They are the ones that have joined forces with Satan, and chosen to
listen and serve him, instead of God The Father.
So where does cursing begin?

Well it begins in the very beginning
of the Bible.  Shortly after Adam and
are created.  It is first mentioned in
Genesis Ch:3 vs:14.
Who are the cursed ones?

Adam and Eve were cursed.   And as
the Bible says in Genesis Ch:3 vs:15,
"All of their offspring (descendants) will
carry their curses."   But you are
responsible for bringing most curses on
yourself.   When you disobey a direct
command from God like Adam and Eve
did in Gen. Ch:3 vs:11,12.
So why are they cursed and who
cursed them?

They are cursed by God for direct
disobedience and blatant defiance in his
sight, or to his face.  Not for disobeying
subjective word of the bible. When
God tells you to do something and you
ignore him, he expresses his displeasure
and anger in the form of a curse. Which
is punishment and suffering for your
defiance of him.
The real story is that all curses come from God!
That is right all curses come from God and nowhere else.  That means witches, goblins, voodoo, satan, demons,
warlocks, and all people, can not curse you.   They can say they curse you.  They can shout curses at you.  But
they can't curse you.  They can only put spells on you.  (Spells can be stopped or broken.)  God decides who to
curse and when to lift the curse off of someone.
Yea, that is right, curses can be removed!
Some people are unsure as to if they really disobeyed God.  Well if your tired of all the problems, pain, and suffering you have to deal with, then
you need to realize that you did disobey God and are paying for it.  The pain and sufferings God brings into your life range from mild to where
he has had enough, and has or will kill you.  Let me educate you on suffering.  It can be what you call an act of God.  A bolt of lightening hits you
or your family or sickness strikes you and your family.  But that is not the only act of God.  As God can talk to you, he also can talk to others.   
So you can put on a smile, act like everything is OK,  and ignore God's warnings, but remember he is the one that has told you to act stupid  and
make those mistakes, that have ether hurt you or wasted your time and your money.  He is the one that told others to come against you and
nervousness, overwhelmness, upsetness, unhappiness, fear, unclear mind, and stupidness rule your life.  nervousness, overwhelmness,
upsetness, unhappiness, fear, unclear mind, and stupidness rule your life.  
Now the word to remove a curse is called Repentance.  Most people do not know what that means.  But most people think
they know what it means.  But they really do not and consequently they do not get back into God's favor, and live in the
dark the rest of their life.  Repentance does not consist of just dropping to your knees and begging forgiveness.   You must
not only beg or ask for forgiveness, you must also find out how to atone for your sin against God.  Atoning for your sin
means you must make it up to God.  You do this by asking him what you must do to receive his forgiveness.  He will tell you
what to do.  You do it and the curse will be lifted.  Here is a clue to what he will tell you.  
It will always be something to
forward his cause.
 His cause is for people to fight against Satan.  So he will tell you to do something to help in the fight
against Satan.  He will never tell you to do Humanitarian work.  Because humanitarians do not believe in God, and their
purpose is to prove God does not exist, they are God, and they don't need God.  Look it up in the dictionary.
As God's Only Anointed Prophet I can get any, and all, curses removed
from anybody!
Cursed on March 20, 2007  
"Johnny The Baptist "
will take
you for a
ride in
to this-->
He calls himself "Johnny The
 He thinks God, the Bible,
and God's Only Anointed Prophet are
a joke.  He mocks God, and deceives
God's people into believing he was
sent by God, and he is the second
John the Baptist.  He is here to water
Baptize everyone  in preparation for
the Second Coming of Jesus and so
they can go up into heaven.
He works for Satan, and is one of thousands of Satan's servants that have web sites of lies from Satan.  Written by former writers from Loony
Tunes.   Who want to take you from Heaven to hell.   How can they do this you ask?  Well it is quite simple.  The Bible has an order to things in
The End Times.  As written by John in "The Book of Revelation", as Predicted by St. Malachi, and Our Lady of The Rosary, in Fatima, Portugal.  
Just like Satan tricked the Jewish.  Satan convinced the Jewish that the Savior (Jesus Christ ) would come down from the heavens in a golden
chariot and blaze across the sky.  He would save all the Chosen Ones (Jewish).   
But when they saw Jesus was just a man they killed him.  

