounce your belief in God.  And embrace all the social perversions they want to force on you.  To many to
mention.   If you embrace God, then they say you live on a Military compound, and say you are perverted.   Then they take away
your children so you can not protect them.  And they terrorise and torture them until they break and are just another empty shell
of a person.   So they can have their way with these defenceless children.    Next thing you know these kids end up in some child
prostitution ring or part of the pedophile slave ring.   All in the name of the CIA and satan.  The satan who controls 97% of the
For their evil against God and his people the CIA will receive more curses and sufferings from God.  Because the
CIA wants to use their agents to ruin this country, God will help them ruin this country.  The CIA can ruin this country from the
inside and God will help other countries to ruin it from the outside.   For your evilness against God's Messiah and George Bush,
God  will expose and destroy 80 of your agents.  Now all CIA (except for the good ones) and their families live in the Great
Depression.  I will announce  the rest  of the curses when I get the time.  I will also post it on the web site when I get the time.  
"This is the word of the Lord!"
"May 2, 2008"
"God will now bring a new deadly virus outbreak"
Because the people of the world are still ignoring and mocking God and his Prophet, God will bring a new virus outbreak to this
world within the next 6 months.  It will be fast moving, fast spreading, and deadly.  I am the only one that can kill it or stop it.  But
only if you say pretty please!
"Bon Apatite"
"May 2, 2008"
250% increase in the number of tornadoes that hit the U.S. this year.
From a AP news articles dated 5-2-08.  As many as 25 tornadoes hit 4 states, in one day.  Just compiled, 84 tornadoes hit the
U.S. in January of 2008.  Compared with a three year average of 34.  That is about two and a half times as many as normal.  
There is your
"Act of God".
"May 4, 2008"
"New virus outbreak fulfilled"
New  Disease (Virus) outbreaks in China and Vietnam.
AP news reported on 5-6-08 that several countries are experiencing a new virus outbreak.  Over 12,000 children in China have
been affected by it.  Also 2,000 in Vietnam.  
At least 36 dead.  Their is no known cure or treatment for it.   As always I have a
copy of the article.
"May 7, 2008"
New Curses For The CIA
You want to prove there is no God.  Then you can be an even bigger example for all to see that God is real, and dumb
asses like you will pay the price of your arrogance,
and how stupid you are to think God and me are afraid of you.  For all
CIA agents (except the good ones),  their operatives, and their families.  Curses on your finances, relationships,  health, sleep,
and asses.  Seeing as how you pride yourselves on being unthinking asses.  Pee on curse, outcast curse, misery and suffering
when working for the CIA.  Curses on your equipment.  
Just like the new curses the Dearborn Police just got today.  This
will cause many equipment problems and failures.   God does not care if you get killed because of your stupidity.   Using the
Torch of Moses I permanently scar and deaden your minds.  
You like being asses, now you can rejoice at being dumb
asses for all eternity.  
Because you are dumb asses, you will most likely be to stupid to notice it.   But everyone else will
notice the difference.
"May 11, 2008"
God Destroys U.S. town!
The town of Picher, Oklahoma was cursed by God over 80 years ago.  For openly blaspheming him.  God warned them
for many years and they continued to brawl, fight, cheat, force women to marry against their will, and allow their rulers to be
heartless and Godless.  While they lived in fear.   
They are Prideful, self righteous, church attending fearful listeners
of satan.
 God had them do stupid and thoughtless things to mess themselves up.  He gave them sickness and even closed
the mines.  Just the other day they celebrated 90 years of Godlessness.  A town that was 20,000 people.  Now 800 people.   
So God gave their celebration a gift.  A Tornado, to hasten his destruction of what is left of the town.  They want to celebrate
evil, then they can celebrate misery too.  Because that is what God gives to evil.
This is how many Christians live.  By saying they are praying to God.  Well God does not listen to the prayers of
blasphemous liars.  Or make deals with them, like you like to think you are doing.  And repentance along with restitution was
the only to save the town.  God could have spared the town if they had one holy man of God.  But not one person would
submit themselves to God.

Many people call it urban decay, but God says it is how he makes them pay.  God can use any person as an example to others
of what he can do to you.  
This is an example of what God is doing to Dearborn, Michigan.  While they are blaspheming
God's holy people.  They are destroying their own city with their stupidity.  Once a hallmark of beauty and a community of Love
and kindness.  Now no different then Picher, Oklahoma.  The stupidity of the people is being used by God to kill themselves
and their Godless city.  It is now a ugly community of Godless, prideful
(FAT and ugly), people.  Who don't need God, and
God don't need them.   No one finds Dearborn appealing.  It has no beauty.  In fact the Casinos find the city so repulsive that
they don't even want to be here.  And they will build Casinos most anywhere, even on the bare desert.
"May 12, 2008"
"Another Prophecy Fulfilled"

"America has lost over 20% of it's wealth in just one year as I predicted!"
Americans major financial investment of wealth, the house, has fallen an average of 25% in the last year.  Over 30% of
America's crops have been destroyed by acts of God (Floods, drought, tornado's, fire,  blizzards).  Many Mexicans are now
moving back to Mexico because the jobs market is better there now, then here.  The economy has also fallen 8% because of
all the money the war in Iraq is costing us.  The increase of at least 20% in the price of gas and heating fuel has decreased
your wealth.  Because it takes more of your money to buy the necessary gas and heating fuel you need to get by, and you
have less money to buy other stuff.
"June 3, 2008"
"Another Prophecy Fulfilled"

