'God cursed The City of Dearborn, Michigan, and former Dearborn Police Chief Celeski and former Mayor Guido are
"I offered to help the City of Dearborn, and the leaders choose to curse me, and
ruin my life, instead of embracing me.   God has cursed and will continue to
curse this city, and encourage low lives to move in.  God also has given
al-Qaida the power to take over this God Forsaken City. "
And God also cursed the city of Dearborn, the people, the business's, and
all who come to it.
 And they shall live with more misery, unhappiness and
sufferings.  Each day the curses and sufferings grow worse.  
DEARBORN is the Murder Capital for killing God's Children.
God has cursed the Dearborn Public School District in Michigan.  Killed Deceased Mayor Guido,
Police Commander Dale Bernock, five Police officers and several others.
Also deceased and cursed Dearborn Mayor Michael Guido was informed by me that he would
be dead in two days if he didn't investigate, and stop, this harassment against my church.  He
didn't, and God killed him, through the cancer he gave him.  Which he had for nine months.   
And because he was defiant to the end he has brought curses on his family.  Which his wife
Kari Guido contacted the Police department about, and they interrogated me for two days to
get me to remove them.  Which I did not. Dearborn Police Chief Michael Celeski has one year
from 12-3-06 to get out or God will take him out like he took out Guido.   Also killed by God
are " Alias" Officer Price who was really Stephen G. Yakimvich, and Police Officer Donald
Wend for their involvement with the harassment against me and this church.
From now on both the Court and the Police station will experience obnoxious smells,  and
more headaches.  They shall be plagued with equipment problems also,(from the smallest
paper cut, caused by a piece of paper that failed to operate properly, to someone crashing
a car into the Police station gate). The Police were informed of the latest Plague/Curse
(Curse of the Firstborn) on 1-5-07. The rate will be 8 a week.  All court staff is included
too.  Their families and their families family.  Including last and next two generations.
"August 10, 2007"
Since God's Sacrificial Lamb stood up for God and was condemned, tormented and
ridiculed for his beliefs in the "Real God"
of all the earth, by the City of Dearborn, The
Police, and their courts, (Because they are evil enough and stupid enough to cause the
destruction of  mankind.)
  God said, "You have suffered for me my son and now the world
shall feel the pain they have given you.  I will make them suffer for every bit of pain they
bring your way."
The Seven Seals were opened on October 1, 2004.  Since then natural disasters in this
world have roughly doubled.  They have increased from an average of 200 a year to an
average of 400 a year.  Also the number of people effected just by floods, each year, has
increased to 500 million.  That is more then 1/12 of the human race, flooded each year.
Remember the "Ice Age", that destroyed the
"Large Mammals" was just a globe cooling,  
and "The Flood" that Noah talked about was
just flooding caused by rain.
Rev:6 vs:8 says, "The power to destroy 1/4 of the world was released
on the day the "Seven Seals" were opened, and is being used."
To show how real God is!
August 15, 2007

God thwarted another dirty, illegal, and dishonest, sneaky attack by that lying "SON OF A BITCH" Dearborn
Police Chief Celeski.   Using falsified documents, he bribed (promised a favor) a judge to overlook this, and
he obtained a warrant to arrest God's Only Anointed Prophet. "Again".   He also informed other Police
departments to arrest me on sight.   Now God has doubled the curses on this city, the police force, the city
bought court, tripled the curses on Celeski, and extended the firstborn curse to all the children of
employees of the Dearborn courts and Police Department.
I will add that God feels that because the City of Dearborn feels they have so much money, that
they can spend it harassing me and my family, that they don't need any Homeland Security
Grant money.  That is a loss of around $200,000 for the city.   I wonder who they will lay off.  
Maybe the citizens of Dearborn should be allowed to vote on whether this harassment is a wise
investment!  On 3-14-07 while I was being reamed in court, God started an electrical fire in the
building, that four fire engines came out to stop.  The message has been delivered to Dearborn
Police Chief Michael Celeski, because you did not stop this shit God will make you all pay the
price.  As this crap continues you and the city will pay more and more.
And as of August 17, 2007 the destruction, loss, and
misery the people on earth will experience will be
twice as strong.  And the time span is cut in half.  
From 20 to 10 years.  As you seek to make me suffer
more and more,  you too shall suffer.

