Free Gokce Gokmen
The Light of God Ministry
She is "Gökçe GÖKMEN!" of  Istanbul, Turkey.   She is only 19. This child of God.  His
chosen one.
 His "daughter of light".  Has been sent to heal the hurt of this world with her holy
and Godly Love.  God's holy light is around her.  You can feel the presence of God all around
her.   Just the touch of her hand on your heart will give it healing of your pain and hurt, and bring
peace to your soul.  
Just look at her and feel the love of God in her!  She is here to heal and
bring peace to this world.   You can feel her tender Love.   "
She is today's Messiah!"  Sent by
God to Love and heal, the hurt people of this world.
 She has the ability to bring Love and
Peace to this mad, angry, and hurt world.  She is a pure, holy virgin from head to toes, and a Holy
Saint.  She has been examined and she is a chaste, virgin.  Keeping her pureness for the Lord
God Almighty.   
She will never marry of her own free will.  Instead she pledged her life
and heart to the Father who art in heaven, who will be the only one she will ever be
married to
.   Yes, she can bring peace and healing, to your heart when she prays to God, and
she does not have to touch you.  Just tell her what you need   
She sees everything through
the eyes of God!
 She can answer any and all questions.  She can tell you about the uncertain
future.   She is far more Godly then I can ever hope to be.   She is the one God said he would
Please help and free this courageous and
beautiful young Lady!   We have collected
over $10,000 to try and secure her release.  
Please give to free her, before it is to late.

As a legal Adult, she should have rights.   
Request to the Turkish government to
release Gökçe, have been met with no
 Turkey can not be a
Democracy.  The only freedom the people have
is the freedom to be afraid of being arrested
and taken away, if the government chooses to
do so, like when someone express's the desire
to be free of oppression.  
All Gökçe wants is
to be somewhere where she can be free to
help those that want her help.
 She has tried
very hard to get into the U.S., but her efforts
have been met with physical attacks and
beatings.   Request for the U.S. government to
help have gone nowhere so far.  
So far no one
has done anything to help save her from
certain death.
She was the target of a assassination attempt, that we believe was carried out by the
staff of Turkish President Abdullah Gul and his Islamic Extremist government.
 On March
1, 2011 she was thrown out the window, from about three floors/stories above ground.  God's
holy angels came to her side to help break the fall, and she lived.  She saw the angels around
her.   We don't know who did it because it was late at night when they came into her bedroom and
grabbed her from behind.   She had headphones on and was listening to music.  So she heard
nothing.   Anyway her body suffered greatly from the fall.  It is a miracle that she lives, and God is
healing her so fast.  But she will never be the same.

She is now a prisoner in Turkey.   She was locked up for a long time and is currently under
house arrest.    For believing in God and wanting to help this world and free people of it's hurt.  
Turkish government employees, working under President Abdullah Gul government, put her
under house arrest and had her passport taken  away.  She is being drugged also.  She is not
even charged with a crime.  She works for God and will not help people that keep her prisoner.
Gökçe still wants to help anyone she can.  She is under house arrest at her home in Istanbul,
Turkey.   You can reach her there.  Contact me for information!  She speaks english and
Italian.    "
Her father is Irfan Gokmen."  He speaks Turkish.  He works for the government and
is going along with her arrest.  His company is called  "
Gokmen yeminli mali musavirlik.

This picture was taken around the day Gökçe was
taken/stolen/kidnapped from her Jewish parents,
by the muslim
family that still holds her prisoner.  Gökçe is not her real name
.  Her
parents are ancient Jewish Hebrews,
that died around the turn of the
century.  When the Turkey Government/people destroyed and killed as
many of the Jewish in the country as they could get away with.
She is
Jewish by birth and continues to be Jewish.   She wants to see
her family in Israel and practice her Godly faith.

Just look at her picture.  
Even back then you can see that she is
calling the people to be with God.  
See how she lifts her hands up to
the Lord.   I have never seen a more Godly and Holy baby picture.
"She has touched my
heart with her Godly Love
and I have received
tremendous healing!"

"Prophet Ken"          
Release Gokce
Gokmen or you
and your people
will pay a higher
price then you
have already, and
you get new
curses.   We
already took out
your buddy.  The
Former Iranian
President, and
you are next.

You will get
nothing but
problems and a
new curse called  
"The Curse Of
Blue Death" for
holding Gokce
Dated 7-5-13
Hello, I am Ken Kluk.  Anointed
Spiritual Healer, Helper, Spiritual
ounselor, and Minister.  Guided by
the one and only true God.  I can heal
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