"Nations of The World Declare U.S. no longer The World's Superpower!"
On May 26, 2007 I Prophesied that within one year if the people of the U.S. did not repent and turn back to God,  Stop their
disrespectfulness toward God, and quit telling evil lies to cover up their sins, committed in the sight of the Lord, America
would pay.  And pay you have, God has decreased the wealth of the U. S. by more then 20% in the past year.  As I
promised.  Also the U.S. is no longer the worlds Superpower.  In fact several key Diplomatic negotiations took place this
spring without the U.S.  Read the Article titled, "Diplomacy thriving, but without U.S."
If you can't find it then you can type in
in the address bar, to bring the article up on your browser.
Of course the Liberal and Atheist news reporters blame George Bush.  Instead of giving God credit for this amazing
"September 5, 2008"
On May 26, 2007 I warned the nation of America that if God's people did
not repent and turn back to God he will deliver this nation to it's enemies.  
On June 24, 2009 my God told me time is up, and he will now lead the
nation's enemies to defeat it
.  Oh, the land will still be here, but it will be ruled by those that have
been seeking to conquer it.  Thus say the Lord.
"October 9, 2009"
"Another NASA Mission a failure"
NASA successfully crashed two rockets into the moon.  In their desperate bid to prove there is life and water out there
in outer space.  Promising millions of people live video of them digging up water with these rockets.  
All they dug up was
moon dust.
 NASA proclaims the mission was a success, because everything worked out great.  Except the live video did
not work and all they basically showed people was and found nothing but dust.  I guess if they successfully drive a car into a
telephone phone and destroyed it.  That would be success in their twisted little minds.  If this is a success I wonder what a
failure looks like?  
Anyway at one time the heavens were open to us.   But God has closed that door.  Now the only
things we will find up there is death, destruction, and wasted money
"November 11, 2009"
"NASA failing space program FALSEIFIES test results and lies to the Americian People!"
NASA believes that Americans are stupid and will believe that there is life on the moon and moon is not a dead planet.  
Being used by the "dead in the head" employees at NASA looking to SUCK, ( sorry, just your tax dollars)
everything that can get out of the American people.
 Of course stupid people will believe their lies and waste what little
money America has.  While smart people will not buy their lies.  
The reason they claim take money from our schools,
health care, defence of this nation, and from buying food and housing for Americans.  Instead they use it for vacations to
the Bahamas, throw elaborate parties, buy call girls or men, and other luxuries that we can no longer afford.
"November 11, 2009"

"Evangelist Tony Almo found guilty by corrupt Judge, corrupt Police Chief, and lying
women looking to steal his hard earned money."
Evangelist Tony Almo is innocent.   He is a good and Godly man  who lived by the principals of God.  He did good and made
lots of money.  He was framed and set up by those that wanted to steal his hard earned money.  The Judge, Police Chief, and all
five of these lying women have all received my most popular curses for screwing with a innocent man of God.

But on the other hand Tony Almo lived by Godly principals.  Using them for ungodly financial gain.  As I said he lived by Godly
principals, but not by God.   Even when this trail started he still was convinced he was right to follow biblical principals, while
continuing to ignore God and the first commandment.  He did not put God first.  He put money and wants first.  So God has given
the power to satan to destroy all so called Christian Ministers and Christians who CLAIM TO FOLLOW GOD, AND do not follow
God and do the 5 things as outlined on the
"What God Wants of You" web page.  Just like God employed Adolf Hitler to
kill all the money hungry and self serving Jewish in WWII for their disobedience, he is giving the power to those
that want to destroy Christianity, the power to do it.  
This is world wide.  God is mad at his people for not putting him first,
and being disobedient to his commands.  They put money, jobs, children, family and a host of other Godless things first.  But not

"December 1, 2009"
"Godless  Government Predict a "Global Warming" Warm Winter!"

Godless people say their is no God, and God has no say in the weather.  Well I say he does have a say and God says he does
too.   I say God will show those lying Global Warming Godless people, who predict a Global Warming mild winter this  year, that
they are wrong.  He will bring a bitter and cold winter to the U.S.  
"December 10, 2009"
Prophet Ken Kluk Delivers on his promise and is right again!
By the 10th of December two Major winter storms have hit the U.S.  The first monster covered 2/3 of the U.S. and delivered snow
from the top of the country all the way to New Orleans.  Delivering 4 inches to New Orleans and more then 20 inches to Flagstaff,
Arizona.  Which is more then 4 times the national record set their in 1956 of 5 inches.  Along with over a foot, TO OVER 4 FEET,
of snow delivered to many parts of the country, the storm brought  in winds of 50 mph to the unheard force of over 100 mph.  
With winds chills of lower then -40 degrees in some areas.    

"Then God performed a miracle."