Attention: 10-30-08 Dearborn Mayor Jack O'Reilly The Lord God Almighty tells me that you have, at the most, one year from today to pay me the money God commands you and this city to, for all the harm you have done to me, ruining my career, damaging my reputation, and disrespect to God and his Holy Word as spoke by me. He will do more to you then he did to deceased Dearborn Police Chief Celeski and Dearborn Mayor Guido who also disobeyed God and refused to leave office or settle with me. God gave them painful cancer and killed them. Dearborn Police Chief Celeski and Mayor Guido said, "That God won't do anything to them." "You are crazy if you believe that God does anything." "You should be taken out of Society and locked up." They also said, "God, I will show you who God is!" This is what Celeski and Guido preached and said. Looks like they found out who God really is, and you will too. By God! Mayor Jack "Brutus" O'Reilly it is God that is coming against you because you continued to allow the Police to harass and trump up false charges against God's Only Anointed Prophet, allowing falsified Police reports and fabricated evidence. Because of this God has extended the firstborn curse to all the children of employees of the Dearborn courts and Police Department. Yes, God cursed The City of Dearborn, Michigan because the Dearborn Police murdered God's Anointed Daughter. Police Chief Celeski and his Police have angered God and now this city is no longer blessed. God now curses Dearborn instead. So you all can lie about how the curses effect you and God will continue to bring more curses upon you until you set his people free and give them back what you have taken from them. This city will continue to pay the price for not stopping the harassment against God's people by your Police. So now it is up to Mayor O'Reilly. Are you going to let these cops go through with more of their lies in court? If you do, you too will pay the same price as Guido and Celeski. God has no use of anybody that interferes with me, or does not help me. God honors his Prophet, because his Prophet honors him. He does not honor anybody above him. Stop making these false charges or God will show you more that he can do. "To read about Special Plagues/Curses just for the Dearborn Courts and Police scroll down this page." Mayor Guido and Chief Celeski of Dearborn, Mi continued to dishonor me and God's church. They continued to allow false charges against me and members of this church, by the Dearborn Police, and because of this God hastened their death. God has killed 6 Dearborn cops, or is it 8, or maybe it's 12 by now, I lost count, for unwarranted attacks against me, a minister of God, and the murder of God's Anointed Daughter. Because the city, it's Al-Kita leaders and supportive Police Officers think they are more powerful then God, God will make their life miserable. God is more powerful, and does not like how the corrupt cops act toward Prophet Ken. God has had enough of this. God gave Police Chief Celeski a year, from 12-3-06, to get the hell out or he would take him out. 12-3-07 God said he will make it so he can not work. 7-28-08 God made it so Celeski can not work, and will never harm another of God's creatures again. This is a message to the New Mayor from God..."Settle out of court and pay us to move and we will move, or be damned by the Almighty God and pay the price to him"....Also Mayor Michael Guido suffered with cancer because he let me, God's Anointed One, suffer at the hands of Dearborn's (Police). He also turned his back on God's request to Protect his Anointed One, so God has made him pay the price.

September 14, 2007
Last night I was approached by a couple of Dearborn Police Officers.   Who came over to my
house.  They were on their way to a party.   It looked to me like they had a couple of little
adolescent boys in the back of their silverish pick up truck.  For some reason these little boys
didn't move around much like they were out of it.  Maybe they tired and worn out from a long
hard daay.
.The police officers must have been a couple because they were holding hands.  One acted
submissive and one acted dominate.  One was bitching at the other, and said he was stupid,
and to shut up he don't know what he talking about.  The other one was moving around and
fidgeting a lot like (he/she?), had to go to the bathroom real bad, or wanted to get away from
the first cop.   They acted like a couple in a bad marriage.   Anyway they asked me to cure
them of their drug problem.  I said I would be glad to.  I am always glad to help.    Now they
don't have to feel so blue anymore, because feeling blue, blows.   I guess these two would
IIt is sad that the life of Dearborn's thespian Ian Simpson was lost because of God's anger with
the Police, and Mayor John "Jack" O'Reilly Jr.   Well Jack I have news for you, it is God that
has made you sick and he will be making you sicker.  Because you think you are slick and
don't give a damn about listening to him.  So you can suffer and suffer until he takes you out
too.  Even though God has Given the Dearborn Police Chief cancer.  He is still to stupid to
quit, (But he feels he is not to stupid to lie, cheat, steal, and falsify Police reports and
April 19th at 8:38am God proved I am his Only Anointed Prophet and showed everyone in the court room his angels.  Even
with that, Judge Wygonik still turned his back on God and was disobedient.  Judge Richard Wygonik said, "God has no say
here and I am not interested in what God says or shows me.  I will follow the law as I see fit, not as God sees fit."   As he
echo's the general attitude of Dearborn.  "I guess he told me."  Now he will pay the price according to the law as God sees
fit.  The two prick court Prostituters, and the three disobedient cops in the courtroom will be cursed for their
 And God will bring more woe to this troubled city.
November 23, 2007

Because of the success with the curses on the Channel 7 news team, I have decided to
extend the same curses to Dearborn Police vehicles.  And now when the they look at their
Police vehicles they shall see/feel the evil that the Dearborn Police department emits.  We
don't need those cops driving around harassing good people anymore.  And Judge Wygonik
will also be cursed to see/feel the evil of the prosecution team.
December 25, 2007

Because God has commanded that Dearborn Police Chief Celeski  leave office,
and he has refused,   (Even after God gave him cancer.)   God says he will now
kill him.
January 5, 2008

POLICE FORCE TO  ENJOY FOR ALL ETERNITY.    Including doubling the curses on the Dearborn Police
January 30, 2008

