"Is a Sin Really a Sin"
"Why do we need to confess
our sins?"
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With so much going on, it is
hard to find time to work on
Because they hurt us.   Confession of sins is so we can
be free of the pain and burden of the sins.
Confession of our sins is more important then every thing else I am teaching you.  If you do not confess your sins God will leave you.  He will
curse you and you will suffer.  You will live, but he will reduce the quality of your life and increase the sickness, misery, and emptiness in your
life.  If you continue being this way till you die then you have no chance of going to heaven.   I will explain this further on down the page.

But sinning is not as easy as you think.  Under the new covenant (Heb:8:7-11) it states that everyone born after Jesus has (Heb:8:10), the
laws of God are in there minds and hearts, and God is their God and we are his children.

So we are born knowing that sinning is wrong and it displeases God.  This is ingrained in us.  It is not ingrained in us to sin.   Society teaches
us to sin.  They teach us to be miserable, unhappy, discontent, lie, cheat, complain, disrespect, to be afraid, to try and make as much profit as
we can, to be afraid to seek God's help, to not believe he is real, and a host of other social perversions.

So you have to learn to sin.  You are born already knowing how to be loving, kind, honest, caring, content, happy, and respectful to God and
his people.  Learning how to sin is not as simple as you think.
"Learning how to sin!"
Learning how to sin is a difficult thing.  You have to go through many processes.  You also have to learn how to think differently and
pervertedly.   Why do we learn how to sin?  Because satan wants to turn us from God.   So he works hard to get us to sin.  His
people work hard to upset us, disappoint us, make us mad, and hurt us.

Learning how to sin follows the same procedure all the time.  Most people are just a small jump from sinning because the family has
many generational curses on them.  These generational curses or the great disobediences your ancestors did, in the sight of the
Lord, have brought curses from God that are passed down from generation to generation for all time.  But if you repent of these
misdeeds your ancestors did and break these curses as explained on my web page called
Break Generational Curses  they can be
removed.  You then can be healed of them and any new children born after this will not have these curses on them.

We will never sin until satan convinces us to sin.  Because we are strong in God and know what is right.  So satan works on making
us weak.  He does this mostly by using people.  He gets people to hurt us and make us feel bad.  He knows that hurting us makes
us weak and septaible to his lies.  So he keeps on hurting our feelings and bringing pain into our lives, until he can convince us that
his way is the right way.  When we listen to him and do what he says we commit our first sin.
"To Confess or Not to Confess?"
"Sin is not really what you
think it is"
Society has many funny and many
not so funny ideas about when a
sin is a sin.  Or for that matter what
a sin is, and what a sin is not.    Is
this a sin or is that a sin?  At what
point does it become a sin?  They
say if you believe it is not a sin,
then it is not a sin.  Many
Psycho-analysis say there is no
such thing as sins?  They also
teach there is no God.  What do
they know.  They are all nuts
So what decides what
is a sin and what is not?
Satan knows this will happen and hides this from you.   He paints a picture of glory and victory.  Glory and
hope.  Easy living with no pain and plenty of personnel gain.  
Empty promises as you always find out
 Whether he gets you to marry a women who one, two or even twenty years down the road divorces
you and takes all she can.  satan knew she was no good.  That is why he brought her into your life.  Now
you are an old man and it is two late to have the life or the love you wanted.  All that time wasted on
someone that never even loved you. Even worse you, are fill of regret, hate, discouragement, and a host
of other satanic feelings.   There are millions of traps like that, that satan uses to waste your life away.
Now your life is over and you have to go before God and be JUDGED.
 According to The Bible
Book called Revaluations.  20th Chapter.  Verses:12 and 13.
  "All will be judged for what they did
with their time on earth.  And those that wasted much of it, in disobedience to God, will be cast
The real question is, "Who is your daddy?"  In other words who is your Father?  God or satan.  In this world your father is the one
you trust, listen to, and follow.   And all those other children choose who their father is too.  So if your sugar daddy is satan, then all
those other children that follow him, are your brothers and sisters.  If the one you trust most and listen to most is God The Father,