When this storm got to the metro Detroit part where I live.  THE most Black Hearted and evil area in the country.   He
made the snow stop (only a wisp of snow floated in) and left the bitter cold, blistery winds, and misery.  So God
made sure Black Hearted Metro got the suffering without the beautiful snow.  
He started the snow again on the other
side of us.  Bringing at least, a foot of snow, to New York and much of the country.

This storm is followed by another one of bitterly cold air and high winds.  Again covering most of the U.S.

HUNGER,  WITH DEATH,  AND THE BEAST"  don't you understand?   Why do you act so stupid as to expect
the crops, resources, food, property (like clothes, furniture, housing), and people.  
He uses the weather,
sickness, and  people who are so screwed up that they will do any stupid thing to help bring misery,
sickness, and suffering to all corners of the earth.
So quit your crying and complaining about the jobs, weather, being sick and tired, and Because
you don't do one freaking thing for God except be assholes.
problems and misery (as I stated above), then ever before, to all the earth.  I
promise this, that God will bring worse weather then ever before, and more
As people continue to flaunt their shit before3 him.  The only way to reverse
this is to start doing the respectful things that God request, as listed on my
web site.
"December 25, 2009"
Another of Prophet Ken Predictions come true!

"God Gave Metro-Detroit A "BLACK AND EMPTY CHRISTMAS" instead of A Beautiful
and enjoyable White Christmas!"
Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas got their first white christmas in 80 years, AND SO DID THE FLORIDA KEYS, but Metro
Detroit did not have a white Christmas.
 It is your free will to not believe me, and choose to suffer and be miserable.  So
what is worse then a cold, windy, and rainy Christmas, that melts away all the snow?  Well I guess the cancer, or diabetes,
or swine flu,
or eye problems, and other sicknesses, that God gives you to make you suffer, as your disobedience makes
him suffer in misery and sadness.  As God's Prophet, God lets me help people with their sickness and suffering.  Only I can
take away what God has done to you.  Why?  To show you that you can be spared the misery and set free of it and
because I want to help people!  I do not want to see people suffer.  
PRETTY GOOD! HUH!  He let you have snow right up to Christmas Day.  Got you thinking you could prove me and him
today, while you sat around and got fatter.   Making sure by Christmas dinner, all you had to look at, was your
black and dirty city.  I BET YOU THINK DON'T I AM PRETTY WITTY.  But this, most likely, makes you feel pretty
"December 25, 2009"
A Third Major Storm Hits The U.S.
Another Major Snow Storm hits the U.S.  The Storm Cloud is so big that it stretches over 2/3 of the U.S. and has hit almost
every state of mainland U.S. with high winds, bitter cold, snow, and freezing rain.  The storm is so big that British
Newspapers are describing it as
HUMONGOUS.  (Ha, Ha, And this is what scientist are calling Global Warming.  There is
nothing Hot in freezing cold.  Cold is Cold, no matter now screwed up you are!  They got to be
NUTS!)   Again on
December 1, 2009, I predicted
GOD HAS IN STORE, a very rough and harsh winter for the U.S.
"January 5, 2010"
"God Performs Another Miracle" And brings A Spring Shower to
The temperature outside was 25 degree Fahrenheit in Metro-Detroit and God brought a Spring Shower.  You know real
fine small drops.  The kind that should never fallen from the clouds.  Because with the wind current they are to light to make
it down and should have frozen before they made it down.  But they did not even freeze in the 25 degree weather.  
And yet
 And while the great white north gets rain the typically warmer south gets winter weather, the temperature was in
the 20's F in the Florida Panhandle AND 12 DEGREES IN TENN.  Below O degree's  F in St. Louis, Vermont got 33" snow,
and New York State 55" snow IN 9 DAYS.  What do we get while everywhere else the weather is terrible?
"A spring shower!"
Major Snow Storm after Major Snow Storm, after Major Snow Storm  wreaks this nation and the rest of the
nation with his fury!  And brings disaster after disaster.  "Because I live here!"  That is right while he
wreaks the nation and the world all around us,  he spares me.  
Because he Loves me and you guys are
just damn lucky that you get a free ride!  
You see the black hearted people of Metro-Detroit have made
"Feburary  26, 2010"
"Northeast coast U.S. Says "Screw You" to God!"     
God Says, "Screw You" to Northeast coast U.S."God hits them with the worse winter of
modern times!"
They are anti-God and enact unGodly laws against God and his people.  Driving them out and telling them they
are not welcome.  Forceing Churches to close down.   Fine, they have free will to do that.  You feel good about what you
have done, and are doing against God and his people.  
So God sent you a winter that will make you feel the
misery you should feel.
 Four storms, one after another and more, acts from God, to come.  So keep laughing on the
outside, while crying on the inside.  God will not let up.  He will make you suffer as you have made him and his people
suffer.  "
You want to be anti-God, then God will be anti-you."  So you can disobey God and his laws, all you want,
and according to Eph:5:6, he will make you pay for it.  
Yes, you can disobey God, but he will make you pay for it!
"March 14, 2010"

"Precious Memories"
It is always nice to think back and remember good memories, and special, loving, and important, things and times, in
our lives.  Many people keep important letters, photos, movies, gifts, heirlooms, and other touching articles.   Because
many times memories of the good times help us through the bad times.  
God knows this!