Dearborn Police Chief Celeski has encouraged other Police forces to harass me.   So the suffering curse has been
increased 200X on all Police enforcement groups in the State of Michigan.  But not to the Godly people.   And because "no
good people" should not be joining the Police Force, I have extended the suffering curse 200X to all the training facilities.  
This way they can suffer while training to be a cop.  And if they are smart they won't like the suffering and will choose
another field.
March 20, 2008

On this day the entire staff of the Dearborn Police Department and Court house,  Mayor John "Jack" O'Reilly, and city Council
now live in the darkness of The Great Depression. (Except for Judge Wygonik. Who choose to LIVE, in the truth, instead of to
DIE, in lies, on March 17, 2008.)   Also The Great Depression has been lifted off the kind older Officer in Judge Wygonik's
court and the things he requested have been done.   For his faith and belief in me.

Yes, you too can experience living in the darkness of The Great Depression.  The sweet smell of misery, unhappiness,
sadness, and of course depression.   A life of no meaning or purpose.   Knowing deep inside that God has now abandoned
you completely.  All you have left is to wait for death and to go to hell.  The Great Depression is a weapon of God.  Used on
disobedient people and people that have proven their worthlessness.   And all you have to do is F...with me.   And it is yours
for all eternity.  You want to experience God's hell fire burning at your soul and your heart. Just challenge me.

Celeski send your crooked El Kita cops to harass me.  I will make them wish they never saw a police uniform before.  
Celeski/O'Reilly take the offer my Attorneys have, by March 31, 2008 or I will extend the Great Depression to all those that
work for this city (They won't feel like doing much work for the city after that.) and all your El Kita buddies.    I will also extend it
to your spouses, children, and grandchildren.   Imagine living with all these depressed people.   Knowing you ruined their
March 31, 2008

City of Dearborn Police Chief Celeski was given the chance to settle this and end the curses of Dearborn and he decided
that he can take it.   So God has extended his Great Depression to all those that work for the City of Dearborn, all their
families, and all their children's spouses and grand kids.   He has also extended it to all supporters of the Al Kita,  all their
families, and all their children's spouses and grand kids, that live within 50 miles of me.  Enjoy!
"October 5, 2006"

You want the truth. I will give you the truth.   On October 3, 2006 I was taken away by four rouge
cops with something to prove to God, in handcuffs and locked up, again.  My dogs were taken
away and abused, by the cops.  When I got them back they were very sick and messed up.   Amber
recovered but Angelica, her puppy, has not.  They strip searched my 2006 Buick Lucerne and took
it away.  They went through my wife's Diary and tore pages out of it concerning the types of
prayers we say, who and what we pray for.  Interrogated me and tried to get me declared insane.
They locked me up, again.   But, I got to go before the judge.  The Judge foregoed the bond and
let me out .   He listened to god.
April 9, 2008

On this day the great depression now stretches from border to border.   All who live in the city are surrounded by it.  Except
for the few I interceded for.   Whether they leave the city or stay in it.  All who live elsewhere will be in it as long as they are
in it's borders.  This should be a great sales pitch for City convention's and City guest.  Maybe turn Dearborn into a Theme
Park.  I wonder what we would name it.  How about  "The Lost City!" or "City of The Damned"  " Hurry, Hurry, Come one,
come all, and see The City of The Damned."  Bring your kids for our special Kiddie Sadness night!  They could set up a
Kissing Booth, and you could pay a couple of bucks to Kiss Your Ass Good-Bye.
May 7, 2008

Evil vs. Evil
God is no dumb ass.  He can make evil people think he is satan and use them to destroy each other.  Just as God used
Chief Celeski to kill one of Al Kita strongest supporters (Officer Price), of their drug trade in Dearborn.   He now uses Judge
Somers to take out Simone Calvas.  Simone was a anti-Christian Probation Officer who wants destroy Gods people.  So she
had it in for me.  She tried to get me locked up for 90 days for walking my dog and other trumped up charges.  She was
willing to plea bargain it to 30 days.  Even after the Detective in charge of the case, Detective Tom Lance told her that they
have a very, very, very, weak case and my attorney told her she must be NUTS, she still continued to demand I be locked
up.  It was not until the Judge told her that they had to work it out, and the Detective refused to pursue the ridiculous
charges that it came to an end.

