If you read in Ephesians Ch. 5 vs.19 you will see that it says we are commanded to sing
in "Spiritual Songs" to God.  That is the way God commands us to pray to him.

That is the strongest prayer you can do. It is the prayer of the Angels.  Angels Love to sing.  It will
increase your spiritual strength 10 fold more, and give you the strength to hold Satan at bay.
At the highest level your prayer strength is 2000 times stronger then the lowest level.  Now you
are getting ready to make real things happen with your prayers.

Prayer is like a battle.  In a battle you stand a greater chance of losing if you try to fight 50
people at one time.  So in prayer if you want to win don't pray for 50 things at one time.  Pray for
one thing and put a certain amount of prayer time toward that one thing.  But respect God and tell
him with your mouth where you want that prayer put.  A minimum of 5 minutes
"Choose your strongest
prayer weapon."
Are you going to fight the war with a pea shooter or a bazooka.  Do you want to attack the enemy with a banana peel or
a hand grenade.  When I fight the enemy I want to make sure he goes down and a banana peel is not going to take
down the hordes of Satan.  So I fight with my strongest weapon, and this is how you should pray.

Praying in your mind is the lowest level.   Because of many reasons.  The main reason is that in your mind is where you
make the decision to listen to God or to listen to Satan.  But listening is not serving.  
Making promises is not
serving.  You can make many promises to God and never do them.
 Instead you can spend you time living it up
and partying till dawn.

So empty promises, or unfulfilled promises, are just that, empty promises.  That is why they teach in the Baptist
Church that you serve God with action.  Not just the promise of action.
"Praying out loud is stronger
then thinking about it."
Because your spirit tells your mind to pray and your mind commands your mouth to submit to the
will of God.  This is your body honoring the Lord, and submitting to God, who is in your spirit.  This
level is 5 times more powerful. Now the next level is singing.
"Sing to the Lord"
This level is 4 times stronger then just talking out loud.  If you read about the Seven Kings you
would have read about the
"Seven Spirits of God" Rev: 5:6.

They are: The Spirit of God The Father, The Spirit of God The Son, The Spirit of God The
Holy Spirit, The Spirit of God of Love, The Spirit of God of Joy, The Spirit of God of
Peace, The Spirit of God of Freedom.
 Injecting the power of some of these spirits into your
prayer makes it stronger prayer.

So if you refer to the book of Corinthians Ch. 12. Paul talks about us being different parts of the
same body.  Each of us having different gifts from God.  He then talks about the order and
importance of each gift from God.

He ends the chapter with reference to a more desirable gift.  In Ch:13 he talks about the greatest
gift of all. In vs:13 he says,

"The greatest gift is Love."

It is true, Love should be, and has to be, the bases of all our gifts.  God is Love and Love is from
God. Love is the predecessor of two even stronger gifts.  The first one is JOY.
"Joy is greater then Love!"
You can not be joyous without Love.  You can have Love and not be joyous.  In fact you can be
down right miserable and unhappy.  So you start with Love and work your way up to joy.

Love also is the foundation for all the gifts, but joy is stronger then Love. In fact

"JOY is our strength to fight Satan."
God's Joy keeps away Satan's fear.
Fear is Satan's strength. Joy is our strength.

So Love is the bases of our faith, but joy is our strength to fight for God and protect ourselves.
Remember Satan wants to rob us of our Joy and replace it with his evil(fear), and fear motivated
evil traits/(spirits)/(demons).  If you want to do better then joy, then experience God's true
PEACE.  Not many people do.  Peace is the highest level you can reach.  First you must have
Love, then Joy, then you can build up to Peace.
"Peace is like being invincible."
So, back to the Power of Prayer.  Joy is the power you inject into your prayer when you sing.  (If
you sing anything less then joyous songs, then you need some help to get out of the dumps.)
"The next higher level of prayer
is Spiritual tongues."
This is 10 times stronger then singing.

Read 1 Corinthians Ch. 15  vs. 44 to 49.  Paul explains that every person on earth has a
spiritual body in them sent down from God up above.
 It does not say spot or dot,  but a
whole body.  This is the body that connects us to God and the spiritual world of God.  With out
this we would have no way to communicate with God.  

At all lower levels your prayers strengthen the spirits and God's angels in the fight against
Satan.  At this level it changes.  When you pray in the spiritual language of God and the Angels,
your spirit joins in the battle against Satan and his Demons.  Your spirit under your command
fights the battle in the spirit world alongside God's angels.  In fact strong spiritual leaders can
have their spirit take on a demon and send it back into the pits of hell.  When you pray for other
people your spirit goes and ministers to their spirit.  When you pray for yourself, your spirit goes
to heaven and dances in the palm of God's hand.  Baths in his radiance.

Now you take this and add joy. That is right,
"Sing in spiritual tongues."
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