"Many people laugh at God and me, because we say God has had enough!"

They think it is funny that I predict all these acts of God, that you call natural disasters.  They say, "So what if God
killed off a few hundred thousand people.  That ain't nothing.  I am still not afraid of him or what he says he
can do to me.  I am still alive and he can't or, HE won't, kill me!"

The truth is that this kind of talk makes God feel bad, sad, and miserable.  People running around saying that people
lead by God, like Christopher Columbus, Richard The Lion Hearted, and others, were evil and did awful things.  When
they did mighty and marvelous things for God.   Even going so far as to say God had nothing to do with making man,
and man came from an animal.

The truth is not that man evolved from an animal.  No, it is that man/woman evolved into an animal called "The
Now the man-animal, the ass, has evolved into two types, and each one is distinctively different.  The first one
"The Jack-Ass, is the most common. The Jack-Ass tends to kick and buck at everything you tell it.  They
tend to congregate around
Houses of Worship and other popular gathering places.  But the species is being killed off
by the second breed called,
"The Ass-Hole."

The Ass-Hole's characteristics are very distinctive.  
Everywhere it goes it shits, and it shits on everything and
everyone.  It covers everything and everyone with it's evil shit.   And it's shit stinks to high heaven and it makes people
feel bad.  This breed has multiplied so much, that
the whole world is just full of shit.  And people are living in and
smelling shit all the time.  Not to mention being shit on.  Many people think
being full of shit, and living in shit is
normal life.  And so they will live and die in shit.

So the truth is that God is not bringing disasters to kill us.  Granted sometimes he brings a disaster to strike an real evil
area and kill a group of people.  Mostly he wants us to live and suffer, as people make him suffer.   So he is striking at
peoples empty hearts and destroying the things that make them feel good.  When he burns down a house or destroys
it,  people move on and get another house.  When he floods a house people clean it up and move on.  With one
They feel miserable!  Not only because their house got messed up, but mostly because all those
precious memories are gone.  The babies first picture.  Grandma's lamp.  A gift from a loved one.  All
Important letters and papers, photos, movies, gifts, heirlooms, and other touching articles.   All taken
away by God.   And all these precious things are replaced by cheap, low quality crap.  That mean nothing.   Made with
tonic materials, hazardous material, low quality material, and most of all

Why would God do this?


Oh yea, he does not want people to feel good about the past and forget about the miserable conditions YOU
and live in today.   Also because he wants the disobedient people of the world to suffer even more before
they go through the 7 years of Tribulations.  Which is when you will suffer MORE THEN YOU THINK.

"8 Ferocious storms on the northeast coast (New England) and
God ain't done with you yet."
Record snow.  Record Flooding.  Record damage.  Record misery.  And the good people (or should I say, "The Good
only thing that keeps them from murdering one me and sure as hell don't do one damn thing for me."  
"Here's some help.  Some hell on earth before I send you to the eternal hell."  

I guess you can drown your sorrows (Ha,Ha, You can even say God is raining his blessing on you.  Ha, Ha) in your
maple syrup run.  Which God will NOT BLESS YOU WITH. Their is nothing sweet about your ungodliness.  God knows
how hungry you are for his blessings, and seeing as how you want to live like a saint, God is sending you a bumper
crop of grasshoppers to eat out in the wilderness (Now that God has ruined your homes.).  Where God has putt you.   
Just like
"John the Baptist."  And you all can wander around proclaiming the coming of Jesus.  As you know he is
(Conveniently leaving out the part that Jesus is coming to send you to hell.)
"APRIL 20, 2010!"

"Today The Destruction Of The U.S.,
By The Hand Of God, Begins!"

This is the beginning of the U.S. being destroyed, by God, as the countdown to the end begins.  God will bring so many
The destruction of the oil well in the Gulf coast and the poisoning of the U.S. shoreline is the start.  Declamation of the U.S.
flooding.  Major cold, terrible winters, and major snow.  Mixed in with earthquakes and those that listen to God and are
stupid enough to cut their own throat (or America's throat).  And of course America's own enemies will be encouraged to
strike hard.   America was founded by many Godly people that honored God and were obedient to him, and God blessed
this country above all others.  

No longer do the people obey God, and God no longer will bless this country.  The people arte lazy, sloths (who won't take
the time to pray to God for at least 15 minutes a day), sinners,
indulging in their prideful and LEGAL SINS.  No longer
do God's people in America listen to him and no longer will they get away with their blasphemous lives.   You think you are
tough and can handle it.  God will give you far more then you can handle and far more after that.   
America don't need
to listen to God, so God don't need you.

He will destroy this country like Sodom and Gomorrah and the people will cry, upon deaf ears, until they die.  Not in one
hundred year, nor in 20 years, nor in 10 years, but within two years God's anger will touch every person living here.  
only I have the power to stop this.
 But if you would change your heart and start doing the five things as listed on my
web site, you could help calm God's anger.  
Click here to please God!
"May 4, 2010!"