So God has used evil to get rid of evil, and got rid of her.  Now God will use her to sue the city.  God will take away more of
their money.  Seeing as how they have so much money to spend on harassing God's Only Anointed Prophet.  Just a
Prophet bozo's, not superman.
"May 7, 2008"

Today Dearborn Police and courts received new and stronger curses on
their equipment.
"May 25, 2008"

The Dearborn Police, courts, and their families, have been cursed with  "The Great Sorrow".   For their continued
support of Police Chief Celeski and his Al Kita Muslims, against me, God and his people.   Excluding, at this
point, Judge Wygonik, the kindly older court Officer, and several Officers who listened to God in my presence
"June 21, 2008"

Curses On Dearborn Judge Somers

Judge Somers routinely practices and enforces religious discrimination from his bench, against anyone of a
different religious belief then his.   He has fired court personnel because they would not conform to his beliefs.     
He has been extremely harsh on people of different faith's then his.   And he always rules against those of
different religious beliefs then his.  (When he can get away with it.)   He even made sure his own brother was
locked up.   Because his brother believed in love and God and Judge Somers wanted to prove to him that there
is no God, out there to help him.   God says he is hate filled and will do anything he has to, to keep his position
as a judge.  He matter how  wrong what he does is,  or how much he has to lie.   He is this way because he was
picked on as a kid.   And he just can't grow up.   Maybe he should not have picked his nose so much, or so deep,
in class, or been more of a caring person instead of a jealous and mean person in school, people would have
liked him more.   God says he has cursed him.  God will do everything he can to make sure he never get
reelected.  He will do everything he can to make to make him f....up and to bring many lawsuits against the city
for his  illegal rulings based upon his religious discrimination.    He wants to be stupid, then God will make him
stupider.  And he can fight against God all he wants using his super power of HATE.  Joining him will be Ron
Beggs and his (Boston Strangler) friend.  Also Mr. lying S.O.B. cop, Romanian Orthodox my ass, who will do
what ever Chief Celeski wants him to do because he wants that retirement from Celeski.  God says that you will
never get it, for his treatment of me.   You know what they say do the crime, experience God's wrath!
I have been given a new list of God hating SOB's.  Any other Dearborn cop, government official, or lanky that comes against me with your lies
and hate will automatically join Officer Wilkox and be added to this list.  They will be cursed with a life of misery, sickness, and doom.   They will all be
taken out by my God "The Living God".   For putting me away.  God will put away
Judge Somers, and he will never get out.  For attacks against
God,s people and his hatred toward the "Living God"  
Detective Ron Beggs will be cell partners with Judge Somers.  The four cops (Donald
Wilcox, Anthony Mencotti, Craig Vasileff, ...etc)
that burned me and took away my ability to drive to help those in need, with their lies, the "Living
God" will burn you and take away your ability to drive and hurt God's people.   
You are the reason God is telling Russia, N. Korea, Venezuela,
and now Pakistan, and many other nations to come against this country.
 It is the reason God is destroying this country with attacks from the
weather.  It is the reason God has told so many people to make stupid financial decisions.  
It is the reason God is filling your city with
taking care of the people God loves, the more God will destroy you, your families, your nation, and all the things you love.  
Because if you
want to destroy my God and his people, you will only succeed in destroying yourselves.
"October 19, 2008"
City of Dearborn Receives The Great Despair".

Because the City of Dearborn enjoys partying with satan and having "The Great Depression" and "The Great Sorrow" on
them, lets lively up satan's party with "The Great Despair" on the whole city and all the families of all the employees.  You
know what they say "party on".
"October 22, 2008"

Dearborn Cops Claim, "Their Innocent"

I had a couple of Dearborn cops approach me the other day and they said to me' "Why do I have to suffer, I did
nothing to you?"
 I said,  "The reason you suffer is for your continue disobedience of me and God.   We have warned
you and warned you,  but yet you continue to put satan ahead of God."  They said to me,
"We don't listen to satan."  
I said, "Oh but you do."  "When satan tells you to serve him or you will lose your job, serve him or lose your family, serve
him on he will ruin your career, serve him and you will get a promotion."   You feel because you have decided that you
must do it God understands.   Well gee, why don't you ask yourself if God understands then why is he doing these
things to you to make you miserable?  That is because God id not happy with you living in constant fear.   And using
that as an excuse to
"have to do things you know are wrong."

They then said to me, "We could kill you right now."   What is stopping us?"  I told them, "My God, your a cop and
you don't know!"  "You might as well is be the one who pulls the trigger."  "Don't you know what an accessory to the
crime is."  "Anyone who has even the most remote or so called innocent involvement in the crime is an accessory, and
is punishable to the full extent of the law."  "Whether they work to help commit the crime, help to cover it up,or just hide
it, they are still guilty."   "This includes not just cops and all legal Court personnel in Dearborn, but everyone."

I went on to explain to them what a witness to a crime is.  I said, "If you are a witness to a crime or heard about a crime
someone committed,  (Whether it be first hand knowledge, second hand knowledge,  or any knowledge at all of it.) you
must come forward with the information or you to will be found guilty of aiding and abiding, or concealing, or even being
an accomplice to the crime."

Of course the trigger man gets the harsher judgement or greater sentence, in God's Court.  Just like should happen in
your kangaroo Court.  And just like in U.S. Courts, pain and suffering is imposed on the family of the trigger man by the
judge. (Of course all the B.S. Judges say they don't mean to inflect pain and suffering on the trigger man's family.  But
they do any way.)   And all those that love the trigger man suffer with grief and misery over what he did.  Also when the
U.S. Court has the time and the inkling, every witness who concealed the crime, every accomplish who aided in the
crime, and everyone with knowledge who did not come forward, will be judge and sentenced.