This Satanic John The Baptist wants you to believe that all you have to do is wait around, and just live your life, and of course send him money
while you wait, till Jesus Second Coming.   He wants you to believe Jesus will come in a Golden Chariot and blaze across the sky in Glory, and
save  God's Chosen Ones.   When every time God sends a Savior, he has always been a man.  Not one of you people will live to see Jesus
second coming.  Anyway you have more important things to worry about.   Like before Jesus comes back you must have the last revival before
the Rapture (accession).  Did you see the Revival?  Then those actively fighting for God, not against God, will leave for heaven in the Rapture.  
Then Tribulation for 7 years under Anti-God rule.  Then Jesus Second Coming.  So if you did not see the last Revival or if you have not
joined us in the last fight for God, then you will not make it for the Rapture.  And you will never make it through 7 years of Tribulation.

This lying fool wants you to think you can avoid all this by giving him your money, and letting him water baptise you, because he was sent to
announce Jesus second coming.  
Then he wants to challenge me God's Only Anointed Prophet.  Claiming I am misleading people and I am
not sent by God to tell people that God is displeased with his treatment by the people.  He claims that me telling the People to pray is not of
I claim this lying Bastard of Satan is now cursed and his church is cursed, his web site is cursed in fact his neighborhood is
cursed, and my God will show him what he does to people like him.  What is the loss of one scum bag Preacher or one scum bag
Mayor.  One piece of shit is the same as the next to God and me.

I would give you this man's phone number and his address, maybe his real name, but he does not publish it on the web site (like thousands of his
cohorts who hide), because he knows he works for Satan and speaks Satan's shit.  
He hides because he is a liar.  In fact the pictures he has
on the web sites are probably not even him.  Unlike me,  A man that is not afraid to speak the truth, who's address and phone number are clearly
written on the web site.  I do talk to anyone that comes over or calls me.
"Cursed on October 10, 2004"
MARIE IS CURSED.   She is proud of being Catholic, WAS DISOBEDIENT TO GOD.  She was hoping for a blessing from God.  So we
gave her a chance to be blessed.   But the only blessing she wanted was to steal God's money.   She thinks God's Only Anointed
Prophet is stupid and will put up with it.   She thinks God will not do anything.   When she was questioned about taking money from
God's Prophet.   She said, "I would not call it stealing.  It is just doing business"   So I warned her that God will curse her for stealing
from him.   She said, "If God wants to take the money from me, let him.  I don't believe he will do anything."  She pointed to a ceramic
cross with lights embedded in it and said, "I got Jesus right here."   "So who are you?"    

She decided she rather be cursed then blessed.   God cursed her for stealing money from God's Only Anointed Prophet.
Located 22361 Michigan Ave, Dearborn, Mi Phone #(313)359-2344
Curses: God took so much money from her, and cursed her health, she closed her motel
within a year and a half.   Also God cursed her health and made her so sick she died!
Why does God take it personal when you come against me or this church?   Because this
church is God's one and only End Times Church and he is the leader and protector of it.  You
come against it, you come against him.  You do a small thing.  You get a small sufferings and
curses.  You do a big thing.  You get big sufferings and curses.  The more things you do against
God.   The more God will make you suffer and curse you.  The biggest curse is death.  Curses
stop when harnessing me and my church stop, and when you obey God and make amends.
They will show some or all of these traits.  Act like they give a damn, when they
really don't.   Act like they care, when they real don't.  It seems the only time they
are happy is when they are hurting, making fun of, running down, or talking bad up
trouble a lot, just don't care.  Depressed, tired looking, unhappy, unhealthy, fearful,  
Loveless, unemotional,  willing to strap a bomb on and blow themselves up, willing to
throw away their life, no appreciation of life or even living, unthinking,  
loveless, uncaring bastard, no peace, hardcore bully, unfeeling, do their own
thing without thinking of God's other creatures, takes pleasure in tormenting others,
nothing to live for, just waiting to die, dirty bastard, and lies a lot.  