Now lets look at the basics here.  God is Love, Joy, and Peace.  Right?  It would be more correct to say three of God's seven spirits
are the Spirit of Love, the Spirit of Joy, the Spirit of Peace.  But God has seven spirits (Rev:3:1).  The other four are the Spirit of
Freedom, the Spirit of the Father, the Spirit of the Son, the Spirit of The Holy Ghost.  All other Spirits work for and are a part of satan.
So God is Love, Joy, and Peace.  Is God fear?  No!    Fear is not a part of Love, Joy, or Peace.  The Spirit of Fear (2 Timothy:1:7) is
a part of satan.  As the Spirit of Hate is, or the Spirit of spite.  So are the Spirits of lying, deception, mocking, ridiculing, rape,
molestation, adultery, lust, greed, and a host of evil Spirits satan has working for him.  In Matt:5:27-30 it says just thinking about
sinning is the same as doing it.  A lot of people have asked me why this is so.  I will tell you, but first.
"This is the Worse Sin of Them All!"
You parents will understand this more then non-parents.   As good parents the thing that is the most upsetting, is not so much that your
child disobeyed you and did something wrong.  It is the fact that not only did they disobey you, but the fact that they listened to some dumb
ass, who does not Love them as much as you do.  Even worse is they choose to go over to the enemies side and listen to them.   After all
you did, and they choose to listen to, trust, and believe your enemy.  They listened to someone that does not cry when the kid hurts.  They
listened to someone that does not want the best for them.  Someone that does not work day and night to raise them.   They listened to
someone that has not been protecting them from the day they were born.  

After all you did, they choose to not trust you or listen to you.  And then they got hurt because of this.  To any good parent this is the
worse thing you can do to them, and the most painful thing.  As when you choose to trust satan and listen to him, instead of God The
Father who Loves you, and wants to help and protect you.  The worst sin of all is turning your back on God The Father and listening to
"How Do You Know It Is Really God That Is
Advising You?"
By thinking about things and using some wisdom.  Now listen up.   I told you God has seven spirits.  Three of them are Love, Joy, and
Peace.  But this anti-God society teaches us different.  They don't like to say God.  So instead of saying someone has the Spirit of Love
attitude and most all Christians say the same stupid thing.  Instead of recognizing when one of God's Spirits is on someone they call it an
attitude.  I say they do that because they have no relationship with God and do not recognise God or any of his Spirits when they come to
them and talk to them.

So society teaches us to say, "They have a loving attitude", instead of saying, "The Spirit of Love is on them and I can hear it telling me to
be loving.......What I said hearing!!!!  That is another of societies perversions.  They tell you their is no devil and no evil spirits.  satan is
dead and talks to no one.  They tell you to forget that satan talked to Eve in the first book of the bible.   They don't want you to remember
satan did the exact same thing I tell you today he does.  He talked Eve into disobeying God.  He convinced Eve it was the right thing to
do.  He made Eve feel good about disobeying God. He also told Eve not to confess her mistake to God.  And that is how he still works
today.  And he works very well and has deceived everyone into disobeying God many times.

Yes, I know they called satan a snake or serpent,
and Eve heard satan talking to her in her head or mind.  And he still talks to
every one in their head or mind.
 But society teaches us their is no satan or God or Spirits and you do not hear them in your head or
mind.  That every thought that comes to your mind just popped out of thin air.   But they can't tell you how the thin air gets it.  Even after
the bible mentions time and time again, "they listened to God," or "they listened to satan."   To listen you have to hear.  
And the bible
clearly states that you hear God or satan in your mind.

So society contradicts the word of God by telling you none of God's spirits ever help anyone, encourage anyone, or advise anyone on
what is the best thing to do.  You can't hear God or satan or any spirits.   All thoughts just pop out of thin air.  When a Spirit of God is
helping someone and their presence is on someone, they call it an attitude.  Not a Spirit.  They have a good attitude.  And when one of
God Spirits is urging you to listen to God and do what he says they say it is not God and just ignore the stupid thought.

So seeing as how you know the Spirits of Love, Joy, and Peace work for God, guess who all the other so called attitudes work for?  They
are spirits of satan.  They can do the exact thing satan and God does.  They talk to you in your head and urge you to do things that are
very stupid and end up hurting you.   Again society deceives you into believing otherwise.  satan's society says,  "They have a mean
attitude," or "They have a hateful attitude," or "They have a lustful attitude," or "They have a degrading attitude," or "They have a spiteful
attitude,  or "They have a vengeful attitude," OR "THEY HAVE A FEARFUL ATTITUDE,  and so on and so forth.  Instead of addressing
the evil spirits that are encouraging this person to be, hateful, vengeful, spiteful, lustful, AFRAID, or just plain full of it.   As stated in 2
Timothy:1:7, "God does not give us the spirit of fear.  
See the attitude of fear is clearly listed as a evil spirit.

So an attitude comes from a Spirit good or evil.  That Spirit encourages you to do things that are it's speciality.

