U.S. And Europe's One World Government
On 10-10-08 the  U.S. and Europe started the one world government,
as commanded by God.  The banking laws enacted recently in the U.S.
and Europe give the governments the power to run all the major banks
and tell them what to do, and the banks will have to listen.  This means
that the government now controls 80% of all banking.  It also gives the
government the power, which they will use, to set the banks up as they
want.  This will be based on what groups of people they favor, and
what groups they despise. So the government will systematically
destroy and ruin every professed Christian and Jewish person
financially. (Not under President Bush.)  Not only that, it also means
that when government officials, like the Mayor or Police Chief, tell you
to do something illegal, crooked and evil, that is blasphemy and sin in
the sight of the Lord, they can really screw you if you refuse.

Everyone should know by now that in most cities of this nation once
you are financially ruined and lose your home, you are left to die in the
street.   Of course you are not allowed in any so called decent
neighborhoods.  Because they are outstanding, self righteous, selfish,
pricks who do not want to deal with helping someone in need.  So they
demand that the city remove all the needy from their sight.  They have
enacted laws making it a crime to be homeless in their city.   So the
homeless have to go to the most undesired cities and a couple of
compassionate cities to die.   When you do die they haul your carcass
off to the morgue, roast your body to ashes and toss it into the trash.  
And no one even knows you have died.   Because usually by time they
pick up your body, it has been stripped and you have no I.D.  So you
are identified as one of a million John or Jane Doe's.  This has already
been done to thousands if not millions of people in this country.

The governments will have full financial control of every one that uses
these banks.  They can and will serve their own special interest.  That
means put the money where they want or take it from where they
want.  That means everyone and anyone, who someone in the
government despises, or stands up for the truth (God's Truth) can and
will receive a notice in the mail that your mortgage is several months
over due and you are being evicted.  Even though you paid it, they
have no record of it.  OR all your saving has been withdrawn and you
are now broke.  With no money for food or other necessities.  This is
real and what will happen.  One by one you will become a slave to the
government (forced to do what they want) or starve to death in the
street.  Because it is God's will that you pay for your disobedience.  
Don't think that just because you say you do not believe in God you
will escape this.   

The answer is that God has created this financial meltdown.  As
I predicted.  Because not one person will not fight for him now when
you still can, or pray (actively) to him for at least 15 minutes a day,
Christians or Jewish.   As he commands.  The Lord God almighty has
cursed and brought sufferings to all Christians, Jewish, and the world
because of this.  The real question is will God's people repent or will
they perish with this world?  At this point they choose to mock me and
plot to destroy God's Chosen One, Prophet Ken Kluk.  To lock him up,
or kill him.

Just as God's people, pumped up with self righteousness and
indigenousness, did to Joseph, the son of Jacob.  Genesis 37:24.
"Joseph's brothers threw him into a pit to leave him to die." And
Genesis 37:28.  "Joseph's brothers sold him into slavery."  Genesis
39:20.  "Joseph's master put him in prison."  So God came against all
that did these things to his Chosen One.  And he gave Joseph the
authority to judge all.  Genesis 41:40 "The Pharaoh put Joseph over
all the people of Egypt including God's disobedient people."  Then
God brought 7 years of misery and famine to the earth.  And during
that time he had the government take away everything they owned.  
Then they were forced to become prisoners, or a life of servitude
(slaves) to society or die.  Genesis 47:21 "And the Hebrew people
agreed to a life of servitude."  He did this to his disobedient people
then.  Just like he is doing now.  Back then Egypt was the one ruling
world government.  With all the other governments working with it or
controlled by it.

Face it with each passing day more and more Christians and Jewish
are considered terrorist and/or enemies of the state or world.   And it is
God that is pushing them to do this to you, for your disobedience and
arrogance.  As God promised.  Satan's people will be given authority
over God's people and they will suffer for 7 (Tribulation) years.  This is
after the 3 1/2 years, from June 19, 2008, while I see if anyone is worth
saving from this.   Those that prove their worth will be blessed, and
those that don't will lose the things they have chosen over God.  This
includes everyone.    And everyone has received curses and
sufferings from God already and you will get plenty more if you
continue to defy him.  Only those that repent now and start doing the
things God commands as explained on this web site, will the power be
given to fight this and earn your salvation.  Philippians 2:12  "You must
work out your own salvation with God.    
Written 10-14-08.

On 10-16-08  U.S. Government leaders and European leaders
announce that they are meeting to work on the fine points for
controlling the American and European  financial markets.

Can this be stopped?  Yes.  Do I know how?  Yes.  Do you want to be
the one in control or one of the ones under control?  Well I can help
you with that.  Don't forget all the curses put on you and YOUR
PEOPLE can be removed.  Also more curses can be put on your
enemy, their land, their resources, their crops, their finances, their
health, and of course their country.   So if you want to be the ruling
party then you will need the help of The Lord God Almighty, and only
through me will you get God The Father's help.
Updated 10-17-08