Whether it be the usual, so called humane suffering.  A slow and painful sentence, that makes you miserable.  Like
being locked up for 20 years.   Or a quick death by lethal injection.  God does the same thing.
 It can be a slow and
painful death, a quick one, or both.   Like painful cancer for a year or two.  Then death.  Like former, Mayor
Guido or Chief Celeski.  Or a quick death like Dale Burnock by a heart attack or Assistant Attorney John

So the truth is, not one of you is innocent and every one of you is either the trigger man, a witness, or an accomplices
to the crimes.  That is why God is imposing his judgement on each and everyone of you.  (God can spare you if you  
repent.)  With varying degrees of misery based on your involvement.

I am fully aware that many of you pride yourselves in what you have gotten away with, over the years, and God has
done nothing to you about.  But that is untrue.  Every time you did your crime, God tried you and found you guilty.  He
then imposed a sentence on you that brought the appropriate amount of misery on you.  The sentence has and is
being carried out.  Whether he cursed your marriage or gave you aids.  So whether you have to take painful aids
injections and be kept away from performing your duties as a crooked Al-kita cop or go home and f....  yourself because
your wife rather be f....... by someone else, you are still screwed.

But be of good cheer my brothers.  Just as the death sentence in the U.S. Courts is reserved for the most hideous of  
crimes, it is also reserved for the worse crimes in God's Court.  Which explains why I announce God's curses on you, or
basically why God puts painful and miserable curses on your body(sickness) and in your life.  That is to give you a
chance to rehabilitate your self and make amends (restitution) to me and with God.  Of course God does get to point
where he sees you can not be rehabilitated.  Then he imposes the death sentence on you.

By now you should have noticed that the sentences imposed by God on those that commit a crime against me, are
much stronger then the sentences imposed on you, by God, for your crimes against other people.  Do you wonder why
that is???   Now for the good news.   Good for you because he is giving you another chance to repent.  Just realize that
you still have a lot more to lose and if you do not stop telling these lies against me and acquiescing me of crimes I did
not commit, you will lose it all.
"October 22, 2008"

"Newborn Curse On All Dearborn Employees For Their
Support of The Al-Kita"

The Newborn curse that has been put on all the Al-Kita, muslims, by the Lord God Almighty, has been extended to all
Dearborn employees, their children, grandchildren, parents, and all past and future generations, for their support,
whether willing or unwilling, of the Al-Kita.  (As explained above.)  

It goes like this.   Your seed has been cursed by God for all eternity and is now defective.   That means, if you are
lucky enough to have a new baby, they will be cursed.    For some the curse will work quickly, others it will take longer
to kill all your eggs and sperm cells.  But know this, up to 9 months from now, your last healthy baby will be born.
"JULY 28, 2008"

For his evilness and continual blasphemy, defiance, disobedience, unwarranted attacks, and trumped up
charges against Prophet Ken Kluk and God The Father, the Lord God Almighty sentenced Dearborn Police
Chief to Death by Lethal Injection.  Death was sudden, but expected, quickened (within the 5 minutes
prescribed by law) and painfully real.  Rom: 6:23 "The Wages of Sin are Death."
"October 28, 2008"
"New Curse For City of Dearborn
When God wants to make a certain part of your body sick he puts his "Kill Cloud" on it.  I will remind you that it was,
and is, God that created hell and the hellfire that reins in it.  From this day on the "Kill Cloud" has been put on the
colons of all Dearborn city employees and all volunteers at the courthouse.   It will destroy and make sick all your
colons.   You will have more colon cancer then any place in the world.   God picked this area of your body to make
sick because the city has shit on me so much.   Now you can shit on yourselves.
If you WANT THE CURSES LIFTED pay me the money I
"October 30, 2008"

"God Gived Mayor O'Reilly Up To One
Year Before He Takes Him Out Too!"
"October 31, 2008"

At  11:48AM  October 31, 2008 a Dearborn cop came by our  house.  He said he had a message from Detective
Ron Beggs.  He told me that Beggs thinks I'm full of shit, and no one believes me.  God is not going to curse
anyone's colon.  The cop also told me that they think I am crazy for believing God will do anything to anyone, and
"The Dearborn Police" are watching me.