High concern for their own death, and living a life of desperation.  They can do evil
and act like nothing is going on.  Lost sense of reality and unappreciative of God's
beauty.  Willing to throw everything away just to win.

You say these are traits of everyone.  Well that is not true.  Sure satan can
convince/trick someone into acting some of these ways at one time or another.   But
that is not how they are all the time.  Don't forget even the wolves take care of their
young, while they devour all others.
The more a person is cursed, the stronger these traits are in them and the more they don't give a damn anymore.  
Everybody has curses on them.   Some have a few while others have tons.  Because you would not be human if you
did not get tricked by the devil into making the mistake of listening to him over God.  The problem is you never asked  
Making life a drag, and to many, unbearable.  Prompting you to spend time and money looking for happiness.
God, and the weight of these curses are the reason you no longer bubble over with
  And as you get older and older you accumulate more and more
   Each curse makes your life less alive, and more dead and lifeless, and so
you search for a way to bring back that joy and excitement for life, you once had as
a child.   But until the curses are lifted you will never get it back.  You can only think
you have it for a short time.  Just to lose it again.
A person gets cursed for listening to Satan and disobeying a direct
command from God to you.    Not for disobeying the Bible like everyone
But only for disobeying God's command for you.  But if you
stop listening to Satan that does not stop the curses.  Lets look at Adam
and Eve again.  God cursed them and threw them out of the Garden of
Eden, they lost everything, except their lives.  They learned their lesson,
listened to God, and obeyed him when he asked them to.  But the
curses were never removed.
Walter J. Schwartz IS CURSED.   Walter J. Schwartz, who's
blasphemy, blatant defiance and disobedience toward God
and his Only Anointed Prophet.  And his belief that, "God ain't
shit."  He also stated,
"I don't believe in that shit(Curses).
Bring it on. Lets see what God will do to me.  I am not
Located at 14505 Michigan Ave, Dearborn, Mi 48126 Phone # (313)846-1122.
Also a second location at 15101 Michigan Ave, Dearborn, Mi, 48126
"Cursed on February 21, 2005"
Located in Irving, Texas 75016-2000 Phone # 800-433-1900.
BENNY HINN IS CURSED. God had given Benny Hinn many gifts and helped build up his ministry.  God would use him to heal
people and to Prophesy. His Armor bearer had a direct connection to God and could hear God's voice as plain as day.

