To help them!  Look at what happened to the Jewish after World War
II.  They started a nation.  They learned how to fight for their freedom.   
They realized that the right to BE FREE REQUIRES FIGHTING FOR
GOD together, and they fought physically to be free and to be safe.

Before that the Jewish were to busy making money.  They were taking
advantage of others, thinking that making a 300% profit was fair.  
Sleeping with other people, that were not their spouses was Ok.  
Investing in material things instead of God was all right.  They went to
the religious ceremonies, and went through the motions, but their heart
was not with God.  They had drifted farther and farther away from
God.   They turned the houses of worship into houses of ill repute.  
They lived in evil, and smugly believed they were the chosen ones.  So
God would forgive them, and forgive them, and forgive them.  

But God watched, as they listened to every single thing satan told them
to justify their sins.   More and more justified sins. Until he got sick of
So just like many times before,  he choose a nation to strike
them down and make them pay for their disrespect.
 Then they
were killed and made slaves, because they felt being chosen means
you can be disobedient.  Well that nation and many other nations
came in and destroyed almost everyone of these disobedient people.  
It seemed nowhere was safe for them, as God called for them to pay
the price for their arrogance.  And that is what happens when you keep
disobeying God.  He only puts up with it for so long.  He only gives you
so many chances.  Many of the ones that lived, realized they do need
to listen to God and learned to fight for their God.  And learned to
respect people again.  They also learned being Jewish does not make
you great.  God is great and we are not.

Christians need to learn the same thing.  They are arrogant.  They
think they are great, and have the right to sin as much, as they can
justify through satan.  They think making a 300% profit is Ok and God
don't care what they do, as long as they say the word JESUS.   They
think God don't see what they do and God don't hear every thought
they have. Their lies and their jealousy.  Their cowardliness and fear.  
And most of all.  Their laziness expecting God to do it all for them.  
While they do nothing for God except stuff their face.
At The Command Of God.
They Will Pay For Their Disrespectful Blasphemy, Until They Are Destroyed
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