If you have invited any of these evil spirits on you, you can be sure they are filling your mind with what they want you to think.  And if you
have six or seven of these evils spirits on you encouraging you to do what satan wants and only one Godly Spirit, you will most likely hear
the six evil spirits all shouting at you to do what satan tells them to tell you.  Because six voices shouting at once are louder then one lone
voice.  The most important thing to remember is you invited the evil (attitude) spirits on you.  They can not come on you on their own.
"How did the evil spirits of satan get on me?"
Because you invited him.  All satan has to do is mention sweet nothings in your ear (mind) and if you like what you hear,
then he can send over his diplomat to coach you.   So if you say yes, then he puts one of his evil spirits on you.  Their is
only one procedure to make this happen.  

This is the procedure.  satan works on hurting you.  When he is successful in hurting you he talks to you.  Remember I told
you people are weakest when they are hurt.  When you are hurt satan suggest something evil like getting afraid, or mad, or
angry, or striking back, or getting revenge, or even getting upset.

Now at this point you can ignore satan because you know it really does not help to get afraid, mad, or upset.  You
remember that God is Peace, Love, Joy, and Truth.  So you quickly dismiss satan suggestion to get upset, stay calm and
turn to God and ask him what to do to handle the matter.  If you turn to God and do what he says, then God can dispatch
one of his own Spirits or diplomats to stay with you and help you and guide you.  It can be the Spirit of Love and
compassion or the Spirit of Freedom to Speak The Truth or any of his other five Spirits.


You can do what satan suggest and get mad or fearful.  Then when you decide to listen to satan he dispatches the evil
spirit or demon into you.  Where it latch's on to you and stays with you.   Lets say you decided to get fearful.  Then satan
sends the evil spirit of fear and it attach's itself to you.  From that point on it keep talking to you.   It encourages you to act
fearful.  To respond fearfully.  To be afraid.   It gets worse now.  Next it encourages you to seek revenge or get angry, or
think bad of yourself (to run yourself down).  If you decide to get angry, then you have invited the evil spirit (attitude) of
anger on you.   Now this one is encouraging you to get angry at everything.  Now you have two demons (evil spirits) on you.
"It is God"s Decision!"
As to what he feels is a sin or what is not a sin!   "God is not stupid!"  He know's satan will try to talk us in to
being at the wrong
place at the wrong time.  Where we end up getting hurt real bad.
So why is marrying the wrong women a sin?  First of all, this is just one of many sins against God and his kingdom.  But it is a big one,
OF COURSE, because you committed a grave sin!  
But as a human with very limited knowledge you can't see what you have done.  All
that is really involved and what effects it will have on the future of many, many people.  But God can.  You don't get it do you?  One stupid
decision can effect millions.  Listen up.  Some of you are here because God created you, and do you truly believe he created you just for the
HELL of it?  God, even more so, why would God send you down here, when you were happy in heaven, to live here and toil?
Well you are here because you loved God at one time and told him you wanted to change the world for him.  To help them and to show them
the beauty of God.  You wanted to come here.  Now look at you.  You are beat up so bad you think that being alive is all God wants you to
do.  Oh, yea have sex, babies, clean house, work at satan's job, drink, play on the computer, and life is nothing, but to screw around with.  Oh
yea, maybe go to church and screw around.  
What difference does it make where you WASTE YOUR TIME.

What about the women God felt would help you do what God wants you to do.  Now she has no one to protect her, encourage her, and really
love her.  She will not be able to do what she wanted to do for God.  She is stuck with a screwed up man, or these days a screwed up
women.  Who just want to use her for their pleasure and to get what they can out of her.  And she suffers and all her children suffer, and all
her children's children suffer.

And what about you.  Well it is obvious that you have also wasted your life with a women that is not encouraging you to do what you told God
you would do, and what you want to do.  She is not there to back you up and fight for you and God.   You suffer with a wasted life that you will
never get back.  Your children suffer, and all your children's children suffer.  And that is just a small part of it.  What about your mission for
 All the people that would be effected by it and all the people they would effect?  Fulfilling the task and things you told him you
would do.
 You are so screwed up now you have no clue as to what to do for God.  And deceived by satan into believing that just
clinging on to life is all God wants you to do to go to heaven.  "
You get nothing for nothing!" And come judgement day you will be
judged for not doing what you told God you would do.  In fact you didn't even try.
 So no AAA for doing nothing?  And this is why
marrying someone that intends to take you to hell is a sin.  Marrying someone that intends to take you to heaven is a blessing.

Of course you all can try to make the best of any situation.  But when you are drowning, whether you hang on for 30 seconds or 35 seconds
makes no difference, your dead, and it is over.
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