Prayer can be pretty powerful. But for 99.9% of Americans it is not.


Because most people don't know how to pray well!!!

All people I know do wishing and hoping prayer.  Instead of praying and seeing prayer.

I can help you change that.

I will give you an example: If a full grown adult is what you would call a 75 pound weakling, meaning
puny with little muscle. Say all they can lift is 20 pounds, "because they are so weak and out of

Let's say they starting working out every week. Three times a week.

Before you know it they will be lifting 120 pounds, and will weight 180 pounds.




The first reason is that the work out is only 10 seconds long!

That is how long most Christians pray. "10 seconds"

Most people do their "God Bless Mommy's and whoever", and then they make all their request known

Request such as: Help me at work, make mommy better, heal me, give me a new job, get me home
safely, I want a new car...etc

After they get past all this, if they say any actual prayers, it is not for more then 10 seconds. Most
people can think, in their minds, 35 to 50 words in 10 seconds. The alphabet can be recited, out
loud, in 5 seconds.

"Prayers are an expression of gratitude to God."

Not one of you parents would feel good about your children if the only gratitude you ever got from
them, in your lifetime was,

"Gimme, Gimme, Gimme,"

"or do this for me, do that for me."

When you ask God to Bless someone, you are saying do this for me, do that for me.

Did you know you are asking God a favor?

It is good for a child to ask for their parents help, but the child needs to do some things for the
parent that show appreciation.

So why should God bless your "Whoever"? What do you do for God?

This is what you should do!

Go ahead ask God to help you with this and that.  Ask God to Bless all your loved ones.

Then pray some thanks (Gratitude) to him for what he has done and will do. Give him more then 10

"Thank him and tell him you Love him."
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