Well Mr. Ron Beggs, God is watching you and all your buddies also.  He knows if you been bad or good.   He  also
knows that he is going to curse you, whether you I tell you or not.   So I guess I won't tell you if God put his "kill
cloud" on you, all other Dearborn city employees and all courthouse volunteers, kidneys, for this harassment.   Also
I find it hard to believe that Commander Brighton would have you send cop cars around to harass me.  Especially
since that dear little 14 years girl, that means so much to him, was run into by a car on Pelham.   Which showed him
that God can make you suffer many ways.   He can take away your loved ones with the snap of a finger.   All he has
to do is put some stupid thought in someones head that encourages them to make a disastrous mistake.
Has your health improved in the
past 6 years?   That means how
messed up is your body from
these curses!  Are you having all
the babies you want?  How is you
love life or loveless life?  On the
whole has your family relations
improved or is their more conflict
and a higher "lack of interest" in
one another?  Maybe even some
hate toward one another?   How
high is your discontentment level
or your unhappiness level with
your job, family, life or for that
matter over how you are
treated?  Are you not saddened
by the fact that Dearborn's only
claim to fame in the past few
years is that both their Mayor
and Police Chief died in office
about a year apart from each
other with crippling illnesses or
other city in this nation can claim
this.  Are you happy with all the
law suits that has been filed
against the city and certain
employees?  How about all the
cases of corruption, abuse and
mismanagement of departments
and department members in this
cursed city?  Have you noticed
that a substantial number of
businesses have folded, failed,
or just plain got the hell out of
this cursed city? Have you
noticed that a number of building
projects are incomplete,
substantial, or shoddily made
recently?   Have you noticed all
the money this city has lost
lately?   Are you really sure you
are where you thought you
would be 6 years ago or does it
seem like you have not gotten
very far in you life?  Are you
absolutely sure the curses on
this city and the employees of
this city have not caused any of
this or effected you or your
family?  Are you really that
certain that disobedience to
God's wishes or commands are
rewarded by him or that he does
punish those that do not listen
(Eph:5:6).  If you add all you
have lost in time and money
(sickness and health, family
strife, jobs, house, AND OVER
Combine that with the thousands
of other people in this city that
are also suffering because of
these curses, you would see that
it is not worth it.   That adds up
to major expenses.  Far greater
then the money it would take to
get the curses removed.  Sure
everyone puts up with the shit
until they die.  But do you want
to be part of the group that gets
more shit, crap, AND MISERY in
your life and dies sooner then
other people because you are
truly cursed?   Do  you really
think God will reward this
city for all the false charges
trumped up against me Prophet
Ken Kluk, a holy man of God,
just to show God you can get
away with it?  In another words
employees can get away with
showing God they can do what
they want, to who ever they
want, and get away with it.  
Because it is clear God is
making the people of this city
suffer for the wrongdoing of a
few.  It is also clear that you truly
are cursed with more problems
and misery in your life since
certain employees of this city
have done God and Prophet
Ken wrong.  ANd you can be
damn sure every 6 months or
sooner new curses are put on
the employees and people of
this city.  On top of the curses
already in effect.   And you can
also be sure these curses will
never stop unless you satisfy
God.   This is done by paying us
the sum as commanded by God,
and told to Judge Richard
Wygonik and City Prosaquiter
William Debias.   This small
amount is a pittance compared
to all the curses that will be lifted
from this city for payment of this
restitution, for the pain,
suffering, and damage that has
been done to Prophet Ken Kluk.
  She was
also overheard saying, "I want him dead or locked up forever!"  
 But while she is seeking revenge
against me, my God will be destroying her, her family, and everything she (loves(Which isn't much)).  For
the Lord God is with his chosen one Ken Kluk, and has sworn to destroy Ken Kluk's enemies, and
promises to be with him and help him against those that are God's people and his enemies.
These two told me they don't care what I write about them.  So I will write the Word of God, as written by God.   As always if you
want to repent of your mistakes, all will be forgiven.  I will even remove the curses if you ask me to.  But until that time this is your future.
your loved ones, with misery, suffering, and sickness until you are dead."  And that will be long before you pound me to
death.   Why would someone be so stupid as to challenge God?   He feels because he gets away with these things and hid them from
everyone, and that he can get away with anything.

The second inductee into the Motor City Big 8, is a big time adulterer.  Who covers up what he did by being a mean, heartless,
crotchety, old SOB.  Who is unfit to judge others.  No wonder lies and deceit rule in his courtroom. They rule in his own lying, deceitful
life.  He should excuse himself from these cases.  How can he be a far judge of the truth when he does not know it himself.  How can he
swear before the
"Lord God Almighty" to uphold what is good and decent, when he blasphemies him and disrespects GOD. "One
who hurts his own poor innocent wife like that should have his own head examined.  To see if a shred of decency exist
within him."  
 And still he continues to do nothing to help her with the pain and suffering he has caused her.  God says he is a very
selfish and uncaring person that he has hurt many people and does not care about it.  
He made clear that he is not afraid of God
and he doesn't care if God ruins his life and kills him.
 And so he will.  But that is not all, God will also ruin and destroy your family,
and the ones you pretend to love.  I say pretend because it is clear you have decided to be heartless instead of caring and loving.
"July 14, 2009"

"Another Dishonest Police Officer Cursed and Killed
Cpl. Theodore "Ted" Dudley of the Dearborn Hts. police  department, made a lifetime career of doing favors for other
cops.   Even when it was wrong or illegal.   So when Officer Anthony Mencotti, of the Dearborn Police Department,  gave
him my name and licence plate numbers and told him to give me a hard time, he was quite willing to do a favor for a big
shot from the Dearborn Police Department.  When he I.D.  my car, he pulled it over and did what he was asked to do.  It
was wrong and he never repented for the wrong he did me.    So God Cursed him and made him suffer.   He didn't mind
the suffering and continued to ignore God, so God killed him.  It is good to see that Dearborn Hts. Judge and the court
Prosecutor did not agree with Officer Dudley about harassing me.  They felt that even though they heard I was a
problem to the Dearborn Police Dept., that did not make it their problem.  They listened to God and were nice to my wife
and got blessed.    Amen
"December 1, 2009"
"Godless  Government Predict a "Global Warming" Warm Winter!"