Benny Hinn was called by God, and contacted by me, to join me in this last revival before the rapture.   We conversed six times and in the
end he refused to obey God and decided that his reputation and the millions of dollars he makes is more important then being obedient to
God.  He felt he was to great to work with God's Only Anointed Prophet.  He and his armor bearer would rather be cursed then be
CURSES: He lost the gift of Prophecy, the gift of healing, and the other special spiritual gifts of
God. God has nothing to say to his armor bearer anymore. No more words from God. His
services are full of miserable people because it is hard to feel good when God does not bless
anyone at them. No one receives the fruit of the spirit's at any of his services. Any one that
claims to be healed by him will be worse off within the week.
Results: He has decided to work for satan.  He has replaced his Godly website twice now.  He
no longer takes phone calls, and hides in shame.  Most of his Godly staff have left him.  The
rest of his staff ether work for free or get starvation wages.  He now spends his time in poor
and desperate countries taking the life saving of desperate people whose families have been
attacked by evil Muslims, Military and Leftest Godless Government.  People who really need a
miracle, but just end up broke, beaten, and many times dead.
It is a blessing for me to tell you your curses.  Because now you know that God is mad
at you.  You know these things that are happening to you come from him because he
Loves you.  And you know that God can remove the curses from you as soon as you
admit you were wrong, and make amends.  Are you so stupid that you would rather
suffer with these curses and die and go to hell like my Cousin Lorraine Petro, of
Northville, Mi, and Dearborn Mayor Micheal Guido?   Because the longer you ignore
me and God the worse his curses on you get.
"And God will still curse you anyway!!!"
"Cursed on November 24, 2004 "
Located in Redford, Michigan,  Phone #
"Cursed on April 27, 2006"
"Cursed on June 15, 2007"
Curses:  He and his wife, family, employees and their families, have
been plagued with sickness, misery and financial problems.  A seed
of enmity has been put in these families, and conflict and relationship
problems abound.  The employees of his dealerships don't give a
damn anymore.  And incompetence, clumsiness, stupidity, damn
anymore.  And incompetence, clumsiness, stupidity, regreat it.  Plus
other curses!upsetness, and anger abound at his dealership.  
Anyone who goes
6845 Greenfield Rd.  S# 203,  Detroit,  (313) 581-7664
LAMYA GHAIS IS CURSED.  Instead of obedience to the real God and God's real Prophet, she chooses
to follow a dead man and  a false Prophet.  The Prophet she follows is Satan, who has now caused her
to be cursed by the Lord God Almighty.   Blatantly defying the teachings of the truth God and his true
Prophet and choosing to live in the lies and deception of Satan.  She shall suffer until she seeks
forgiveness and seeks atonement for her sins through me and the Lord God Almighty.  Your satan will
not be able to remove the curses from The Lord God Almighty.
Curses:  Only those that want to be cursed by God will do business with her.  
People that come into her business will immediately feel ill.  God will tell and
show everyone how dishonest, unreliable and what a cheater she is.  God will
bring health problems, financial problems, and sleep problems on her and her
staff.  Plus other curses
"Cursed on September 5, 2007"
22430 Michigan Ave. Dearborn, Mi 48128  (313)278-0088 and (313)278-4654
LARRY KAISER IS CURSED.  Decided to turn his back on God and let the sick in his parish
suffer and die.  Does not give a damn about God's people or the people of Sacred Heart
Parish.   He has chosen the dark side and serves the master of deception.   Which means
he works by deceiving people with his two faces and soft spoken misleading words of Satan.
Hates and is Jealous of God.   Because he wants to be as great as God.
Curses: No blessings for anyone that is a member of the parish.   The dark cloud of
Satan is on the Parish property and on everyone that is on it.  He will never get a word
from God again.  His sermons will be stupid and make no sense.   All services will be a
waste of time.   His health, heart, leg, and speech are cursed.   The Parish is cursed
with discord and unhappiness, plagued with accidents to all that go on the property.  
"Cursed on April 5, 2008"
Located at 23100 Providence Dr.  S#130,  Southfield, Mi, 48075  Phone # (248) 355-5266
Myron Thomas and Family is cursed by God for being disobedient to God's commands.  Myron told God's
Prophet that "he does not have to do a damn thing to get blessed."   God is taking care of him.  He got
that right.   Well he got that right God is going to take care on him.   "Boy is he going to take care of him."  
(Oh, by the way Myron you don't have to do a damn thing to get cursed.  Getting blessed requires work.)
This is what God will do for him "to take care of him" for his disobedience.  
Curses:   You and your family get to enjoy The Great Depression, along with more
misey and suffering, for all eternity.   I have used God's hellfire on your kidneys.   And
now they are permanently damaged and will get worse over time!  Curses on you and
your families sleep, finances, relationships, health,  job,  and clients.   In the eyes of
those listening to God you and your family will be social outcasts, and pee ons at
work and school.  All your God given talents are removed.   You can live off the will
never be there for you or your family again.   Until you repent and pay restitution for
the damage you caused to God's Kingdom and me.
Fox 2 Detroit and The whole Fox net
"How do you
know you are
not damned
"Cursed on December 25, 2009"