"Why God Sent Floods To
The people from Tennessee claim they don't understand why God is doing this to them.  They claim they are doing nothing
wrong."  That is the problem!  They are dong nothing for God.  You disobey God, and obey your parents, you minister, or

14 year old Anna Booth, daughter of Tracy Booth, from the Tennessee area (SO THEY SAY)  (With a Michigan phone
number of 269-953-01.
) called me.  She wanted to tell me that I am wrong to believe that my God flooded the earth and killed
everyone but Noah and his family.  She goes on to tell me that God did not curse the Egyptians for coming against his
people.  She says God did not make them sick and give them boils, and God did not KILL THEIR FIRST BORN SON'S.  She is
so f....d up she believes satan did all this.  

She also does not believe that satan talked Adam and Eve into disobeying God and eating the fruit of the sacred tree, that
God told them not to, and God did not make them suffer for it.    She says God does not punish people.  She does not believe
God punished(cursed) Adam and Eve, and took away everything they had.  Their home, their food, their livelihood, and left
them out in the cold to suffer in misery, for their disobedience.  She is so screwed up that she does not believe that the
Garden on Eden was their home until
God took it away from them.  She also does not believe that she is the new
cursed Anna and only I can remove the curses from her.  So say hi to the new cursed Anna and her friend

In a A.P. news article dated May 4, 2010, a women names Lisa Blackman,  let loose with her biblical wisdom and a .  She
stated, "I know God doesn't give us more then we can take."  I state this,
"Why in the hell would God want to make you
suffer?"   Where in the freaking bible does it say that satan controls the weather.  They are called "acts of God"
not "acts of satan".  And Ms. Dumb-ass Blackman the bible CLEARLY STATES THAT GOD WILL NEVER GIVE YOU MORE
WORK THEN YOU CAN HANDLE.  Which means that he would never ask you to do more for him then you could possible do.  
He makes you suffer for your shit.  He makes you suffer because GOD IS UNHAPPY WITH YOU!  
He makes you suffer
because you have been disobedient, to him, and need to repent (Look it up.).
 Most of all he makes you suffer
because you are going to hell and he wants to get you used to suffering.
"May 10, 2010"

"Record Tornado Outbreak In
Written in a A.P. News article dated May 10, 2010.  It states that 310 tornado's have been confirmed to have hit the U.S. so far
or for those that refuse to serve and fight for him.

So work your job, raise your family, and screw yourself, or your dog, or your f...ed-up f same sex
partner/perverted/degeneret/piece of human garbage, miserable user, like the other assholes.  Live your life of no meaning
and worthlessness.  Then die and go to hell for wasting your life of nothingness.

Oh yea, some fool, by the name of Jamie Keyes, said in a recent news article,
"When the tornado hit we prayed
and prayed to God to save us."   
These people are so selfish and blind.   Just like the news people, they
conveniently forget about the tons of people who pray to God to spare them and are DEAD.  God did not spare you,
"he just
 He will get you next time if you don't change your ways.

Yes, I know the world teaches, your lazy ass, that doing nothing for God is OK.  Just sit in a building (YOU CALL IT A
HOUSE OF WORSHIP, BUT IT IS JUST A BUILDING FULL OF SINNERS)  for 1 to 8 hours a week and you will be OK.    No
need to actually take time out of your day to pray, confess your sins, and seek forgiveness and atonement.  
You think that
because your ancestors murdered Jesus
, God don't give one f... about your sins.  As long as you feel good about
yourself, and getting rid of and murdering God's son.

Well God does not agree with the satanically controlled world or you.  He is cursing you with disaster after disaster.  He is
cursing (Eph 5:6) you with misery, bad marriages, sickness, disobedient kids,  painful death, and letting you watch as he
destroys the things you love more then him.
June 6, 2010"

God Blesses Americans with over 50 tornado's in
weekend storms in U.S.
You know what God says, "You are going to Burn!  Burn!  Burn!  
 Because of your continual disobedience, lack of prayers,
the people in this country.  You don't care about God.  Well he don't
I promise this, that God will bring worse weather then ever before,  and twice as much
torrential and flooding rain storms, twice as bad cold and miserable winter weather, twice
as much scorching temperatures and drought, twice as much high winds in the many
shapes and forms, twice as much misery, and instead of two major volcanic eruptions he
will bring much misery, and instead of two major volcanic eruptions he will bring unhappy
and miserable, so he will in turn, will make them unhappy and twice as many or more.  
Because people don't care about making God I miserable too.   If you don't care about God,
then he don't have to care about you.  If you do care about God then you will do what he
wants as listed on my web site.
Don't you notice that as more people turn away from obedience to
God, and do what ever they want, the weather gets worse and worse.
"June 24, 2011"

"Newborn Curse expanded!"
The New Born curse that was put on Muslims November 8, 2007, has been expanded.

This will make it very hard for these people to reproduce, as their reproductive systems and their seeds are
now cursed.
 These curses have effected the Muslims very much, and because of these curses very few (if any) true
Muslims are born.  These unGodly people do not care about raising God's children to be Godly, so they will no longer get
children from God.

Because some women are pregnant already, you will see the biggest decline in new children after the current batch is born.  
OF course the curses will effect the pregnant women and cause problems in the fetus.  ALSO IF THE RACES/NATIONS,
"October 31, 2011"

"Why Did God Pound The North
Atlantic States Again?"
(With another storm)
Because you can force me and you can force other people to except that a Blasphemous marriage between
two homosexual  people is Godly, but God does not except it or like it.