Godless people say their is no God, and God has no say in the weather.  Well I say he does have a say and God says he does
"December 25, 2009"
Another of Prophet Ken Predictions come true!

"God Gave Metro-Detroit A "BLACK AND EMPTY CHRISTMAS" instead of A
Beautiful and enjoyable White Christmas!"
Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas got their first white christmas in 80 years and Metro Detroit did not have a white
windy, and rainy Christmas, that melts away all the snow?
 Well I guess the cancer, or diabetes, or swine flu, or eye
and other sicknesses, that God gives you to make you suffer, as your disobedience makes him suffer in misery
God has done to you.  Why?  To show you that you can be spared the misery and set free of it and because I want to
help!  I do not want to see people suffer.  
ANYWAY, HOW DO YOU LIKE GOD'S FAKE-OUT.  PRETTY GOOD! HUH!  He let you have snow right up to Christmas
Day.  Got you thinking you could prove me and him wrong!  Ha, well you didn't!    
"He spent the night before
all around the town, melting the snow, and raining down.   Not one creep didn't have a frown.   Making sure by
Christmas dinner, all you had to look at, was your black and dirty city.  
And what did it matter.  If God came for you
today, while you sat around and got fatter.  
 I BET YOU THINK I AM PRETTY WITTY.    But this, most likely, makes
you feel pretty shitty.
God is in Let me make clear again, and again, and again, that I do not like to see
people suffer
  charge of his own life and he decides who he supports.  (Like Germany and
Adolf Hitler)   God wants them to make the Godless ones of this world suffer.  You know you
self-righteous Christians and other so called religious groups.  Last time God told me about the
terrorist planning to blow up a nuclear device in this country, I contacted the White House when
President Bush was there, with the information as to where and when this would happen.   
They caught the terrorist.  The CIA took care of it and screwed me and God.  

Why should God help his disobedient (so they say they are Christian) people who are sitting
around waiting for Jesus to come back?  I tell you this, when Jesus comes back you'll wish he
hadn't, because he ain't coming back for good reasons.  He is coming back to strike you dead.  
For some of you, not for what you did, but for what you did not do, you worthless piece of shit.  
You are not worthy to go to heaven and are a worthless piece of useless crap.

   One thing  is to do as God wants.  Which is to do the five things listed on my "What
God Wants Of You" page.  To go to it
"Click Here."
"October 8, 2008"

to work something out or God will do to him what he did to Mayor Guido.   He refused to negotiate with me.  You do not have
to negotiate with me, but you will pay dearly if you don't.   God told him to work something out so we could be paid to leave
this God forsaken city, instead of tying to work something out, the city filed more false charges against me.  He decided the
That is what you get for aiding those that come against God's Only Anointed Prophet. Prophet Ken Kluk.  He was just as
stupid as deceased Dearborn Police Chief Celeski, who also thought he could escape God.  Did You see Celeski's face at
the funeral?  He looked pretty bad!  It was the face of someone who looked into the eyes of the Angel of Death and knew he
was wrong to  DISOBEY God, WHO really is real.  He thought he was so great God would never touch him.  Well he thought
And you all are wrong to think that one of you will escape the Angel of Death.   I am talking to all evil toward
us or are forced to be evil, you will pay the price.   Quit filing false charges against me, just pay us and we will move out of
your God forsaken city.  Me, my wife, God, and the Angel of Death.
The new curses that have put on Dearborn will turn
the city into a dead wasteland.  Just like all the other
muslim controlled countries of the middle east, and
they will bring "The Death of Dearborn" !
"February 7, 2012"
The New Curses will bring:

You have drove me out of your city with the continual attacks on me, my family, my house, and my property.  You won, and me and
God left.
 But you still won't let us go.  You continue to keep us imprisoned in you city by keeping us tied to the house we bought years
ago when we tried to save you from the muslim take over of your city.  You embraced the Shittee muslims and welcomed the take over of
your city.  Now that your you have what you want, let us go, and quit burdening us with this heavy weight.  So if you are going to drag me
down than you are going with me.

