By doing three things.  Which will make you spiritually stronger, and bring you
closer to God
They are:  To pray a minimum of 15
minutes a day, To confess your sins, and,
To put on your Battle Armor daily.
Many people tell me they know how to pray.  Everybody knows how to pray, they say.  They tell me that God knows all their sins.   So they
don't have to confess them to man or confess them to God.  They tell me that they have authority over Satan and his servants.  They are not
afraid of Satan and he can't attack him.  But yet they lie and lie and lie.  They lie when they feel they must, when they feel they need to, to get
ahead, or get whatever they want.  They say Satan is not real.  They say Satan's power of deception can not deceive them.  They say
Satan's power of fear has no power over them.  They say they are not afraid.  

They say Satan's power of lust has no hold over them.  But yet they murder, they commit adultery, they covet their neighbor's wife, they
fornicate, they bare false witness, they lust, they steal, they cheat, and they don't give a damn about God.  They talk and treat God like he
does not exist.  They think God has no power.  They tell me God has great power, but they can not think of one thing he does.  They act
stupid about free will, and claim that we are all predestined.

They claim God has laid out our life and we are stupid little robots that just follow it.  They claim they see and hear God all the time.  They
claim God knows when we will die and what from, who we will marry...etc.  They claim God is perfect and makes no mistakes.  But yet.....they
do not notice that everything on this earth is imperfect.  They claim this and they claim that, but most of all they claim they are going to
heaven and I can't stop them.
"Anybody can pray.  Right?"
After all, isn't prayer just asking for
what you want, and hoping that you
get it?  Like peace on earth and good
will to all!
But the real question is do you get what you want?  Does God answer you right
away?  And the biggie is: "How do you know the gift/reward you received is not a
bribe or gift from satan, to trick you into disobeying God?  Also, as I said earlier, how
do you know God is not the one making you suffer?  After all, he took everything,
except their life, from Adam and Eve, for disobeying God and enjoying satan's
bribe.  (You know eating the apple from tree that God told them to not touch.)
How do you get what you
want from "God The
Father"?  To find out how to
get what you want from God
click here.
Well, there is truth to this statement.
"My prayer is greater then yours, my
prayer is greater then yours."  To find
out what the difference is
click here.
You can be spiritually stronger by praying to be spiritually stronger, and
putting on your "Battle
Armor" every day.
What is your "Battle Armor" and
why do you need it.  To find out
click here.
The bible really does tell you how to pray "good strong prayer".  Kick ass prayer!
Wrong!  Anybody can talk to thin air and think
they are praying.  
The types of prayer, that will help you, and how to
properly put on your Battle Armor will be explained
to you in this page and links to three other pages.  
Each link or "go to" page, will answer most if not all
your questions.
The Five Daily Things Are....
1.  Put on your Battle Armor as explained on the Battle Armor page/link.

2.  Spend at least 5 minutes a day singing in spiritual tongues or 15 minutes singing per dedication.  You
start it like this:

A.  First with your mouth, you say to God where, or what, you want your prayer to go for.

B.  You need to pray for your spirit to be stronger, healing of your body, and for God to help keep you
delivered from curses, demons that plague you, and the let downs and hurts you have suffered
in your life.

C.  So for your first daily prayer you say out loud to God....."Lord God please put
(State how many  
minutes of prayer you are going to do.  At least 5 minutes a day singing in spiritual tongues or 15 minutes
 of my prayer for my spiritual strength, healing of my body, and my continual deliverance.  (Note:  I
have to do a deliverance on you then you pray to keep that deliverance.)

D. Then out loud you pray for at least the amount of time you told God you would.  You can pray longer if
you want.  The more prayer you put in, the more help you get.

3.  You confess your sins daily and as soon as you realize you made the mistake.   
To learn the
respectable and Godly way to do this and why we need to do this  
Click here!

4.  You repeat number two, only instead of saying it for yourself, you pray for someone else you want to
help.  And you pray for the same person every day.  
Also I need to do a deliverance for them too.

5.  You Pray For "The Light Of God Ministry." minimum time as stated in #2,  So we are strong to help
people and fight for them.
A.  You tell God with your mouth to put
(State how many minutes of prayer you are going to do.  At least 5
minutes a day singing in spiritual tongues or 15 minutes singing)
  of your prayer  "toward victory for God
and The Light of God Ministry."
After you have read through all the links/go to's and understand what you are to do and why
you do it, you are ready to do the 5 thing's God commands you do.  Things that will make you
stronger, healthier, and give you more protection.  If you have learned these things then
proceed.  If you have some questions then call me at 313-769-5672 and I will answer them.