When you homosexuals tell God he
was wrong to make you a man or he was wrong to make you a women, and he should have made you this way or that way,  
you tell God he is stupid and did not know what he is doing.   Every day that you say or show him that he should have made
you a women instead of a man, or a man instead of a women,
you continue to tell GOD THAT YOU THINK HE IS
 I would not want to be in your shoes.  How much stupider can you get then telling God that you think he is
stupid, and does not know what he is doing, every single day, and you know better then he does!
  And I know
damn well that if someone kept calling you stupid you would get sick and tired of it and tell them to go to hell.

Like what is it with you dumb-ass's.   You Homo's are too damn stupid as to see how retarded you look and sound
WHEN you claim that God made Adam and Steve, instead of Adam and Eve.  Sounds real good in your retarded and
satanic head.  You are just too stupid as to realize that Adam and Steve have no way to reproduce and would have died
out in just a few years.  And they would have become EXTINCT.  Just like the other Dinosaurs and worthless creatures did.  
And every time Adam and Steve got together to sin before God, they would just die out and become EXTINCT, just like all
the other worthless creatures that just don't get it.

And you Alice and Eve...well... you can stick it up your ass or wherever you want, too, but you will never make it

As I told you before God does not have to bless or go along with your shit.  And your race will just die out like the other
Dine-a-sores.  God did not bless the other Dine-a-sores and in fact he destroyed the environment and made
the living conditions very bad.  They suffered and suffered until they died and became extinct.

So God is bringing much suffering and misery to those states for their support of these
Dine-a-sores and because they
are not supporting a Godly marriage between one man and one women.  And also for their lack of support of good and
Godly lifestyles.  God does not bless Homosexual marriages.  He curses them and those that support them.  God will
continue to take away (The
Dine-a-sores and their supporters) joys and leave them in more and more misery.

So I ask you people, do you really want to be like someone that hates life so much that
they no longer care if they live or die?
"November 15, 2011"

"Newborn Curse Extended To Illinois!"
Seeing as how the new state law makes it legal to steal new born babies and other children, that want to be in Godly God
don't like what you are doing to Catholic Charities,  and the Godly people that dedicate their lives for the good of God and
his people.  Forcing them to sin before the eyes of God.  Jeopardizing little children and exposing them to the corrupt,
unholy, meaningless, and dead end life of homosexuals.  As I said before you can force us to live with this shit.  But God
does not have to put up with it.   
"November 27, 2011"

"Does it look, to you, like something is bugging
President Barack Obama?"
"And I know what it is that has been bugging him since 9:00pm November, 2011,
and will continue to bug him, until
Gökçe GÖKMEN is safe and sound here in
Free to do whatever she wants.
"December 15, 2011"

"Does it look like President Barack Hessein Obama is more
bugged then before?"
If you think so, you are correct.  He even looks a little down.  Watch and see how long before he loses his smile
after he gets one.  He got more bugged out on December 15, 2011.   He will continue to be bugged out, until
Gökçe GÖKMEN is safe and sound here in America."  Free to do whatever she wants.
"December 23, 2011"

"CIA Bugged Out and cursed!"
CIA received the full curses that Obama has because they have not secured the release of Gökçe
, and for the bad treatment of CIA code name "Rich".  Also because they wondered how strong or how
Also because of the hacking of my E-mail and sending out bogus E-mails in my name and the stupid shit that
you'al keep sending me.  It would be nice if I had the followers you'al  think I have.  But so far all the people that
contact me are pretty much just like you, and they mock me and God, challenge me and God, they make fun of
me and God, and attack me and my family.  So why don't you waste your time on someone more worthy of your
 I am just a nobody with opinions that maybe you don't like.

If fact, because I Love you guys (and girls) so much, I will make them a little stronger for Turkey, Iran, Obama,
and you all. Right now 12-25-11 at 6:30pm!
"God Damn Everyone!"
"December 27, 2011"

"Merry Christmas To Hessein Obama and
The Good People at The CIA!"
And to show my love, my God will share one of my new Christmas gifts with you all.  Newer and stronger then the
others!  At 8:49pm today.  
Have a  happy New Year!
"January 6, 2012"

"Gökçe GÖKMEN wants to come to America!"
And when the U.S. Government convinces the Turkish Government to stop holding her against her will, and
let her move to America, GODS SAYS the curses on the CIA, President Barack Hessein Obama and his family
can be removed.
 As long as she is able to come here.  Comes here and be free to do as she wants.  She is a legal 19
year old adult who's father and mother have taken away her Visa/Passport and Identacards against her will.  The police
anything when Turkey, a so called Ally, who tells us that all citizens have freedom, hold someone captive, when they do
anything when Turkey, a so called Ally, who tells us that all citizens have freedom, hold someone captive, when they want
to come to America?  On Sunday January 8, 2012 some of the curses will be lifted off of Turkey.  They will have 5 days to
let her go.  I suggest you work to get her free during that time.  If she is not freed during that time
God has stronger
curses to be put on Turkey, CIA,  and President Barack Hessein Obama and his family.
"January 30, 2012"

"President Hessein and the CIA disappoint and
displease God again!"
So today at 11:36 am new curses were put on the CIA and Hessein family that should make then it even harder for them
to function, make them feel more tired and have more problems sleeping, and the cursed dreams.  Harder to see clearly,
head more fogged up, more mad, angry, and crazy, harder to think/remember very well, or smile.  Never ending misery.  
Which will not end and will only get worse and worse until they get God's little girl free.   
These curses can be put on
any and all countries!  If Gökçe GÖKMEN dies, then one by one, or all at once, the whole world will receive
these curses and they will get worse and worse until God has destroyed all.  Those that help her, God
helps.   Those that hurt her God hurts!