So because we are still trapped with ties to your city, and have not been allowed to move on to be with people that rather be ruled by
God instead of satan, you have been cursed with much stronger curses.  
So that you see the power of my God, the one and only

These curses will destroy everyone and kill you one by one.  As these new curses have now made everyone so weak and sickly that they
know longer can do their daily work.  This over a short period of time will turn your city into a dysfunctional wasteland.  
They started last

The results of these curses are tried and true.  People tell me that these curses makes it even harder for them to function, makes them
feel more tired and have more problems sleeping
, and cursed dreams.  Some of the problems you will notice, with your eyes, are
blurrier and weaker vision.   Senses are suffering and not as sharp as they were.   Head more fogged up, more mad, angry, and crazy,
harder to think/remember very well, or smile.   Never ending misery.  Everybody either loses weight and gets unhealthy skinny, (Because
your body is breaking down and is unhealthy.  Like a cancer victim.) or they get unhealthy fat .  
This will go on until you fade to
nothing and are so sickly that you just die.
 Also everyone will not get sick in the same areas of their body.  (AND I AM AWARE

sold for a price I like, and all ties to your city have been severed, I will put more and stronger curses on your city and it's
 If you live in Dearborn or work for Dearborn I HOLD YOU RESPONSIBLE.  Whether you like it or not, you will suffer

Remember this, the power of the 4th seal is within me and when I die the full destructive power will be released.  And  my angel (soul) will
be at full strength (Which is much stronger then when he is stuck inside of me.)  He is God's most powerful angel and can directly kill
anyone he wants, and we have not forgotten every single person that has interfered with my job for God.  So I suggest you repent of
your sins and make sure our house in your city sells.  So we can move on and forget you exist!

Then I will remove the curses!

"The Lord God Commands That You Set His People Free!"

And his people are, who I say are his people, and it is not you!
"March 14, 2012"


I wash my hands of your filth and no longer hold my God back from his judgement of misery and
suffering for you all.  As you have brought misery on me.

I say good-bye to the 9, and leave you to the judgement of "God The Father" and what he brings
your way.   Johnny Cartajeina,  Judge Sodomy, Judge Wydon'tyoudoit,  Prostituter Duhbesahisee,
Detective Ron Beggs, Donald Wilcox, Anthony Mencotti, Craig Vasileff, and the forth mean lying
cop bastard.

Until you (People of Dearborn) pay me what God commands you to for my house the city of
Dearborn will stay cursed for all eternity.

It is sad that the life of Dearborn's thespian Ian Simpson was lost because of God's anger with the Police, and stuck down
by God, Mayor Guido.   An  "
Well Jack O'Reilly Jr. I have news for you, it is God that has made you sick and he
will be making you sicker."
 Because you think you are slick and don't give a damn about listening to him either.  So
you can suffer and suffer until he takes you out too.  Even though God gave the Dearborn Police Chief Celeski cancer.  
He was still to stupid to quit, or repent.    (But he feels he is not to stupid to lie, cheat, steal, and falsify Police reports and
evidence.   And it most certainly does not take brains to do that.) God kept his word and he is dead now.  As God made
him so sick he could not survive anymore.
 April 19th at 8:38am God proved I am his Only Anointed
Prophet and showed everyone in the court room his angels.
 Even with that, Judge Wygonik still turned
his back on God and was disobedient.
Now that the "Living God" made them sick, and KILLED Dearborn Police Chief Celeski, Mayor Mike Guido, Commander Dale
Burnock and five other Dearborn cops
, next for their hatred of God and their attacks against God's PEOPLE, I have been given a new list of God hating
SOB's. And any other Dearborn cop, government official, or lanky that comes against me with your lies and hate will automatically be cursed by God, and added to
this list. They will be cursed with a life of misery, sickness, and doom and will all be taken out by my God "The Living God".   For putting me away.  God will put away
Judge Somers, and he will never get out.  For attacks against God,s people and his hatred toward the "Living God"  Detective Ron Beggs will be cell partners with
Judge Somers.  The four cops
(Donald Wilcox, Anthony Mencotti, Craig Vasileff, ...etc) that burned me and took away my ability to drive to help those in need, with
their lies, the "Living God" will burn you and take away your ability to drive and hurt God's people.   
You are the reason God has been telling Russia, N. Korea,
Venezuela, and now Pakistan, and many other nations to come against this country.
 It is the reason God is destroying this country with attacks from the weather.  
It is the reason God has told so many people to make stupid financial decisions.  It is the reason God is filling your city, (Dearborn), with undesirables.  
I am "Prophet Ken Kluk."  To contact me Click here.   I will tell you why God
has cursed the city of Dearborn in these End Times.  See why God killed 6
Dearborn cops, their Mayor Michael Guido, their Police Chief Celeski, AND
ONE DEARBORN HTS. COP.   My God is not afraid to come around.  My
God does not hide and work in the dark like their God does.   See Mayor John
"Jack" O'Reilly Jr. with his Secret Agents protecting him.   
Well God can and
will make them suffer for making me suffer.

To find out why on June 24, 2009 God says time is up for Americans to
repent, and he will now deliver this nation to it's enemies.
Click here
Hello, I am Ken Kluk.  Anointed
Spiritual Healer, Helper, Spiritual
ounselor, and Minister.  Guided by
the one and only true God.  I can heal
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