"These curses are doing  real things that are DESTROYING YOUR BODY AND MIND, MAKING THEM
"February 2, 2012"

"Worst Winter Ever Hits U.S.!"
No winter is worse then a nice winter.  So how bad can a winter be that is nonexistent in 48 states of the U.S.?  Well it
is like having no car.  Having a lousy car is better then no car.  So having no winter is worse then a lousy winter for many
reasons.  This is the year of no winter, for a reason.  A lot of the trees plants, scrubs, bushes, and animals think spring is
here and are doing springs things.  Like buds are appearing on many trees.  Many plants are sprouting.  Many animals
are migrating and doing many things sooner that could kill them if a real winter appears.  If a winter does take place many
of the tree and plant buds will die and well, less fruit and oxygen producing leaves.  Many not so nice creatures will be
growing and reproducing during this hot winter.  Which will bring much discomfort and misery when the real spring and
summer take place.

So what will God do?  Will he do as Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog,  said would happen, and have winter
last another 6 weeks.  
This will kill many of the buds, and cause much harm to many animals, or will he do nothing when
he wants to bring as much misery as he can to this disobedient world.  I will bet on several colder and snowier days
"February 29, 2012"
"Today,  God My Father,  Removed Obama's and His
Family,s Spiritual Heart!"
So now he can really be heartless.  God ahead and try and cry.  You can't.  But you can try.  God ahead and laugh.  
You can't be happy.  But you can try  .See how long you can keep that joyeous feeling or that loving feeling.  You can't.  
Free God's little girl Gökçe GÖKMEN now.

It was removed around 1:09pm my time.
"March 7, 2012"

"As Of Today Iran, Turkey, (Obama and the CIA and their families), the City of
Dearborn, Mi, and those on my shit list, are much closer to death, because
Gokce Gokmen has not been set free and sent to me!"
Are you disobedient Godless people that I mentioned above feeling A little drained? Well God has a spiritual weapon
that he used on you called the
"Pick of Blood" and drain you is just what it does.  It was stuck in your head.  What it does is
suck the blood out of a person until it is completely gone AND THEY ARE DEAD.
(You  now LOOK LIKE the living and walking
dead....Sounds like a great movie.  You all being ghostly white and all.)
 It was jammed into the top of the head of all that I
mentioned.  When I get a chance I will expand the curses and suffering to all Muslim women.  For holding God's little girl and
making her suffer.  
All you get is misery, suffering, sickness, and sooner then you think, death!   Gokce's and my God is
running out of patience.
And for all you people that have very little medical knowledge, the first thing that will happen is when the blood is sucked
out of your body, is your body will replace it with basically water.  Your will become more and more rosy because of this.  You
probably see this in your face.  Also you will see more and puffiness in your face.   Then as time goes by other parts of your body
will puff up.  Your body will also progress into a ghostly white state.  As this gets worse you will suffer a massive heart attack and
most likely die from this or you will die from the next massive heart attack.

Of course the diluted blood will lead to deficiencies in many other areas of your body, and many more health
How this works is, I got like this little spiritual disk, and I throw it at their head.  When it hits them in the head it smacks them silly.   
And they just stay that way and the longer they continue to defy God and me the stronger it gets.

Also used it on the Nation's of Turkey and Iran for holding Gokce Gokmen prisoner.
"September 18, 2012"

"New Curse (Retard Curse) on Muslims and CIA for
their shit against God's people!"
"This Winter will be the worst then last year's, World Wide!"  

God will bring much more misery your way.  In many forms.  He will make many people in this world suffer with
much more pain, misery, loneliness, alienation, hunger, loss, death, destruction of property  and the
general degeneration and deterioration of mankind!
 As the disrespectful people make him suffer and make him
sad.   You believe you don't have to listen to or be obedient to him.  You say,
"There is no God.  I am not afraid of
 You claim he did not create this world and he is not destroying it.  Ha!  

Well you can believe what ever you want.   But it is God's world, and if you don't like it then you
can "go to hell".
 And all God has for you is misery,  suffering, then after 7 years of this,
So enjoy yourselves while he lets satan ruin your lives.    
Because you don't have to like him,
and he don't have to like you.  So if your dumb-ass had any brains you would be afraid of him and
repent of your sins.

Prepare for the worst!
"October 10, 2012"

"God Says He Will Bring "The Biggest Disaster Ever" upon the U.S.!"
"October 31, 2012"

"God Keeps His Promise To Prophet Ken!"
Immediately after telling Prophet Ken that he will make the people of the U.S. suffer for their disobedience to him, God started
forming the largest hurricane to ever hit the U.S.!  That hurricane hit New York, New Jersey and the surrounding area on
October 29.  It was 1100 miles big and reached all the way to Wisconsin and Chicago, and up into Canada.  Total cost of
around $1.3 Trillion
wasted and lost goods, material, destroyed property (like trees, lawns) and land, WASTED AND
LOST TIME, wasted and lost work, lost income, closed business's, AND DESTRUCTION.
 Record 8.5 million homes with
out power.
 Even before this happened (my) God hit the west coast with a very early winter storm.
Yes, it is God's problem if he don't like it that you have little to no time for him.  But if you will not tithe of your money
and time, in obedience to the few things he ask of you, then he will continue to find more things for you to waste your time and
money on.  He will continue to do this until you have no more life left.
 (Sickness, problem children, marriage problems,  
work problems, war and fighting are great things he can give you to waste your time and money on.)
God cannot believe that the United States Federal Government would use it's power to help a Godless blind Charlie Chan.  A
chosen one.  His "daughter of light" is not being helped.  Gökçe GÖKMEN IS LOCKED UP UNDER HOUSE ARREST very
stupid, and the following groups in the U.S. will have to live with the same curses that the Nation of Turkey has, until she is
released.  Well not exactly the same.  The people of the U.S. will not be cursed, like the people of Turkey are, unless they work for
the U.S. government.
 ON MAY 29, 2012 THE CURSES WERE put on all of Obama's Federal Employees in America,  The
White House, The Senate, Congress, Federal Courts...etc, all Military Personnel, all Police personnel (CIA), all
public/private utilities personnel, all refinery and sea oil production, and all U.S. Federal employees everywhere else
in this world, except where I live.
 The people in my area have been actually doing a pretty good job.


"This Winter will be the worst then last year's, World Wide!"  

God will bring much more misery your way.  In many forms.  He will make many people in this world suffer with
much more pain, misery, loneliness, alienation, hunger, loss, death, destruction of property  and the
general degeneration and deterioration of mankind!
 As the disrespectful people make him suffer and make him
sad.   Because you don't listen to or be obedient to him.  You say,
"There is no God.  I am not afraid of him."  You
claim he did not create this world and he is not destroying it.

Well you can believe what ever you want.   But it is God's world, and if you don't like it then you
can "go to hell".
 And all God has for you is misery,  suffering, then after 7 years of this,
So enjoy yourselves while he lets satan ruin your lives.   
 Because you don't have to like him, and he
don't have to like you.  So if your dumb-ass had any brains you would be afraid of him and repent of your sins.

Prepare for the worst!
I promise this, that God will bring worse weather then ever before,  and much more
torrential and flooding rain storms,  extreme cold and miserable winter weather,  much
more scorching temperatures and drought, much more high winds, and in the many
shapes and forms, many more major earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, much more
misery and unhappiness.  Because people don't care about making God I miserable.   If
you don't care about God, then he don't have to care about you.  If you do care about God
then you will do what he wants as listed on my web site.
Don't you notice that as more people turn away from obedience to
God, and do what ever they want, the weather gets worse and worse.
"April 16, 2013"

"U.S. Cursed Today!"
Dec 3, 2007.  The U.S. Weather Bureau Challenged God, in October of 2007, 2008, 2009,
2010.  2011?  
God gave us the signs, and the word, that it will be a hash and rough winter in the U.S.  The Farmers Almanac agreed.
The Weather Bureau wants to push humanism, secularism, and that man is right and God does not exist.  They say it will be a mild winter.  
They based this on men that hate God and want you to think he is dead, and believe the Global warming bull.
 God made the winter of
2007/2008 the roughest winter ever.  He then made the winter of 2008/2009 an even rougher winter.  Winter 2009/2010
by 12-10-09 had one of the coldest, roughest, and largest winter storms to ever hit the U.S..  One massive storm
cloud stretching over 2/3 of the country, at one time.  Winter of 2010 to 2011 was the worst ever!  Record snowiest
days, record windiest days, record coldest days, record rainiest days, record flooding, record # of wicked days, and
the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  And you ain't seen nothing yet!  
God will bring more misery and suffering you way.  
I guarantee 2014-2015 will be worse then you ever dreamed possible.
"Prophet Ken's Weather Predictions from Monday 11-2-15 till...etc."

As the end of this world draws near, God will bring some very freaky weather.  You can pray to your dead Gods and
into thin air, in any stupid way or manner you want, but none can help you or save you or help you, but the Son of God.

Contact Prophet Ken if you do not want to die, and be spared God's wrath.
The Liberals and The George Soro's choose to take control of the U.S. for satan.  Destroying and
running the country into the ground.  Millions of U.S. people have turned to satan and disrespect God
and his Prophet  Ken Kluk.  A huge decline of GODLINESS THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY.  This
makes God unhappy with America.  America has received many curses that effect our health and life.  
Causing more misery and destruction, with much more to come.  God is no longer here as much as you
used to be, and has chosen to support President Putin and Russia much more now.  Many more
Russian people chose to praise and serve God with each passing day.  While many more U.S. people
chose to follow satan and disobey God.  America will fall without God's and President Donald Trump's